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Disney Studios Attraction Ideas


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    Re: Disney Studios Attraction Ideas

    Originally posted by yoyoflamingo View Post
    And Fantasmic 2.0, with less reliance on water screens, and more of a focus on the performers.
    Amen to that! Less villains and screens and more performance!


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      Re: Disney Studios Attraction Ideas

      Music studio and recording artists. I suppose Disney was using this theme park as more of a park that encompasses all aspects of entertainment.

      Also... the ride is going through hollywood from Aerosmith's recording studio to their concert venue. It fits into the hollywood streets that lead up to the attraction.

      Disney MGM Studios USED to tape a lot of shows and movies there (and animation). Is that all gone?

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        Re: Disney Studios Attraction Ideas

        Originally posted by filmfreak11 View Post

        Toy Story Mania (?)

        A parody show in a Disney park??

        Music industry (?)

        1: Isn't Toy Story Mania just Buzz Lightyear at a different park?
        2: Why not a parody show at a Disney park. Of all places, the studios could do it.
        3: I just think it is not the best fit. Why could they not come up with a different story. A rock concert? Pa-leeze. Why not just make it a ride ("tour") about Hollywood landmarks and call it a day...that makes more sense with the theme of the park. Aerosmith? No thanks. Great ride though. Reminds me of Space Mountain in Paris.