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  • Space Mountain info Wanted

    Who knows anything about the space mountain in florida. I haven't looked up or been there for a long time so i am not up to date. last time i was there the sign said it was a 10 min wait but i ended up waiting 1 hour and 40 min just to ride it.
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    What would you like to know about it?


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      I am sure this is not anything you are looking for...

      When waiting in line, look at the ceiling at the spacescape. Every now and then asteroids will fly through space.

      Those asteroids are actually chocolate chip cookies.



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        When both tracks are running the line can go pretty quickly. The last several times I was in Space Mountain the line was less than 20 minutes.


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          Definitelt two tracks and one is 10ft longer than the other, opened in 1975 as the first Space Mountain of many to come. WDW's SM is similar to the Matterhorn in that it has tight, twisty drops. SM at Disneyland was designed for the feel of speed and a different feel from the Matterhorn. The space rocket trains at WDW are inline seating of 3 and two cars per train, so 6 per train. SM at Disneyland seats 12 per train and only has one track. Waits for SM at WDW vary on whether one track or two are operating, and I strongly suggest a FastPass for it whenever possible.


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            Also, never trust the wait time signs at Space Mountain in WDW. 90% of the time, and always at night, the times can be wayyyyyyyy off.


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              dude i cant believe your only 15 and you came up with that genious "how to ski" idea... get it copywrited first but defidently send that one in. (ps its nice to see a younger disney fan other then me... im 16 and i am still interested in that kind of thing... its strange how more young people arent huge fans like us)


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                My suggestion is to get a FP and go see other things around there, such as Buzz, or even relax on the Peoplemover. Sometimes we go over to Fantasyland and do a few rides there.
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                  I thank you


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