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No 'I'm going to Disney World' ads for the 2005 Super Bowl


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  • No 'I'm going to Disney World' ads for the 2005 Super Bowl

    Who will announce "I'm going to Disney World!" at the conclusion of Fox's broadcast of Super Bowl XXXIX?

    After 19 years, the Magic Kingdom this year is canceling its Super Bowl promotional series in which a star of the game proclaims he's headed next for the Florida theme park.
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    Aww... that's sad! It has become a tradition!

    It's funny... you think they could have totally done something awesome with the whole 50th thing... oh well...


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      Yah they should've just kept what they were doing. it would have been perfect to promote the 50th aniversary. where did you hear about this anyway

      p.s. how do u post new threads?
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        Well, I think the whole campaign had gotten a little stale, and now is -in fact- the perfect time to retire it .... since I think a declaration of "I'm going to DisneyWorld" during Disneyland's 50th Anniversary celebration would be particularly ill-advised.

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          How much you want to bet me that somebody says it anyways!!!!! You know that phrase has become TOO much of a tradition for them to pass up!
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            Nooo... darn.... oh well.. lasted well..

            Wonder what they will be doing now??


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              why are they doing that... its a time honored tradition.


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                probubly something like "what are you going to next" and the n the player says"were gonna fire eisner yeeeeahhhhh"


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                  Why, simple... money. They have to pay the NFL (since it is filmed at the SUper Bowl), plus the player(s) saying the line, plus the film crew, and of course the air time for the commercials.

                  They decided they would rather keep running the "Dogs" commercial plugging the WDW discount packages, and the generic 50th Annniversary spots. So the airtime that the SUper Bowl would have gotten, they will instead run the other two spots, plus they saved the cost of filming the third spot.
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                    but because of the 50th aniversery this would be the perfect time to have those chemercials.


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                      I hope in the interviews whomever the MVP (Hopefully Brady) even with no question, says "I know what i am doing next... I'm going to Universal Studios". I think it would be just desserts for the mouse.


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                        I see no problem with retiring the tradition. It has become kind of stale after all these years. And the 50th is for DisneyLAND and WDW. So, it does seem kind of inappropriate.


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