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Superstar TV and Monster Sound Show


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  • Superstar TV and Monster Sound Show

    Time for a trip down memory lane. How many people remember these extinct attractions? Anyone participated in either one?

    I was in Superstar TV in 1992. I played the young baseball player who hit the home run for the team and interviewed by Howard Cosell. I got a lot of laughs because during the interview, I imitated a hillbilly accent and got the audience laughing.

    Monster Sound Show was my favorite. I wan't old enough to participate but it was fun to watch people not even getting close to matching in sych with the film (although I think it was rigged to be that way).
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    I still remember both quite well. SuperStar Television was lots of fun, even though I never participated. Monster Sound Show was also fun and interesting, and I did get to participate once on it. I provided the growling for Martin Short in my Foley Station. It's very sad to see these shows are now history, and specially sadder to see the TV Theater closed, and that awful Drew Carey show just doesn't cut it.


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      ORDDU: Oh, this topic really brings up a sore subject with THIS coven!! Leaving the Super Star Television auditorium silent and collecting dust--as if it were a cheap immitation of the Haunted Mansion or something--is the epitome of what modern Disney management seems to be all about.

      ORWEN: And taking something away--like Monster Sound Stage--only to replace it was something HIGHLY inferior, like that Drew Carey disappointment--is such an embarrassment for the rest of Disney M-G-M.

      ORGOCH: An' it ain't like they couldn't afford ta have somethin' goin' on inside those two dang places that's better 'n what they got in there now!! Heck! A snail race is more int'restin' than sittin' in the dark with Drew Scarey!!!


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        500th Post

        Superstar was a very good attraction. I especially liked the I Love Lucy and Home Improvement themes. It would be cool if they could bring this back. I also liked the Doug show that followed (although it helped that I was a fan of the TV show). Heck, I even liked the Be Happy With ABC show.

        Monster Sound Show (and the Dalmation version that followed) I did not really like. They were okay, but imo, they weren't great. I do however love Sounds Dangerous. I think the show is funny and a large improvement over MSS (and I guess it helps that I am a fan of Drew Carey).

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          I remember both very well. Superstar Television was one of my favorites. I got to be on Cheers once. But I always enjoyed watching it, especially the David Letterman segment. Monster Sound Show wasn't great, but I liked it better than Sounds Dangerous. I always enjoyed the little booths at the end with the 3-D sound.


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            I remeber both. I did not get a chance to participate but did enjoy the shows.
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              I don't think I ever did the Monster Sound Show, but I think I remember it being there.

              As for Superstar Television, I never participated, but it was a marvelous, unique attraction. Doug Live (the show that came after it), if I remember, came and went within two years, and although it was a good show, it was kiddie-oriented.

              Is the Superstar Television / Doug theatre STILL empty? I thought they had some stupid ABC Promo going in there


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                Be Happy with ABC was only there for a few months prior to it's season opening in 2003 (I think).

                “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney


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                  Oh I loved those shows when we went in 92 my dad and litter brother were recruited for Superstar TV and shortly there after my older brother for the Monster Sound Show.

                  My brother got called on to yell out his name during the sound show and they kept playing every time they asked anyone else their name.

                  The Superstar TV was even better, my little brother was around 8 at the time, when they brought him up front after recruiting him they told him he would be in the Bonanza part. When they asked them, do you know what Bonanza is he replied "It's a restaurant!" Ahhh we don't let him live it down. :lol:

                  My father got called in for the three stooges part of the Superstar TV, they had asked all the men in the room standing next to a beautiful woman to raise their hands. He didn't, so when they then asked for people who didn't raise their hands, my mom and aunt promptly pointed him out. Now occasionally I like to pick on my father as he likes to play jokes on people and sometimes is a bit serious and proper. Here his line was to walk out and say "Gentlemen, Please!" in the middle of a pie fight. Well we all know what happens next, pie in the face! :lol:

                  Great memories from that trip.


                  • #10
                    ORDDU: I believe it was somewhere around the same time that Disney acquired the ABC Network that SuperStar Television went the way of the dinosaurs. That was because so many of the shows involved were NBC shows and, of course, Disney didn't want to promote THOSE. However, they surely could have replaced them with plenty of ABC shows that we all know and love from the past. The Brady Bunch, for instance, was an ABC show that would have fit Marvelously inside--and I would have been perfect to play Marsha, Marsha, Marsha....


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                      Disney aqquired ABC/Capital Cities in Feb of 1996. Superstar closed in Sept of 1998.

                      “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney


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                        Two wonderful attractions back when the Studios was a vibrant, dynamic place ... now, like so much of WDW, they're either sitting empty or replaced with a vastly inferior attraction.


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                          ORGOCH: Got that right, WDW1974, ducklin'!!


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                            PLEASE BRING THESE TWO ATTRACTIONS BACK!!! It couldn't possibly cost that much to brin them back to life. Update Superstar Television with GMA, LOST, Desperate Housewives, All My Children, etc.

                            I really enjoyed these classic MGM attractions. Now all we have is the awful Drew Carey show and an empty facility in a PRIME location in the park.
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                              ^^^I agree. SuperStar TV was really timeless and think of all those ABC synergystic possibilities.

                              Monster Sound would need a new show,but anything would be preferable to Drew Carey, who was never hip even when he was hip.


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