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WDW trip questions


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  • WDW trip questions

    After watching these specials on the travel channel, I want to think about a trip to WDW, and I have some questions for your seasoned veterans.

    1. I don't want to do a rushed trip. I'd like to be able to see everything in all of the parks, and my favorites twice. How long of a trip should I plan on for that?

    2. What is the best time of year to go? I had an idea of making this a birthday trip for my brother, since he turns 30 next year and really wants to go to WDW. His birthday is in July, though I think we could go anytime and still call it his birthday present.

    Shoot, I know I had another question, but I can't think of it! Hopefully I'll think of it later.
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    Re: WDW trip questions

    1. For a non rushed trip at least 5-7 days...

    2. In regards to a good time to go, I always say October. I am sure people will disagree, but everytime I have gone, it has been nice and empty. Gorgeous weather, and you have the not so scary mickey Halloween party.

    Also on a side note, make reservations at Ohana's at the Poly. Its the best...


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      Re: WDW trip questions

      Well the funny thing about the best time to go is that there is usually a reason people don't go during that time. I'm going during August, which is the off-season, but it's hot and also during hurricane season.

      And I would agree on 5-7 days; you want at least a day for each park, perhaps 2 for MK or Epcot, and another day if you want to go to the Water Parks, Pleasure Island/Downtown Disney, etc.


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        Re: WDW trip questions

        Yeah at least 5 days for a non-rushed trip.

        And the best times to go weather-wise are January-February (jeans & t-shirt during the day, light jacket or sweater at night), late April after Easter (the majority of the spring break crowds will have come & gone), May and October-November.


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          Re: WDW trip questions

          The thing about Florida is everything is SO BIG you want to take breaks everyday. So factoring in 2 days at each park with breaks everyday I'd say a week at least. We did 9 days last year including Universal and didn't feel rushed AT ALL. It was all very nice. And taking those breaks we didn't feel tired at all.

          As for the times to go, we have only been in October, but the crowds and weather couldn't have been better.


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