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WDW- EP/MK - 12/19/06 - Trip Report w/photos!


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  • WDW- EP/MK - 12/19/06 - Trip Report w/photos!

    Hey there! Figment has posted most of important parts of the day but I thought I would add my two cents.

    If you would like to see all the photos I took that day, please visit this link HERE.

    Started the morning at Epcot, but wanted to catch the monorail over to MK to turn in my VMK Christmas quests:

    Wow! Looks like the Christmas crowds are out in full force, check out the full parking lots!

    Got to the TTC with no problems and decided to catch the ferry boat over to MK for a change of scenery.

    The decorations were out in full force for MK, loved the tree and the train station was nicely touched.

    After turning in my quests, I headed back to Epcot to go to the Wonders of Life Pavillion, as we all know the rarity it is open, I didn't want to miss it!

    My first stop was at Body Wars, got to love that cheesy 80's intro movie with a young Elizabeth Shue, I would say it was pre Cocktail, she looks more innocent in that video.

    After enjoying that bumpy ride through the human body I met back up with Cmash, Figment and eeyoresnumberonefan and we did Cranium Command!

    I love the cheesy intro movie, was so cute and the animation reminded me of the Chipmunks for some reason. :lol:

    Onward into the brain of a 12yr old boy? I really enjoyed this set, it was probably my favorite in the pavillion.

    After that fulfilling trip into the brain of a boy stuck in the 80's, we headed out!

    Farewell Wonders of Life!

    At that point we headed over to Nemo, as Eeyore had not seen it as of yet and we also met up with a friend that shall not be named. But he knows who he is and it was a pleasure meeting you mister "old" man.

    We were starting to get a little hungry and decided that Germany would be a great place for lunch! Polka time! :yea:

    After filling our tummys, we headed back over to the tree lighting ceremony via boat and enjoyed the show! If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend catching it should the chance present itself.

    Pretty lights!

    Pretty Tree!

    I just loved this angle shot, so I had to post it.

    After that we got a great spot for Illuminations, thank you Cmash and I would have pictures of that but I suck at motion, night shots. The Christmas ending was a nice touch and it made for a great ending to a really nice day in the World.

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    Re: WDW- EP/MK - 12/19/06 - Trip Report w/photos!

    Great shots! Thanks. I can't wait to go next week!


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