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WDW CD's: Happiest Celebration on Earth


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  • WDW CD's: Happiest Celebration on Earth

    Has anyone else gotten this yet? My copy just arrived, and although it duplicates some of what's on the Disneyland 2 disc set ("Happiest Homecoming"), it's got some tremendous stuff on it.

    I especially like those pieces which have since gone (like Kitchen Kabaret and One Little Spark), and including the entire soundtrack from Impressions du France is something I've wanted for a long while. (I also wanted "The Best Time of Your Life", which I didn't have at all).

    I had a lot of this stuff on tape from perhaps 15 years ago, but these are brilliant restorations. The two sets together make a great collection while I wait for the big 6 CD set from DL to arrive.

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    I was at WDW last week and picked this up. It hasn't left my CD player! Mostly I love it for the old EPCOT Center stuff. It's terrific to have the bulk of the original EPCOT LP on CD.

    I know it's quite geeky... but I can't help but "rock out" to the old "Universe of Energy" song....and even "O! Canada!"

    I haven't heard of the Disneyland 2-Disc, but have the "Musical History of Disneyland" 6-CD box. Which tracks are duped between the Disneyland and Walt Disney World 2-Disc sets?
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      Originally posted by ron10036
      Which tracks are duped between the Disneyland and Walt Disney World 2-Disc sets?
      Well, some tracks are similar, but slightly different versions: "All Aboard", "The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room" are good examples. The WDW version of the Splash Medley is more of a "solo acoustic" take when compared to the DL track.

      Others could be the exact tracks: "It's a small world", "Yo Ho", "Grim Grinning Ghosts", "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh".

      The old Epcot tracks really make this collection zing, though, and are worth the price all by themselves.


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        Re: WDW CD's: Happiest Celebration on Earth

        I want to know when they are going to release any of the soundtracks for Spaceship Earth, Ellen's Energy Adventure, and the Wonder's of China 360 film. American Adventure would be nice as well (not just Golden Dreams song).
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          Re: WDW CD's: Happiest Celebration on Earth

          This 2-disc set was my souvenir from my recent (and first ever) trip to WDW. I just want to throw in that I love it too, even though I never experienced the classic versions of the EPCOT attractions that it represents! Impressions of France made it worthwhile for me. I already had many of the other EPCOT tracks on my "official album" that I got at DLR back in 1991 .
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