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Tom Sawyer Island Visit and Photos


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  • Tom Sawyer Island Visit and Photos

    Since it's time may be limited.. and we had to skip it on our last trip.. we made sure we visited TSI this time around.

    Here's some photos from our little tour

    All photos at

    As we're moving around.. hey.. what's that in the tree?

    That's no AA!

    Views of the other attractions from the island..



    What's up with this windmill? Is the 4th spoke supposed to be broken off? If it was intentional.. it's done very well

    Since the Fort especially could be a victim of any retheming.. we made sure to go visit the fort

    The bridge to the section of island

    Heading up to the Fort

    The Fort interior

    Inside one of the stable areas

    We tried to make it out the escape tunnel.. and something tells me I'm too fat for this tunnel!

    I managed to get out of course.. but reminded me its been too many months since I've been a gym regular
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    Re: Tom Sawyer Island Visit and Photos

    Great pics!
    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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      Re: Tom Sawyer Island Visit and Photos

      Awesome! I enjoy MANY HOURS of fun each time I visit TSI! :cgrin:


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        Re: Tom Sawyer Island Visit and Photos

        Didn't get a chance to go to the island while I was there so I appreciate the pics.
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          Re: Tom Sawyer Island Visit and Photos

          Sweet, cool to see pics of a kingdom I don't frequent as much!

          Any idea if you guys will have a pirated up Island too?

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