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new seating on disney rides


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  • new seating on disney rides

    has anyone seen recent photos of the disney parks most poupular rides... they are putting in these horrible looking white seats in place of the traditional bench style seating. i cant believe theyre doing that to so many great rides. they have pictures on some photo essays the only two i saw with seat testing were splash mountain (they are testing the seats so that the rider would have to sit to the right or left of the ride instead of in the middle where you can see everything) and its a small world (both rides just dont look the same with these seats sure they look mighty comftorable but they really sand out... oh and thanks for the tip i will be sure to make sure i elaborate next time. for pictures go to the al luts photo essay titled space race and a date of 1/28 the ride vehicle they are testing with seats in it is its a small world and it is in the middle of the essay
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    A little more info.... What rides?
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      I think what you're seeing is the dummies that they use to test out the rides. You won't be seeing any big white seats in rides any time soon, so you can breathe easily :-)

      As for Splash Mountain, in Disneyland they have a different configuration of seating than in MK, with a single bench down the middle. They have recently changed it up a bit and added in the back of each log a "love seat" of sorts where two people can sit side by side, which will increase the capacity a bit. In the pictures, the put the dummies in a configuration so as to even out the weight of the log. They had to put them facing different directions to accomplish this. They will not have any guests facing sideways, don't worry about that!


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        I have to agree with Rainfully, there is no new white seats. Those are sandbags/testdummies that have a white encasing over them.


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          Are these the pics of the seats you saw?????

          Cause these are test dummies.
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            yeah thanks guys
            i recently read a rumor in a review that the ones on splash mountain were actual seats. thanks for clearing that all up :monkey:


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