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whats your favorite recent disney ride


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  • whats your favorite recent disney ride

    i thoght this would be an interesting question since the new rides do not seem to be liked as much as the older classics but i thoght this would be an interesting topic
    mine would probubly be splash mountain or big thunder.

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    Being a Castmember I find that too many people are too critical of new attractions. An excellent example is Stitch's Great Escape. The majority of the negative response's I heard were from those that are comparing it to Alien Encounter. Yes, the rides were similar, and AE was much scarier. I loved AE, but when I first saw SGE, I went in with an open mind as though I had never been in that building before. I enjoyed it. Agreed, it's not an "E" ticket, but it is a nice attraction. Not saying it doesn't have it's faults, it does. I wish the animation on the monitors was better. I wish people would quit comparing it with AE. It's practically the same attraction, the main difference is that Stitch (A Disney Character, which the Alien wasn't) is the main character. Had AE never been there, people would probably love the attraction as much as they did Alien Encounter.

    For the record, my favorite recent attraction is MISSION: SPACE


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      I will be perfectly honest about Stitch, We like it. Sure it's not alien encounter, but for what they did to it I think it's very appropriate. everyone has to remember that although the fanatics like ourselves might have problems with changes, we are the minority when it comes to guest satisfaction. In the mean time, just enjoy it!
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        Oh yes, my favorite recent attraction is Philharmagic
        The Disney Diva and Factual Al


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          ToT at WDW is recent to me, so I'll say that...


          • #6
            Philharmagic here too!


            • #7
              Must see Philharmagic. I'm a huge Donald fan.


              • #8
                For me it would have to be TOT at MGM or Philharmagic at MK. They are just some of the best that they have done lately.
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                • #9
                  yeah i thoght philhar magic was amazing! a little short but defidently worth going to.


                  • #10
                    Tower of Tower, a "new" classic complete with great theming, an excellent storyline, and Disney magic.


                    • #11
                      I wonder exactly what you mean by recent? In the past 5 years it would have to be Mickey's Philharmagic. If we're going back 10 years, I'd say Tower of Terror. 15, Splash Mountain.


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                        • #13
                          recent as in one that hasnt been demolished yet :monkey:


                          • #14
                            Gosh, I need to see Philharmagic!! Donald rocks I just got a closeout hat from DL online. It has Donald Throught the years.
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                              TOT defintely!!

                              Still makes me sooooooo mad that we missed the soft opening to Philharmagic by a couple of weeks

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