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Irish Pub to Replace Jazz Club?


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  • Irish Pub to Replace Jazz Club?

    I have been hearing that the olde Jazz Club which recently closed will be turning into a Irish pub. I also heard that it will be tradtional like the one in New york and not require admission to get into......

    Anyone else know more?

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    There you go...
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      This is great news! I'd been too lazy to try and find a good pub around here, and now I don't have to worry about it.


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        Here's the release from

        Irish hospitality and a bit of blarney will be coming to Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort in the form of an authentic Irish pub and restaurant. Scheduled to open in summer 2005, the pub (yet to be named) will feature the very best of Irish food, flair, heritage and entertainment.

        The Irish culture is known for its warmth, character and hospitality, and the new Downtown Disney pub promises to deliver an experience immersed in genuine Irish atmosphere -- from food and drink to music and entertainment.

        The pub will be warm and welcoming with one-of-a-kind fixtures and furnishings -- all designed and built in Ireland by Irish craftspeople. Additional decor items include Irish antiques and bric-a-brac.

        Traditional and contemporary Irish music, storytelling and dance will help create a lively social ambience and the friendly pub staff will bring Emerald Isle charm to Downtown Disney.

        The restaurant's gastronomic delights will be the work of Chef Kevin Dundon, one of Ireland's best-known chefs. He will introduce a menu that blends traditional Irish fare and fresh ingredients, all with a modern flair. Chef Dundon's credits include cooking for celebrities and heads of state, overseeing deluxe international hotel cuisine, opening a premiere hotel and restaurant, and appearing in his own television series.

        "We are thrilled to introduce an authentic Irish pub to Downtown Disney," said Ed Baklor, vice president of Downtown Disney. "The superior level of quality, energy and appeal that this new venue brings is a perfect complement to Downtown Disney's lineup of world-class retail, dining and entertainment."

        The pub will be owned and operated by Great Irish Pubs Florida, Inc., the Irish-owned company that previously created "Nine Fine Irishmen" at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

        "We are working extremely hard here in Ireland preparing to deliver what we believe will be the very best expression of Irish hospitality ever seen in the U.S.," said Paul Nolan, one of the establishment's co-owners. "We are extremely proud and excited to have the opportunity to bring a real slice of Ireland to Downtown Disney."

        The Irish pub will occupy the building that formerly housed The Jazz Company. Pleasure Island club admission will not be required for entrance to the pub.
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          An Irish Pub will be replacing the Jazz Club at pleasure island. It will be open to all and no admission, unlike the other PI clubs orthe previous Jazz Club.


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            WooHoo! I was disapointed when I first heard about this because I asumed it would require admision and my AP will be expired by the time it is open (no money to renew this year ). Knowing that I can still get in makes me very happy. My only fear is of it being to crowded to enjoy.


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              And at midnight every night, a fight will break out amongst "locals" who are wearing Red Sox and Yankees gear.


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                  I hate to be the thread police, but there is arleady a thread about it here. Thanks for the news update, though!


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                    Yeah, but I have to be the thread police, and so I've merged them.

                    (thanks for the heads-up post, Rainfully ... I don't think I would have caught this one without ya.)


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                      Originally posted by innerSpaceman
                      (thanks for the heads-up post, Rainfully ... I don't think I would have caught this one without ya.)
                      That is what I'm here for... I am but a humble servant... *bows*


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