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Seasonal Job Info


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  • Seasonal Job Info

    I have been a reader of this forum for awhile now, but this is one of my first posts, so if this topic has already been discussed in another thread, please feel free to give me the link or redirect me to the information (i did a search for it but didn't come up with anything).

    I am currently a college student (about to graduate this summer) and work full time as well (On a side note, I don't really qualify for the college program as my major is in healthcare in radiologic technology. I am just looking for a regular part-time or seasonal non-college program position). I was interested in a part-time job at Disney, but was told they are fairly specific with availability requirements and I probably would not fit in as part-time. Then I was told about seasonal positions and wanted more information.

    Here's what I was told:
    - Seasonal positions have to be available for about 2-4 weeks for their training, and then must commit to at least 7 days of employment each year.
    - Roles as a seasonoal cast member are available in many different areas, but not all areas (currently I believe they are hiring for food and beverage, but was wondering if seasonal roles were available in things like attractions or transportation: monorail/watercraft, or what other roles are available seasonally)
    - Seasonal cast members still get the same benefits as part-time employees except that the free park entrance is only for the CM (no friends and family benefits for seasonal).
    - Seasonal members call in advance to give their availability and Disney then lets the CM know if they are actually needed to work or not
    - Seasonal employees don't really pick where they will work or what job they will have, it is assigned by Disney on an as needed basis
    - I have also been told that there are different status levels for seasonal - seasonal:frequent and seasonal:infrequent. I was wondering what the requirements are for each and what the differences are (different pay/benefits, etc).

    I was wondering if anybody had more information regarding seasonal roles at Disney. Can anyone confirm if what I was told is correct? What are the current benefits for seasonal cast members? Is the way scheduling was described to me accurate? (I would like to work at Disney on my days off from my regular job in addition to during the summer and off times of school as well - I just cant work a specific schedule every week due to my current job and school commitments). Are all roles available as seasonal, or only very specific jobs? Would I be able to pick what I want to do (say for example work in transportation as a monorail operator or in attractions as a ride operator), or will Disney just assign a position to me each day I work based on their needs? Any help anyone can proved me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and input!

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    Re: Seasonal Job Info

    Thank you so much for this information, I was considering doing this but unfortunately I don't have 2-4 weeks for training to spare. A few days sure but at least I admire that they are through. :lol:


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