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  • new sticth ride

    i was just wondering about the new sticthes great escape ride... i heard the sticth animatronic is one of the best they have ever done and yet people still call this ride a flop... i have not been on that ride yet but can someone tell me if the show really is a piece of crap so i can avoid it. ( i think it should be less freaky then alein encounter... i went on that just before it closed 2 years ago and i was liteally wimpering in my seat) the ride just kinda freaked me out... well if you guys would comment on the new ride then please do so
    thanks. :monkey:

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    I really don't mind the ride. It's very similar to AE, but not bad at all. I think the next time you go, you shouild ride it at least once, with an open mind. actually, I think that everyone should ride everything at least once!
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      I agree with the Fry's, an teenager like myself would obviously say AE over SGE because to me SGE is like watching Full House re-runs from watching Nightmare on Elm Street. The ride was designed for a different genre of people.


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        I was never really crazy about Alien Encounter (ducks tomatoes). I haven't experienced SGE yet, but I have seen video. To me it seems pretty much like a kiddie version of AE. The AA is very good... I'd say it would be worth it to go see it just for that! But not a repeat attraction to be sure.


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          Well... By my understanding, SGE is going down for a refurb in Feb to make it even more "less scary". If you you want to see SGE just like it was put in, then you need to go to WDW NOW!
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