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TDLFAN reviews "Comedy Club" at the MK (photos)


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  • TDLFAN reviews "Comedy Club" at the MK (photos)

    Today, I had the chance to preview the newest attraction at the MK, Tomorrowland's Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club. All I can say is... what were they thinking???


    Ok.. step by step here... The show plot revolves around the monsters finding out that laughter, NOT screams, energizes Monstropolis. Therefore they had the bright idea to open a comedy club. That's it.

    The queue still looks very much like it did before... some columns and not much. This time, the imagineers have added painted banners as decor. Very cheap. They have also added a switchback rail, so now the guests go back and forth as opposed to having ample space to move while they wait in that first indoor room. At the end of this queue is a set of doors that lead to Monstropolis, but in reality, it means another queue and holding area. Here in the 2nd queue, we have TV monitors above that ask guests to text message their jokes for concideration and use in the show. Nice interactive feature. My joke of course was NOT used. May as well... After about 7 mins, we enter the main theater, aka the "comedy club".

    The stage is simple with some set dressing. A huge screen and two small ones. In one of them we see the character of Ross keeping an eye on things. Lots of "eye" jokes on this show, so brace yourselves. The main screen is something similar to Talk with Crush's format. The other small screen looks like a door way where we see that single-eye monster most of the time. What's his name again??? The big Bluish one... Surly? is nowhere to be found here. Thumbs down on that.

    The audience sits in row of seats that even have lamps, to make it feel as if we were in a real comedy theater with tables.. All that is missing here are the cocktail waitresses coming around every so often. One CM does act as a liason between the characters on the screen and guests, bringing the mike to guests' so they can interact with the characters.

    The only funny joke comes early... Ross telling the audience "if you don't laugh, we may not have enough power to be able to open the exit doors at the end of the show.." Talk about incentive to laugh!!! From this point on, the show goes downhill.. There are some mildly funny moments, so not all is a waste of time. Those watching this preview with me seemed genuine about laughing here and there, but then again, I sat there... thinking to myself... "I really want this to be good enough to make me smile, but GOD! They are trying so hard and bombing so badly!!" Of course, the tourists around me will laugh at this... not big HAHA laughs but moderate ones... hehehehe! These out of towners will laugh at anything. Maybe they should catch "Monorail Inferno" while it's playing in Downtown Orlando's Parliament House... for a real good belly laugh!

    As a matter of fact, the only moment that exceeded my expectations came when the little table lamps throughout the theater flickered as a reaction to one of the jokes. That technical aspect was cute. As for the show's format... frankly, Crush still does it better with it's minimal set over at the Living Seas. Here, the Monsters do point out (and use) several members of the audience as point of reference for their jokes. That is probably the most effective tool on this show, since some of these guests do look like people you may have seen them on "America's Most Wanted". So, you can say that the joke is really on us the guests!! (drum crash!) Now you get the idea of this show since I illustrated it so well for you.

    Like Crush, the Monsters here do engage guests into audience participation and conversation... It's a risk... as it's up to the guests to make it or break it. However, the people in the sound booth providing the voices here do have to recover and they do so nicely, while being mildly funny at times. BTW... this being a test preview, there were a few Imagineers sitting in the very back of the theater keeping an eye of things... and curiously enough, I didn't see any of them laugh. Not once. Also, in the course of this 12 mins show, 4 guests got up and left the theater mid show. NOT one single Monster made a comment or joke directed and them as they left.

    All in all... The show is not a total waste of time, as it does have a few moments where it can be funny, but not funny enough to make you want to stay or wish this was a longer experience. Also, there may be times when the show may be great or times when it may be mediocre... due to the "live" aspect of it. Much depends on how the actors on the mike are able to engage the crowd watching. Apart from that, I feel this "Comedy Club" format does not belong at the MK. While the idea may sound fun, the execution is simply so-so, and the fact that we are in Tomorrowland, may have something to do with it. Still... I am not sure how succesful this show will be with foreign guests who can not understand a word of English. The concept seem "too grown up" to fit with the MK's themes. Further complicating the show is one nagging objection of mine... the animated characters look bad. The animation looks flat and cheap. There is no 3D feeling to these characters, and frankly... I felt I was watching a huge TV in a passably decorated theater, rather than being in a "Comedy Club" per se. The whole thing fell flat for me (no pun intended). The TV screen here is not even widescreen for pete's sake!

    So... my final rating? D+ But like I said... some people may have a better experience over others... so just go try it and make up your own mind.

    BTW... I did make it to EPCOT and checked out the new theater location for "Talk with Crush". The new theater is somewhat bigger but not HUGE! I did like the overhead neon lights simulating waves. Other than that, not much improvement there, but at least this show is still better than the Comedy Club at the MK.

    I took a few pics with my cellphone for your enjoyment.

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    Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

    Thanks for the review. I was thinking "what were they thinking??" when I first heard abot it. I'm actually not happy to be wrong when it comes to disney theme parks. I want them to make things that work and that are fun. Stuff like this is most upsetting.

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      Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

      Ugh, the first time I'm not looking forward to a new attraction.

      Thanks for the review, I can only hope the jokes improve.


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        Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

        I'll go see it, once, but this definitely doesn't sound like something that will warrant repeated visits. Hell, at this point I'd rather have mission to mars over there than this crap they've put in tomorrowland lately. As cheezy as that old show was, at least it had some repeat viewing value.


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          Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

          When I get home this weekend I'll post more photos and some video. The first queue is your sign this is 'cheap'.

          TDLFAN, did they try the 'repeat' comedy method to keep coming back to one person they picked out early as the butt of their jokes?


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            Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

            Originally posted by flynnibus View Post

            TDLFAN, did they try the 'repeat' comedy method to keep coming back to one person they picked out early as the butt of their jokes?
            Yes, and after the 3rd time, it stopped being funny. Specially because the guy looked like a wife-beating redneck felon.


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              Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

              I wasn't expecting much from this at all, but from what I keep reading it is actually worse than I anticipated.


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                Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

                Maybe the corridor where this is located can be the "Tomorrowland Corridor of Failure," since the only two sttractions in this location are the Comedy Club and Stitch.
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                  Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

                  Well, like kcnole, I'll try it at least once. Thanks for the thorough report.
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                    Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

                    It's a concept I would like to see work, but more for
                    something in Downtown Disney, not in the park.

                    Unfortunately, your report is the most positive, out
                    of several reports I've heard. Even the big guy
                    at another web site, who rarely posts, mentioned
                    how awful the show is.

                    On the other hand, over at DL, The Muppet Mobile
                    Lab in DCA really seemed to be a big hit on Sunday.
                    Hope they can keep it as a regular attraction/show
                    at DCA ~ as any positive buzz for DCA is a good thing.
                    Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
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                      Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

                      It's nice to see a detailed review rather than the "it sucks and here's why" report like I've been seeing about the previews. And it also sounds like the same reasons why the show is doing so badly has not been fixed yet.

                      Thanks for the run-down. My expectations for this attraction were already lower than they could ever be, but at least now they aren't any lower. Can't say that what you reported gave me any hope, but I did find it interesting that they had an interactive set design.
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                        Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

                        I'd like to mention merchandise for this attraction.

                        The Buzz merch cart (with the little green men on top) has some merch for the MI attraction, but it's all Mike-themed. There's basically nothing for the Sully fan, and that's kind of unfortunate. Of course, all other MI merchandise around WDW seems to have disappeared while trimming it down to five different things and sticking them on a Buzz cart. Thanks, WDW!


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                          Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

                          I too was able to see the Comedy Club today. Frankly, I'd put it as not worth my time. A few of the jokes were funny, but nothing that got anything more than a smirk out of me. The animation was definitely the worst. Crush seemed to be at least moving his mouth to his words. Here the monster's mouthes just seemed to move up and down, and not always with when words were being spoken.


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                            Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

                            Ever since Everest opened at Animal Kingdom, I dont think any ride could ever come close to my expectations. Expedition Everest is probably one of the best rides to open at Disney. That is why I'm not thinking highly about the Comedy Club. Although, I will check it out. I'd say, they should really bring the dark ride from California Adventure. There's room behind for some construction...?

                            Let's not forget about Pirate's of the Caribbean, that was another big one for me.
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                              Re: TDLFAN reviews &quot;Comedy Club&quot; at the MK (photos)

                              Thanks for the comprehensive report, TDLFAN... I expect no less from you... :-)

                              I agree 100% that it's location is really just doesn't work very well in TL.
                              (would have been much better in MGM ... er.... Pixar-Disney Studios.... :-)

                              They really need to work on the jokes and the crowds.... I've heard several reports of one crowd
                              being great (and the show being great) following one really lousy show. It's way too
                              dependent on the crowd (to make quality of the show).


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