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Flynnibus Invades WDW


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  • Flynnibus Invades WDW

    Well, I had to be in Orlando for business and had some end of year money so I took the opportunity to sneak in some time at WDW before I had to start working. I invited my wife to come along.. and we got the parents to watch the kids for us while we snuck away for 3 days. I had last visited in May 06 when we had the full monty.. us.. kids.. and both sets of grand parents. This trip we'd only have 2 days in the parks, so I wanted to just take it easy, be able to soak in the details.. and just hit some attractions we passed up the last trip.

    We started off by flying in on Wednesday night late.. got our rental car and headed down to WDW. I decided to stay at the Pop Century based on experiences I've read here and at Disboards. I wanted to stay on property, because its the way I always do Disney and since it was only a short trip, I figured it was the right time to try something different and save some money.

    I put my comments about the resort in a seperate thread here

    We got in late.. and didn't get to bed until after 2am. Even though we got in late.. we had an early start planned. MK would be closed Friday evening due to the Princess/Pirate party, and MK had morning EMH, so the target was to get to MK prior to the 8am opening.

    It started pretty rough. On our previous trip, we had exchanged several old tickets we had (going all the way back to the 70s and 80s) into current tickets. We had one ticket left from last year, and some new tickets we wanted to exchange. Speaking with a guest relations counter in DTD last time, we were told if we went to Guest Services at the parks, they could void our tickets, give us new ones and allow us to keep the tickets (because they are pretty vintage and in great shape). When we got to the MK, no ticket windows were open (it was about 7:40am). Eventually one opened, and the CM in there seemed REALLY confused with what was going on. First, she insisted the ticket we had gotten last May was very old and unusable and she would have to exchange it. I thought maybe they had gone away from the paper tickets and moved to plastic or something and didn't think anything of it. Then she couldn't do anything with it. And she insisted it's some old ticket she didn't know anything about - virtually arguing with us saying we couldn't have gotten it last May. Remember.. this is a paper ticket from May 06! Anyways.. she eventually gives up and points us to the Guest Services window. So we go over there, and he handles our May ticket just fine (it didn't need anything.. we just wanted to verify it was still valid). But he wasn't able to void our tickets and return them to us.. so we had to give up the original tickets (counter to what we were told by Guest Services previously) and just move on. After all this, we missed the park opening.. but continued on into the MK.

    With EMH, pretty much the open attractions are in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. So we headed back that way. With no crowds and no kids, we focused on things we normally wouldn't justify the wait for.

    Started with the Tomorrowland speedway. Walked on. This ride continues to be a insanely disappointing ride. Even the Model T ride of the same style at my local Paramount park goes faster. And there isn't really isn't really anything to look at or emerse in. To kill 20,000 leagues and allow this rethemed attraction to continue on is miserable to me. Well, at least there is no line.

    After that, we head over to the Astro Orbitor, which we normally skip due to lines. Walked right on and we enjoyed the classic ride. Suprised me how much of a tilt and speed they actually run at!

    So then we moved onto Space Mountain.. which is one of my wife's favorite rides. Walked right on and enjoyed the ride. It was even better then our ride back in May for some reason. I don't find the ride very rough on you at all. It appears they have walled off some of the end of the post show though? It doesn't seem quite as dated as I recall from my last trip. I was really disappointed with this show element last time, but this time through it didn't seem all that bad. Still a great ride.

    Sticking with TL.. we moved onto Stitch which we skipped last time due to all the complaints and we knew it would scare the kids. Well, no worries this time.. again walked right into the pre-show. I wish the pre-show theatre had more then just the TVs and logos Moving into the show theatre, I was instantly reminded of the old attractions in this building Mission to Moon/Mars. Overall, I don't think the attraction is that bad. Its ashame its a bit too scarey for stitch's target audience. I think the show could be really improved if there was a control room that you could see with AAs or something rather then just voices over the speakers. Are both arms supposed to shoot lasers? I could only see lasers out of one of the robotic arms.

    By now.. the park is opening up to normal.. but we continue on. Crowds or waits continue to be non-existant. We skipped the peoplemover last time, so hopped on there. First.. I can't stand this TTA overlay! The old peoplemover used to be an 'educational' experience.. with narration about the attractions, the technology, etc. Now it's this stupid narration acting like you are on any city subway. Blech!

    Keeping in mind Kevin's comments about the PM track's upkeep, I was keeping an eye out. I did see the track cover section that he had posted several months ago as still broken, but really that was the only one that really visible. There were some areas that were bird dirty, but overall I would say unless you were really looking.. everything was fine. I think the thing that stood out was, all this aluminum look in TL now, especially on roofs looks to be a real upkeep problem because they really show the water stains, oxidation, etc. I think that choice of material really exagerates the environment's impact on the area.

    We then went on the CoP.. another skip last trip. The ride seemed to be just fine. The only thing detracting was the starting theatre smelled like a nursing home. The theatre was clean and upkept, and the attraction didn't seem out of place/dated. I think the CoP has got lots of leg left in it.

    Having finished up TL.. we moved over to Adventureland. We picked up a FP for Junglecruise.. as for some reason the line had spiked out into the patio area. We moved over to PoTC which was closed for the refurb when we were there in May.

    I was 'reborn' into thinking the AAs in this attraction looked great. I think the difference is the AAs look great in darker spaces and for the most part work well. The Davey Jones effect looked perfect and the Captain Jack overlay isn't as obtrusive as I thought it could be. I think it's changed the ride, but the new ride isn't bad. I'm not convinced at all the movie and ride were in common to start with, but the new PoTC 2006 version is good as its own ride. The queue still is great.

    On the way out.. we ran into the entertainment where Capt Jack and his mate work the crowd. I actually really liked the actors and I think the entire act was very well accepted. The Jack actor wasn't dead on.. but close enough and with his own spin to sell himself and the act. The mate (Mack?) flirted with women and kept it lively. The wit and quick humor all worked very well. Probably the most enjoyable street entertainment I've seen in long time.

    We then circled back to the JC.. whose line had disappeared.. but we jumped into the FP return anways. The queue is great.

    The ride itself is rather flat and dated IMO. Our skipper was ok. Not sure what the normal spiel is.. but he ragged on Disney itself several times.. about disney being expensive and pay too if I recall. Don't know if that's normal or not The ride really feels flat compared to the Safari in AK. With AK now, the overlap here is hard to ignore.

    We then moved onto Swiss Family Treehouse. An attraction I used to really like as a child, because I loved the movie so much (I'm an engineer.. so all the 'build from nature' stuff they did always hit a nerve for me). I only wish this movie was more well known with younger generations. The attraction was fine, with only minor upkeep issues. Things like the 'wood' chipping off the rails in a few places and a light post that was missing its top. Only the latter really standing out. But overall still an old favorite. Thank god we don't have tarzan.. and Disney start showing this movie more!

    to be continued!
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    Am I evil? I am man, yes, I am

    Originally posted by sleepyjeff
    Disneyland was meant to be sipped not chug-a-lugged

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    Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

    oh my gosh what a FANTASTIC Jack!!!!!


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      Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

      So now we put our attention on BTMRR and hope in the queue. Again.. no wait. We get in the second row and we're off! This ride is great as always, both in the queue and the ride itself.

      On our way by.. I was trying to get some good shots of Splash.. but it appears on this way by, that the ride is stopped. Logs are stopped at the circle at the base of the briar patch and not going up. On our way back, I see they evac'd the ride and it was still down. So no Splash for us. I tried looking to see if it looked visually any different since it had its quick refurb.. but besides maybe a fresh briar patch.. looked virtually the same.

      What was interesting was.. the bird invasion!

      I don't think these freeloaders are part of the show

      And their invasion wasn't limited to Splash.. they started taking over the rest of Frontierland too!

      By now we decide to get some food and hit Pecos Bills. Opus1 mentioned lately about being the best counter service or something.. so what the heck. No problem finding a table.. the place is huge.. but sitting down here I noticed the first thing on the trip that I want to wave my finger at Disney for. The ceiling is blue.. check out the dust build up from the HVAC!

      That was disgusting! Up to that point.. all the hating on MK upkeep, etc.. I was argue isn't directly noticable by guests. The crowds were low, and before this the only thing I say I saw bad was there was one floating bottle in the JC 'river'. Later, with this on my mind.. to see if this was a common problem, I saw the same lack of cleaning of HVAC in the Philharmagic theatre as well.

      We moved onto the HM..

      I was really trying to keep on eye out for everything that people had complained about to put some perspective on it because in our last trip, the HM was 'ok', it just seemed flat to me except for the conerstone effects (like the ghosts, etc). The graveyard stuff I could do without a lot. Anyways.. the first thing that stood out to me was right as you enter the building.. the trees are really thinned out at the building edge making it so the show building is clearly visable. It doesn't come out well in photo due to my lack of correction in the photo, but I was disappointed that the illusion of the house was so visible broken there.

      Inside.. the audio was fine for us (as it had been previously) though the projection hotspot on the crystal ball was REALLY distracting. I hope they update that effect when they refurb the place. On the comments about the scrims.. I was looking.. and honestly the only thing that stood out to my layman's eyes was that several (especially in the graveyard scenes) were not stretched out flat. They had bunching leading to wavy ripples in the screen. I'm no SpEX guy.. but many of the scrims I don't even understand why they are there except maybe lighting purposes. Overall.. I don't think the average guest is really being hindered by it all. After it's cleanup.. hopefully it will be even better.

      After that, we moved onto TSI.. which I've posted about in another thread here

      By now.. the 2:45 bed time.. and 6:45am wake up is catching up to me. The wife wanted to see HoPresidents.. so I took that as an opportunity to rest my eyes a bit. I think I slept through the entire show.

      Having basically wiped through Frontierland, AL, and TL.. we started towards Fantasyland. In doing so.. we caught the Dreams Castle show. I've never been one for any of these show types.. but with the new show elements of the new costumes I was interested to watch. Overall.. I like it better then the corination show it replaced. The character outfits are great.. and Donald is in the show.. so extra points from me

      We then went onto Philharmagic.. a favorite of mine in the park. Again.. more Donald points This show trumps all the other 4D shows and the pre-show area is really nice to. Except for the HVAC dirt! Someone clean that stuff!

      Since we had done most of FL on our last trip with the kids.. we skipped most of it.. and wandered back to TL to maybe start doing some repeats. As we wandered in TL, we saw the Laugh Club was allowing people in.. so we jumped in there and checked it out. Overall.. an 'just do it' attraction rather then really being interested in doing Much more including video inside the show here

      At this point we had ADRs for dinner in EPCOT, so we had to start finishing things up. So we decided to stroll through MainStreet for awhile and head out. The super-stores of Mainstreet are the biggest disappointment in the whole park. I even tried to got the old cinema to watch the movies they used to show.. but with VMK hogging space we went to Expo Hall to see if anything was left there. And no! It's just a shop with some greet event or something in the back. yuk! Poor mainstreet! Screw E-Tickets.. fix mainstreet!

      At this point.. we wrapped up.. headed to the ferry to get back to TTC to head to EPCOT for dinner.

      So 8am to about 5pm in the park.. virtually NO lines.. not a single ride had anything more then 5 minute wait. I wish we could have ridden the Railroad and Splash.. but time just wasn't there. As for complaints about the # of attractions in the park. I don't see the point.. we spent 8hrs SOLID in the park with zero waits and still only did maybe 60-70% of the attractions.

      VMK Central
      Tki Room
      small world
      Peter Pan
      Fairytale Garden
      Snow White
      Ariel Grotto
      Tea Party
      Mickey's House
      Minney's House

      Buzz (skipped it in my write up)
      Hall of Prez

      So we didn't even get to half the attractions. Did 15.. skipped 20.. and that doesn't even include the 'atmosphere' things like the Castle itself, and some Mainstreet elements. Add in actual wait times in a normal season.. and you can't get to all of the MK unless you skip a ton or give it 2+ days.

      As for upkeep.. I don't think it is taking away from the experience. There was only minor things I saw.. and that was keeping an eye out for it too.

      Ok.. more to come tomorrow! We head off to EPCOT for Dinner.. and then tell you how we managed to enter the gates 3 times on Friday alone to get in maxium fun!
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      Am I evil? yes, I am
      Am I evil? I am man, yes, I am

      Originally posted by sleepyjeff
      Disneyland was meant to be sipped not chug-a-lugged


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        Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

        Wow! Amazing photos!

        Thanks for sharing.
        Just curious, what camera did you use? Those pictures are so clear and nice-looking.


        With kindest regards,
        Maleficent Fan

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          Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

          You skipped VMK Central? No way! Great pictures though. :cgrin:


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            Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

            Originally posted by Maleficent Fan 07 View Post
            Thanks for sharing.
            Just curious, what camera did you use? Those pictures are so clear and nice-looking.

            It's a Canon Powershot SD800is. Its a very small Point and shoot camera. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the most out of it especially in dark shots. This was my first 'trip' with it.
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            Am I evil? yes, I am
            Am I evil? I am man, yes, I am

            Originally posted by sleepyjeff
            Disneyland was meant to be sipped not chug-a-lugged


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              Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

              Ok, the saga continues!

              We left MK and headed over to EPCOT to prepare for our ADRs at Le Chefs in France.

              First on the agenda was to see Nemo at the Living Seas. First.. I love the queue! Its got to be top 5 or so for creativity and implementation in the WDW parks. Not everything is about scale.. the fit and imagination in this place is great. I wish they had some smaller AAs or even the gulls or crabs in here. Then it would be stellar!

              As for the ride itself? First off.. the early sections I think are a bit weak.. too much static coral displays.. I say 'too much' just because its much of the same for the most part. Coral disaplays with projection screens blended in with the characters mixed in.

              I have mixed feelings of the angler fish.. maybe just because it comes and is gone so quickly. I would have loved for it to have a bit more drama leading up to it.. the single glowing ball, etc.

              The jellyfish area is cute.. and the current tunnel is ok. I wish you couldn't see the projection covers that were visble on the floors. I would have preferred a physical effect in this scene rather then projections.

              As for the final scenes where the characters are 'projected' into the water? Wow.. they look REALLY GOOD! Top notch! They look completely solid, very bright, and very colorful! I wish these elements were used more then the static scenes earlier in the ride. They look really good. The sub ride should look really great if they mix a good number of these scenes into it in DL. Just seeing those projections should make you jazzed for the sub ride in DL.

              After that, we decided to head over to Soarin. The ETA on the board was 40mins. As it turns out, this was the ONLY attraction we found the entire trip that had a wait. It took us almost an hour to get through the entire ride. Some observations.. Fastpass was being routed in through the exit hallway (with masking tape on the floor to try to show stay to the right type of arrows). The ramp that leads down towards the hangers had a large blue wall that went all the way to the hanger wall blocking off the way to the other concourse. For some reason they only had one CM working all the loading area!

              One thing I noticed that seemed exeraged compared to past visits. For some reason the large murals had very visable dark vertical bands in them. I recalled this previously, but not as pronounced. They really detracted from what are otherwise very beautiful nature views. The 'earth trivia' stuff is always fun to help pass the time in the queue.. I just wish they added about 10-15% more so you don't fall into repeats while still waiting.

              Here are some photos of the bands I mentioned

              After that.. we headed over to France for our ADRs. Our reservations were for 7pm (made only about 3 weeks in advance). The resturant was very very busy. The entire entrance to the place was packed and we actually had to wait outside near the fountain as there was no room to even really stand in the covered entrance to the resturant. There were several groups which obviously were upset with their wait as they went up to the CM calling groups to complain. However, I didn't see anyone wait more then 5mins after they spoke to him. It appears they were ramping up at that time, because while there were lots of people waiting.. the rate at which they were seating people seemed to accelerate. We waited less then 15mins and were seated. By the time we were seated, the crowd had been dwindled down to probably 15 people waiting.

              Dinner was nice. Our waitress from France was very helpful and polite (and pretty attractive.. ). The wife really liked the Creme Brulee desert. I especially liked the availability of a full bar.

              After dinner, we had time to see Illuminations as well. So we headed over to my favorite viewing spot.. the bridge and landing in front of Italy. Photos from Illuminations are in this thread...

              Here's a teaser or two..

              Well.. at this point.. we'd been going on for 14hrs.. with less then 5hrs sleep.. so it was time to head home. We shopped in the Disney shops in the Innovations plaza for about an hour to let the crowds die down (gotta shop for the kids who we left at home this time). We then headed back the Pop Century. To be continued!
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              Am I evil? yes, I am
              Am I evil? I am man, yes, I am

              Originally posted by sleepyjeff
              Disneyland was meant to be sipped not chug-a-lugged


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                Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

                We drove back to the Pop Century and headed back to our room. By now, its about 11:30 and then we hit the first disappointment of the trip. To get to our rooms, we go through the main hall, out to the pool deck, and onto our rooms. The place was a zoo! The main hall was packed, people every where, the food court was still jamming.. the shop area.. the front desk.. the arcade. The pool deck was more subdued, with mainly just people heading to and fro, but the atmosphere wasn't really my cup of tea. I elaborate more on that in this thread

                There wasn't anything really bad.. just not what I want to come home too after a long day. I prefer a more comforting, relaxing environment. Regardless.. we were off to bed to rest for our next day. On the agenda.. MGM!

                Nite Nite!
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                Am I evil? yes, I am
                Am I evil? I am man, yes, I am

                Originally posted by sleepyjeff
                Disneyland was meant to be sipped not chug-a-lugged


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                  Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

                  Woot! I can't wait for the Studios! :cgrin:


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                    Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

                    Day 2 begins a bit easier then Day 1 did. MGM doesn't open till 9, so we sleep in a bit longer. The plan calls for a full day at MGM, with dinner at SciFi Dine in, with EMH at EPCOT.

                    To start the morning off.. its a bit overcast, but still warm. I take the opporunity to grab some snapshots of the Pop Century Hotel.

                    First.. the staircases are enclosed in themed elements. My favorites.. the yo-yos!

                    View of the built, but not completed, on-hold legacy years. They are clearly visable from the resort, and the bridge across the lagoon is in place. The entrance to these is also clearly visable from Victory Drive, along with most of the buildings from the road (through trees)

                    Kiddie pool in the 60s area (only dedicated kiddie pool I think?). Its a zero entry pool with fountains in it. It is adjacent to the main pool in the 60s area.

                    Some of the larger then life elements (from the 60s area.. we didn't venture to the other areas)

                    The main pool deck with the main building in the background. It's a simple pool, zero entry with abnormal shape. This place could get real crowded on a hot day I bet.

                    More Photos at

                    Ok, that being said.. we headed over to MGM to start Day 2. This was the first day of the ESPN the Weekend event. This meant, coming up the main drag you were welcomed by this

                    I detailed a lot of what we saw and did regarding the ESPN weekend in a seperate thread here

                    Here's a teaser

                    Well.. I'm glad I had my fly zipped!

                    Skipping the ESPN related topics.. we headed right for ToT and RnRC. I had not rode RnRC before because my daughter chickened out on our last trip. First.. I'll start off by saying I'm probably biased because I'm a big classic rock guy and solid Aerosmith fan. That being said.. what did I think of the ride?

                    The two second summary? I think this attraction has one of the best 'total packages' of any ride in all WDW. The exterior.. I love the guitar twisting to the caddy. Its 'out there', it looks great, and the guitar itself is awesome. I wish the showbuilding looked better, but the guitar+rollercoaster-like rails is awesome 'foreshadowing' and really ties to the elements together. The pre-show is kinda goofy, but not close your eyes bad. Aerosmith aren't actors

                    The loading area.. wow! I think the alley is stunning, and it along with ToT are the best on the parks. The alley I was really impressed with. Like 'wow, this is cool' impressed and really had a realism to it as well. Onto the ride itself? Awesome!

                    First.. this is the first disney coaster I've riden with music. Verdict? With the Aerosmith theme.. I loved it. Quality? Volume? No complaints at all.

                    The blacklight flats seen in the ride? I really liked them. They fit the theme, the exit sign elements mixed with the track curves and dips I absolutely loved. Could there be something more then the flats? I'm sure.. it would have been cool to see like some street walkers or hitchhikers.. ok.. the streetwalkers wouldn't be disney's style.. but you get the idea. Do they come off as cheap? Not IMO. I think they fit the story and with the blacklight they are very understandable and stand out well. Verdict? Loved it!

                    The coaster itself? Awesome. I really walked off it thinking 'wow.. this is what Space Mountain would be if it were built today'. I really think this combo pulls together elements SM did back in the day.. and mixes it with modern tech and style. Verdict? woot! I think this ride is underrated and should at the top of 'must do' for anyone who is willing to ride the coasters in the park.

                    Overall.. this thing is awesome. If only the showbuilding and pre-show were better I think this would be a top 5 attraction. I know coasters aren't everyone's cup of tea, and its not enjoyable by EVERYONE (including young kids) so it gets knocked compared to a POTC due to that.. but its a great example of blending thrill with theme. Kudos

                    Ok.. enough about that. Sorry, it was my first time on RnRC and had to give my .02.

                    We then went to ToT.. again.. walk on (same with RnRC). This time through was better then my last ride. The random pattern in the shaft was MUCH better with much longer drops. My last ride was kinda disappointing.. this one wiped all that out. But now I am really jealous of TDL's pre-show element

                    Since we watch B&TB last time, we planned on skipping that this time (was a big yawn for me) and headed towards Little Mermaid. This time we sat in the second row. Not sure if it was how close we were, or different lighting, but we could really see the outlines of the actors/pupeteers this time - not something that stood out to me last time. I would recommend to others to not sit up close if possible. And sometimes some of the water elements were just a tad too long (hey.. we get the idea.. water.. now stop! ). I still like this show, and recommend everyone watch it every time.

                    We then went into 'One Mans Dream'. Being on our own this time, we could take all the time we wanted to really take in this attraction. One of the really neat elements of this attraction is the models of key elements from parks around the world.

                    The Sleeping Beauty model (a reproduction, the original is on loan to DLR)

                    DLP's Castle

                    MK's Castle


                    The living tree

                    The fortress - Hong Kong?

                    Grizzly from DCA


                    A display highlighting Disney's electronic products.. VMK, games, etc

                    Ok, so now for everyone's rants about upkeep, etc. I honestly can't say there were any issues that detracted from our trip. In this attraction though, there were some elements that were hard to miss. First, paint that had been peeled off on one of the sills of one of the window boxes.

                    And the lightboxes that talked about the ABC stuff.. several had their edging pulling apart and coming off

                    Really though.. that and with the HVAC dust in MK ceilings were the only things that stood out to me the entire trip. I'm sure if I went 'detective' and hunted things out there would be more to highlight.. but these were the only things I saw.. evening being concious of the topic. So.. call me a tourist.. whatever. My experience wasn't brought down by a lack of upkeep.

                    After walking through the exhibits, we enjoyed the biographical film about Walt. Unfortunatly I'm sure this is the type of attraction people don't full soak in when they are on a limited vacation to WDW.. but I think its great and really recommend it to anyone when they have a more relaxed schedule or time to pass.

                    After this..we moved onto the Great Movie Ride. I will say, as a teen, I did not really like this ride. I really liked the theatre fascade, and the courtyard, but the attraction never really did it for me. I really do like the Oz segment.. but the rest.. not so good. On my latest visit.. I still have to give it a 'neutral' rating. Not sure what draws people into this attraction. I **LOVE** some of the movies that this ties in, but this attraction just doesn't strike me.

                    We picked up some snacks in front of Echo Lake (which was drained) and made our way to the other side of the park.

                    The TV stage was invaded by the ESPN event, where they were filming segments, including Sportscenter. I really wanted to do a taping of Sportscenter, but without knowing how much of a time investment it would be.. we sort of passed that idea over.

                    We headed to Star Tours next. Some shots from the queue..

                    Big brother is watching!

                    We were flying through the queue.. so couldn't get a good shot of the droids, but here is one from almost above them.

                    Unforuntatly being a HUGE star wars fan.. ST has always been a big of a let down to me. I actually like the queue more then I like the actual ride itself. I'm not sure how MGM's compared to the one in DL, but I've just never been happy with the story they use in the sim, or the large 'group' vehicle. However, we did skip ST last time, so I'm glad we rode it this time.

                    Next.. we made our way over to the muppets. This show continues to be great.. though I think the pre-show almost overshadows the main event itself a bit This one is great, but Philharmagic still tops it easily. However, given its age, its still holding up well. A definate keeper and must see.

                    Indy I've seen so many times I could probably recite it.. and given its length, we decided to pass. LMA we saw last time, and for time we decided to skip it as well. Unfortunatly on our last time, the finale element where the car jumps the moat wasn't in the show, so didn't get to see if that element this time either. However, we did note that when that show is going on.. you can hear it all the way back to the hat area and even further up the street!

                    After coming out of Muppets.. High School Musical was coming around, and the wife wanted to see that. The show played to a packed street all the way around. Not my cup of tea, so I took the opportunity to take a seat on the curb and rest a bit. I was suprised by the length of the show. Even the CMs who work the crowd control or vehicle elements were into it and leading the crowd in the dance segments

                    Knowing how dismal the backlot tour was last trip.. we didn't even consider that one and made our way back towards the other side of the park. Strolling by the commissary we saw the work on the Toy Story Attraction. They have gutting the face of the building and are extending it out towards the street.

                    Wandering around on Sunset we found some chatty ladies talking it up with the visitors

                    Wandering around more.. we stumbled onto massive crowds in the Streets of Americas area and really loud music playing. What was it? The power rangers had invaded.

                    All I can say is WOW.. talk about popular! They had each power ranger in a seperate area setup for their own meet&greet. About 5 or 6 different rangers out. And EACH of them had a serious crowd and queue of people waiting to see them. I was blown away.. these guys have as big of a pool as any M&G character interaction I saw in this trip or my last trip!

                    At this point.. we had done just about everything we wanted to in the park. Some of the things we had just done on our last trip last May, and weren't motivated to do again on this trip (like backlot, animation, etc) and some just weren't motivated at all to see (sounds dangerous). So it was about 2:30, but we had dinner reservations for 6pm at SciFi.. so now what?

                    Lets goto DAK to see the new Nemo Musical! So we bolt from MGM to head over to DAK!

                    To be continued!
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                    Am I evil? yes, I am
                    Am I evil? I am man, yes, I am

                    Originally posted by sleepyjeff
                    Disneyland was meant to be sipped not chug-a-lugged


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                      Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

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                      I find it interesting that they have something from Tokyo DisneySea on display.
                      ~ Tokyo DisneySea’s Arabian Coast at nighttime ~


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                        Re: Flynnibus Invades WDW

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                        I find it interesting that they have something from Tokyo DisneySea on display.

                        "Interesting"? Seriously? Why? Not only is it beautiful, but it was created by Disney. Much like everything else at TDR.
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