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Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.


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  • Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

    My mother surprised us with a last minute request to go to WDW for the weekend, her treat. Who am I to argue with that? So off we headed in the mini van, we decided to stay at a new hotel, still determined to find an offsite location at an affordable price, yet close to the magic.

    This time around we picked the Best Western a Downtown Disney Resort.

    Looked good from the outside.

    A contemporary look fit the hotel very nicely, so far so good!

    A swan in the bathroom made out of towels! Very nice!

    The 10th floor view room was nice, even though we couldn't see Disney. :lol:

    I would say for the money, we got a great hotel, the service wasn't that great. No one was overly rude but we had to call maintenance because our air conditioner made this sound like someone constantly honking a horn and the internet was less than reliable. However, they were very accommodating in regards to fixing said issues so this definitely goes in the Summer Family "if we can't get a room on Disney property" yes book.

    Saturday morning C and I headed to Magic Kingdom, am I the only one that takes a photo of the row we are parked in. Lost the car once, I said never again. :lol:

    We caught the ferry boat, "Look Mom! It's the Polynesian!"

    The double decker bus was out, we rarely get there right after open so this was a great site to see for me.

    Heading down Main Street we ran into these two lovely ladies. They were very interactive with everyone, very good job.

    Since C and I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, I took a chance and Crystal Palace squeezed us in! Thank you CP!

    Pooh was really good and was great at communicating what he was trying to tell C and spent lots more time that I would have imagined at our table. Was great meal overall, but then CP never disappoints me when we go.

    With food in our bellys we decided to take a cruise, Jungle Cruise that is..

    Sadly I do not have a photo of our skipper, she was probably the best I have ever had on this attraction. She really put herself out there and even using the same old jokes, delivered them differently than I am used to and even I was laughing.

    I did however, get lots of photos and I finally managed to snap this wonderful shot, of the backside of water.

    Afterwards, we headed to Pirates, on the way C saw this and made her own attempt at "acting" dead. hehe

    As we were walking up to the line I noticed both sides were open and yet no one was taking the right side?? So C and I walked in and took the right path, the CM not stopping us at all and we walked....and walked... right onto the ride. No line and the best part, WE GOT OUR OWN BOAT!! :yea: I have to tell you, we got a lot of dirty looks getting in that boat. :lol:

    If a camera flashes and no one is around to see it, did it really happen? Why yes, yes it did.

    After pirates, C wanted to ride Goofy, so we headed to the Adventureland Train Station to catch a ride around the park.

    So, this is the first time I tried using the movie feature on my camera. I sat in front of C and held the camera on my shoulder pointed backwards and I captured this.

    She cracks me up but then again I'm biased.



    The next thing C wanted to do was go swimming, so I called my mother who was hanging out at the hotel and she said she was going to go swimming anyway and offered to take C while I have some fun alone. Little did I know that Figment and Cmash were both in the park already. While I didn't get my alone time, I had a great time with some friends.

    Unfortunately I have very few photos of my evening, as it rained most of it. I do however have my favorite photo of the trip, they really need to bring out more villains, they are so cool. For those that don't know, these characters are really rare! I am hoping they make them a standard occurrence.

    Now onward to Day 2 and Animal Kingdom!!
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    Re: Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

    Great pictures as usual SUmmer!

    Originally posted by Phonedave
    Well, if your parents can't teach you, maybe you can learn from a taser.


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      Re: Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

      Originally posted by SummerInFL View Post
      She cracks me up but then again I'm biased.
      :lol: Maybe so, but she IS ADORABLE!!! :cgrin:

      "Mommy, I put my hands up!"

      Maybe we'll take her on something bigger this summer. :cwink:
      Very cute pictures can't wait to see more.


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        Re: Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

        Day 2 Animal Kingdom

        I think that Animal Kingdom is probably the most underrated park in WDW. The theming, the lush landscape, the different lands immerse you in each continent. To notice how the trees change when you go from place to place says something about the amount of thought that went into this park. I love all the nooks and crannies that make you feel like you just happen to come upon an animal in it's natural habitat, minus the fences of course.

        Here lizard, lizard, lizard... LOL

        My only complaint is you can never really get a good photo of the tree without people in it, unless you wait until the end of the day when no one is there. Forget about getting your kids in the photo. LOL

        They have this great pastry cart just after the bridge that we grabbed a cinnamon roll to share.

        We decided to start our day sitting in the area near Flame Tree Barbecue, it's secluded and this morning there was no one there but us and the birds. But what a great view...

        Yak and Yeti Restaurant? Interesting! I wonder what that will be like.

        The thing that impresses me most about Everest is it's massive size, it truly is a Imagineering Masterpiece, everything is so intricate and well themed.

        Dinoland is starting to grow on me, I'm still not impressed with the carnival games that require you to pay, but we tried Primeval Whirl for the first time and we really enjoyed it!

        I took this photo because of something in there that reminds me of the thread with the bathroom door at Magic Kingdom. I took a close up of it, but as this is a family board, I will just post the full van photo and leave the rest to your imagination. If you really want to see the close up, I'll have to PM it or post it in gold. LOL

        We did check out the Flights of Wonder bird show. I have to say it was very entertaining and had a really great message.

        He's trying to be a perch for a bird...

        C did get to have her "Dream Come True", she got a free ice cream and a really cute certificate to go with it!

        With a little time left in the day we caught It's Tough to be a Bug, oddly enough, I didn't hear any screaming children this time. I did however manage to snag this photo during the show, not bad for snapping it from my lap. :lol:

        All in all another great weekend at WDW. Time to take some time off from going, at least until C's birthday at the end of March. :lol:

        The End.
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          Re: Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

          Very nice! Thanx for sharing. I feel like I've been there!
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            Re: Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

            Summer, having just returned from our trip--I totally agree with you about Animal Kingdom. Now that I've had a chance to explore the locale better, I really like the park.

            Thanks for the posts. I'll post my TR when I get over this bloody headcold!

            Peace, as always,
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              Re: Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

              Awesome TR!


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                Re: Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

                summer, do you still have the camera manual... cause some shots are great, but auto isn't always reliable

                -i did play with manual a little, but the camera is confusing!!!-

                great photos from AK.


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                  Re: Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

                  Nice Trip Report summer ! i like the pictures from AK .
                  HKDL : Done !!!


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                    Re: Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

                    LOVE LOVE LOVE the rollercoster video!
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                      Re: Summer's TR - Mar. 3-5th.

                      Great TR, thanks for sharing!


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