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Baldy & the Beast


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  • Baldy & the Beast

    ORDDU: Well, I must say!! When a witch goes to a Disney theme park, ducklings, she never knows just what she'll see!! Case in point, this past Saturday--on Memorial Day Weekend--my sisters and I went to Disney M-G-M Studios and dropped in to watch yet another showing of BEAUTY & THE BEAST.

    ORWEN: Everything was going along just fine--until Belle lost her HAIR of all things--toward the end of her performance on stage!!!

    ORGOCH: Serves her right fer bein' a phony an' wearin' a wig in the first place! What's wrong with her OWN dang hair?

    ORWEN: Well, I felt sorry for the girl, myself. There she was--dancing with the Prince--right after he'd left his beastly self behind. Then--during one quick turn--Belle's lovely locks went soaring through the air, only to fall flat on the stage.

    ORDDU: Fortunately, one of the male dancers came up behind her and quickly snatched up the wig--before wrapping both Belle and her prince up in that table cloth they always wrap them in, and then rushing the couple up the stairs and off stage--where they become quick change artists into their royal garb.

    ORWEN: The audience was well-aware of what was going on, of course, and laughed uproariously at poor Belle's predicament. Since she was wearing a hooded cape, at the time, she quickly lifted it to cover--not only her baldness--but her entire FACE!!

    ORDDU: And when she finanally came back on stage--in her gold gown--one could tell she was fighting embarassment. The poor dear.

    ORGOCH: Next time she oughtta use SUPER glue ta keep her hair in place! That, er start usin' her OWN dang do fer a change!!

    ORWEN: (sigh) I guess even fairy tale personalities have their embarrassing moments.

    ORDDU: I wonder if anyone was filming what happened so that it will eventually end up on AMERICA's FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS???????

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    My nan usually cries her heart out at the show, that would have lifted her up!

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    (VERY OLD!)


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      Never underestimate the value of a couple of hairpins...! Thanks for the laugh, Witches!


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        I heard the same thing happened to Michael Eisner a few years ago (seriously).
        Maybe that's why he dropped the rug!


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          Originally posted by WDW1974
          I heard the same thing happened to Michael Eisner a few years ago (seriously).
          Maybe that's why he dropped the rug!


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            ORWEN: Hmmm...I never knew Mr. Eisner tried to play the part of Belle before. But, then, he was always such a 'drag', don't you think?


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              I'm not sure he ever tried to play the part of Belle, but considering his micro-managing it's possible.

              In all seriousness, he was giving a speech somewhere in the late 90s when the 'hair today, in the air tomorrow' deal hit. The rug flew off, like well ... a witch on her broomstick, and soon after ME went with the natural look. 100 percent true!


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