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Sadako's WDW Trip Report - CYOA!


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  • Sadako's WDW Trip Report - CYOA!

    You've waited for it and it's finally here!! almost. Almandot had a death wish this morning and decided to start up the eagerly awaited trip report on her behalf so we could tell the story for her! I mean.. Brittney was tapping her foot in anticipation. Tapping her foot people!! Well no worries, because now you'll get to hear all about Sadako and Aerinpegadrak's daring car chase through Main Street, street brawl with Friar Tuck and Gephetto in Frontierland, surprise ride on Test Track with Billy Joel, and much much more!

    Trip report segments should encompass some significant portion of one of their days. Feel free to use pictures when appropriate. At the end of each segment, there must be 2 or 3 choices for what to do next. No "The End" chapters. Whoever decides to write the next passage will pick any of the listed options and continue the story from there. If someone posts the next segment right as you were about to, please try and figure out a way to keep things continuous. Be creative, have fun, and remember they can't prove it never happened. I'll get us started with 2 chapters

    Day 1 - The Arrival, 8am

    Well we made it. The journey here was long but we got here in one piece for the most part. As you're all probably aware Brittney's flight experience wasn't entirely pleasant due to her falling ill, and the drama they put us through at the airport didn't help any. Our luggage ended up on one plane, and we each ended up on two others. 5 layovers later we were on our way from Atlanta to Minneapolis to catch our flight to Orlando. At least Delta gave us a good fare for it though, so I can't complain. Exhausted, we boarded the magic express and arrived at our hotel. As we arrived in the lobby we had the dilemma of picking our first adventure. Brittney looked pretty sick and said she was about to hurl if she didn't get some rest, but something about the green look on her face put me in the mood for a stroll through Animal Kingdom.

    1 - Check into our room and let Brittney get some rest
    2 - Screw it and go to Animal Kingdom
    3 - Bolt straight to Downtown Disney and get her medicine of alcoholic variety

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    Re: Sadako's WDW Trip Report - CYOA!

    2 - Screw it and go to Animal Kingdom

    As Brittney attempted to doze off in between her severe coughing fits I smacked her silly and dragged her towards the bus to Animal Kingdom.

    We're here and ready to play!
    I was hungry and didn't want to start out on an empty stomach. By this time she was asleep on the pavement so I grabbed a foot and led our way to some breakfast.

    I could practically taste it

    Suddenly, from somewhere up ahead on the path, there was a very loud noise that even managed to startle Brittney awake. We investigated to find

    1 - A branch from the tree of life has crashed down on Jerry Monaco
    2 - Rafiki has his staff and is going postal on a Brazilian tour group
    3 - People were stampeding to flee from a place called Dinoland U.S.A.


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      Re: Sadako's WDW Trip Report - CYOA!

      Umm... I just want pictures? So - 4 - Pictures! :cgrin:


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