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Looking through the mesh eyes


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  • Looking through the mesh eyes

    Here is a link to a story in the 05/25/05 Orlando Sentinel. Scary thing is, I know a few of these people...

    I have not seen the Radar magazine article yet, but oh my gosh, this so takes me back to the days as a certain friend of Mickey's. The worst it ever got for me was New Years 1990 or 91, I forget. Did the NYE show at the castle as a knight on stage. Then went to the parties in the trailer park. Next morning we should have handed out rainchecks to those guests at the character breakfasts. One youngster told Pluto that he needed a bath real bad because he stank. Well, I was sweating, but it was a weird odor. After taking my head off, I realized I was sweating the rum I had been drinking at the parties blended with some that I had also drank. But after that first set, we all laughed after taking off our heads because everyone of us was sweating what we had been gulping a few hours ago. Even our lead knew what we had been doing, she was there and reminded us several times about workign in a few hours... She stopped drinking four hurs before having to drive.
    Mark E. Lepow
    Winter Garden, Fl.

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    Must be a FL thing... the characters I worked with didn't seem like such big part-... well, there was that one girl with the eye patch who was also in RHPS in Long Beach....

    Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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      Ah, the parties of Vista Way.... I'll never forget the rain poncho (toga) party where party-goers wore nothing but the yellow rain ponchos that were sold at the time. '93 was a good year.


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        Several years ago I toured as the wardrobe supervisor of a "Disney on Ice" production. You haven't lived until you've had to clean the vomit out of a character head because a skater came in for the morning show still drunk from the night before.....


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