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BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report


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  • BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report

    I was given a plane ticket to Florida for my birthday by my friend jimmybop. I was very excited as I was going to experience Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival for the first time, get to see Davy Jones, and meet and see some amazing MiceChatters! I decided that I was going to try something different with this trip report and include both pictures and video clips. I hope it turns out to be something fun and enjoyable to read and watch. Here is my trip report for May 13-May 19th, 2007. :cgrin:
    Sunday, May 13th
    Monday, May 14th
    Tuesday, May 15th
    Wednesday, May 16th
    Thursday, May 17th - coming soon
    Friday, May 18th - coming soon
    Saturday, May 19th - coming soon

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    BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report : Sunday, May 13th

    Sunday, May 13th
    Arrive in Florida, Epcot, Magic Kingdom (EMH)

    I left Minneapolis around 9:00am on my AirTran flight and arrived in Orlando a bit early, only to wait for a gate for our plane and then longer for my luggage. But once that was all situated, I went and changed before hitting the place I seem to miss the most when I'm in Minnesota, Ep-ity-cot!

    jimmybop making his Mother's Day phone call

    Oh, why thank you! But I'm only getting started!

    Leave a Legacy... which is leaving mid-June. But changes where happening under it which might've effected the Pal Mickey sensor.

    [googlevideo][/googlevideo]Located at the World Showcase side of Space Ship Earth. This is interesting BGM to hear in Epcot, to say the least.

    I was told that a few of my friends just might be around the Electric Umbrella as they were exiting Engery so we went that way.

    BPF and SummerinFL - after hugging forever

    Bill and jimmybop - one of them is more excited than the other

    After some munchies at the Umbrella we ventured to check out the new Post Show inside Space Ship Earth. We didn't really do much but look around, except jimmybop played the driving game:

    [googlevideo][/googlevideo]Well... it looks like it was a fun game.

    "Thumper" was out during the F&GF too!

    Our next stops are some of my favorite things in Ep-ity-cot, Club Cool

    Mexio + China = yummy.

    and then Character Connection! Construction was still happening to regular location (as it became "Character Spot") so we visited the temporary location. Usually the line moves rather quickly, but with only three stops instead of five it went a bit slower. The Cast Members were all very nice at ECC, which is another great reason to meet characters here. :cgrin:

    BPF and SummerinFL giving some cheesy kisses. :cwink:

    Jerm heard we were in Ep-ity-cot also and found us at the ECC.

    Bill and Jerm acting... normal?

    Our next stop was to Find Nemo! before finding Davy Jones (no, not the pirate...) the monkey! :monkey: On our way to the America pavilion we stopped and met Koda in Canada and then Alice and Mary in the UK.

    Alice and Summer acting cute!

    We made our way over to American Gardens Theatre just in time for the 5:45 show, only for it to be packed! Jerm was going o the Adventurer's Club (where else would he go at night while at WDW?) so Bill, Summer, jimmybop and myself headed to Mexico while Jerm caught that Davy Jones show.

    "it's a small world" Mexico is still there = makes BPF happy

    clap, clap Summer ... ey caramba!

    [googlevideo][/googlevideo]Ignore the echo, Summer is really the announcer for the attraction. :cwink:

    We sent Bill to run ahead and get in line while we made our way around the World Showcase for the 7:00 show. It was crazy busy, being Mother's Day and all but the wait didn't seem so long or terrible with good company. :cgrin:

    Work it, Davy!!

    I took some video clips here (forgetting how bad the digital zoom and my actual video setting is) and there, but jimmybop was so kind as to tape the show for me so that is why you're getting a lot of video clips coming up next. (jimmybop's are full versions and higher quality than mine.) Davy Jones is someone who I have wanted to see perform for a number of years and I was thrilled to finally be able to see him. He put on an amazing show and didn't disappoint at all! The amount of energy he has - WOW! And he's been coming to Disney for 8-9 years he said... I hope he keeps coming back for many more years!

    I'm Not Your Stepping Stone - jimmybop
    [googlevideo][/googlevideo]She Hangs Out - BigPigletFan

    During I'm a Believer, he invited two guests who were dancing to come on stage to dance. He then invited his sister, Hazel to dance with him as well. It was very sweet.

    [googlevideo][/googlevideo]I'm a Believer - jimmybop
    [googlevideo][/googlevideo]I'm a Believer - BigPigletFan
    [googlevideo][/googlevideo]Valleri - jimmybop
    [googlevideo][/googlevideo]Daydream Believer - jimmybop

    After we got our Davy loving we made our way to the Polynesian before going to the Magic Kingdom that night. But first, an abandoned stroller!

    Aww.. just my size! Now will someone help me out?

    As you might've read in Summer's Trip Report for that day, we had some fun "hiding" from Bill as he was trying to find us and didn't look hard enough to find out in the Tambu Lounge.

    Bill... lost and looking.

    We got in the monorail just was Wishes started (which was a new experience for me) and into Town Square just as the main ending part (with the slow music and large fireworks) was occurring, so I was happy. :cgrin: As much as I tend to say I miss Ep-ity-cot most, it doesn't really hit me until I get to Main Street that I'm at Walt Disney World. :cgrin: After Wishes we made our way upstream to Casey's for some food. (Apparently it was Summer's first time dining there, but it was probably my 100th.)

    Look! Blue food. :cwink:

    After Casey's we made our way into Adventureland where we rode Pirates and then on our way to Big Thunder we stopped to notice how clean it was and wondered where TDLFAN was. :cwink: After riding Big Thunder we went to Haunted Mansion since it is closing soon. Summer was kindly reminded of that by one of the Cast Members after she started running out of the elevator room and to the doombuggies. :lol: This is where we said our goodbyes to Miss Blue until Saturday. :wave: Then we went on the Liberty Belle Riverboat since I was excited to ride it at night (something you can't do with the Mark Twain because of F! and such.)

    Saw this as we exited - Lake Calhoun is a large lake in Minneapolis. :cwink:

    Next in the "traditional" way of visiting a Disneyland type park is Fantasyland. We rode another favorite (one I don't like waiting for in the Florida sun,) Dumbo and then on Cinderella's Golden Carousel before making our way through the castle and down Main Street. Once back at the Poly I wanted to go to the beach to see the wonderful view and take in the atmopsphere just a little bit.


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      BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report : Monday, May 14

      Monday, May 14th
      Disney-MGM Studios, Epcot, Jellyrolls

      After getting up early for jimmybop to go to work I headed to the Disney-MGM Studios before park opening. (That's something I haven't done at Studios for a while!) Jerm messaged me saying he was on his way from the Pop and would meet me when he got there.

      A photo of the lightning rod aka Mickey Mouse's top ear

      Streetmosphere reminding the guests at rope drop to walk, not run...

      No guests were around, so I snapped this. Is it just me or does the hat look more crooked? Maybe it's going to fall?

      I talked a bit with some PhotoPass Cast Members who were out early before the character sets in front of the hat began. I was curious as to who would be out - Donald & Daisy, Pooh & Tigger, Stitch, Mickey, Minnie & Gooofy... no Piglet or Clarice. After quickly finishing my Rockstar Jerm and I headed into One Man's Dream. We skipped the video since both of us have seen it a number of times, which we ended up "proving" to the CMs before we left. They were very nice though.

      A bit of Disney past... Ep-ity-cot with no wand!

      Disney's future... is VMK? :blink:

      After leaving we checked to see when The Magic of Disney Animation opened and since we had some time before that and the Power Rangers first set (I wanted to see a CM there) we made our way to the ABC Commissary for breakfast. But before doing so I noticed there was no line for the Hat set of Mickey so I insisted that Jerm and I stop.

      Oh Mickey you're so Blue.. hey Mickey! Hey, hey - hey Mickey!

      To my surprise this Character attendant was someone I knew! :cgrin:

      Greg: "On the count of 3, do something."
      BPF: "Okay, I'm going to jump... so be ready."
      Greg: "What?"
      BPF: "I'm going to jump, so catch me or something."

      At breakfast Bill joined us before we headed over to the Streets of America. I was thinking of seeing Muppets, but I didn't want to miss the first Power Ranger set.. but if we would've gone chances are very great we would've gotten Dream ears. Oh well.

      Looky, I'm in New York!

      Amazing guy and Cast Member! :cgrin:

      Animation was open so we went back that way, only to see an unexcited Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable alone the way.

      The reason why Bill was leaving later this day.. :croll:

      BPF and Jerm posing as guests looking at their maps like guests in photographs. (Check out the guests behind us!)

      Awesome!! Can you say Mary Blair styling?

      I really do enjoy that animation show. It's too bad that Chris Saunders (creator of Stitch) is in it and he's no longer with Disney either (he went to Dreamworks) but hopefully it will change to something nice. We were hoping to Meet the Robinsons, but their first set wasn't until over an hour from then so went out to Sunset. Jerm's traveling partners were awake and would be joining him soon. We enjoyed some Streetmosphere while we waited and I got a photograph with Dunkin' Donut (the one who asked Summer out the day before.) At least I didn't get a ticket for something silly like "not wearing socks" and "sassing" like Bill did.

      Look our for Clinks, the horse, he's trouble!

      We got FastPasses for Coaster and went StandyBy for Tower. Afterwards Jerm bought the photo while I found...

      bowling pins and an eye ball for a bowling ball

      Jerm enjoyed bowling all too much. Coaster had gone 101 so we were smart to get FP for it since that was the only line moving. Guests were confused with the Single Rider line and kept getting in and out of it thinking it was an alternate route or something? It was nice to see how they had re-done that queue and FINALLY changed the music posters. It really seems to make sense now and guests in StandBy will be able to wait inside.. but I can't look at it and guess the "real" wait time anymore.

      Found this on Sunset - it reminded me of DisneyKat

      And this one seems to fit Jerm

      I wasn't feeling too hot so I decided to drive back and rest up before picking up jimmybop from work. I said my goodbyes to Jerm, his traveling partners, and Bill before leaving. jimmybop and I parked at the Boardwalk since we were going to Jellyrolls after Epcot.

      Follow the signs...

      A photo by BPF. :cwink:
      My second favorite resort in Florida.

      Aww.. I look excited! More Davy on the way!

      We stopped in the UK and met Eeyore, Pooh, and Tigger and then had to stop in Morocco, of course. The CMs (if you want to call them that) are so nice and friendly there. I love them all, both the guys and the girls. I got a drink there before moving on to see Davy.

      BPF's first Disney drink.

      Davy! :cgrin: Check out the "Epcot" logo. There never seems to be a standard one used.

      Flower Power

      Concert Series

      Davy Jones

      [googlevideo][/googlevideo]I'm a Believer - BigPigletFan
      [googlevideo][/googlevideo]I'm Not Your Stepping Stone - BigPigletFan
      [googlevideo][/googlevideo]Daydream Believer - BigPigletFan

      After the concer we went to Japan to look through their department store. I wanted to see what Sanrio (mainly Chococat) things they had and just look around. I should've bought some food... but oh well. Next time. We decided to watch IllumiNations from there so we just hung around and jimmybop tried to take some night photos without a tripod as I was goofing around.


      I wanted to get some food before going to Jellyrolls so we went to...

      I really missed not getting any ice cream there, but my stomach could only take so much.

      Jellyrolls was a LOT of fun! So much fun that I can't wait to go back. If you havevn't been able to visit it yet, I would suggest that you give it a try.


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        BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report : Tuesday, May 15th

        Tuesday, May 15th
        Epcot, Pleasure Island

        jimmybop was able to get the day off so we didn't get to get up SUPER early this day. I was planning on swinging by Magic Kingdom first, but sleep got the best of me so it was simply an Epcot day.

        EEC is being changed into Epcot's Character Spot.
        (now open)

        Bye bye ECC. :crybye:

        I think that WDI just leaves small gaps in windows and walls for people like us to look...

        and take pictures like this to create even more excitement over something like a character meet and greet location that has been around...

        Minnie :love: Mickey

        Dale pointing out that there are NO chipmunks on my Three Caballeros shirt.

        Even the "Disney ducks" knew there was a Pirate theme at the park as they were walking the plank!

        I also wanted to see Donald and Jose or Panchito so we made our way towards Mexico to see them.

        Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival really looks great,

        Even with the Pirates theme this year.
        A photo for FantasticDuck

        Oh.. discover, I will!

        Nope, no characters yet... but great music and a cute little girl.

        Can you spot the scary Disney squirrel?

        Mexico flowers

        Donald minus any Caballero

        So... while meeting Donald at the 1:50 set I set down my camera apart from my bag. sealsm called to meet up and my mind went off of what was going on. We made our way to the Umbrella, but the others were running late. We went to Club Cool (where we can get free refills for free,) which is were I realized my camera was MIA! :ceek:

        sealsm and BPF at Club Cool

        [googlevideo][/googlevideo]Beverly race! :ceek: It isn't that bad... I promise!

        space junk loves his Beverly!

        Group photo at the kid table at pal Mickey's height because I thought the small tables were cute.
        space junk, KnightKingChica, sealsm, BPF

        After taking this photo I attempted to re-trace all of my steps in Epcot that day. After encountering a number of great CMs who tried their best to help (and a few not so good ones) and stopping at Guest Relations, we continued with our day. We went and rode Grand Fiesta Tour and then started to make our way around the World Showcase before stopping in Japan to get some treats.

        sealsm, BPF, space junk and KnightKingChica (in the background)
        KKC had hurt her ankle while at work so that is why they got the wheel chair, but she didn't exactly "need" it 24/7.

        I got a smoothie from the Food and Wine kiosk which was pretty good. We then stopped to check out the Outdoor Living area of F&GF.

        ... which passed jimmybop's tests, hands feet down!

        Marie was out in France!

        We went to finally get some food at the UK in the form of chips and then caught the British Invasion. I was excited since they were playing one of my current favorites, Yellow Submarine, which is apparently not a favorite of anyone else. :blush: But we enjoyed their set still and this is where sealsm left us to join her parents at DTD for dinner with her parents.

        BPF and sealsm dancing to the British Invasion

        Venturing back into World Showcase jimmybop phoned Lost and Found.. and they found a camera! :cgrin: I was super excited!! jimmybop and I took the Friendship boat back and walked to Guest Relations where we spoke with an interesting Cast Member. :croll: I was super glad to get my camera back!

        BPF with the Three Caballeros

        Aww, the happy couple! space junk and KnightKingChica

        BPF and jimmybop

        After relaxing in Germany for a bit space junk and KnightKingChica decided to venture off to Future World instead of seeing Davy Jones (on his final night playing at Epcot.) We were going to meet up later to head to the Adventurer's Club.

        Right before the show began we were joined byt the wonderful TDLFAN (who tried to find me to surprise me, but he surprised me by calling all the same!)

        Shake it Davy!

        TDLFAN took a photo to share with G-fan who was busy working

        [googlevideo][/googlevideo]I'm a Believer - BigPigletFan
        Band Member, dancing like Davy
        [googlevideo][/googlevideo]She Hangs Out - BigPigletFan

        During this show two ladies got up near the middle of the back area.. they apparently were trying to take a photo of him. He asked them if they were leaving, or something like that. He then brought them down to the nearly empty VIP seating rows. Also, a young boy (pictured below) was jumping around with a drum stick in his hand. Davy invited him to join his drummer. The boy said "no" about joining at first, but once he got up there he was very much into the entire thing. Davy told his father ? to go tape him from stage at the end. We noticed that not only were they in the VIP section (other end of the row we were in,) but they had the VIP badges on.

        A young boy gets to join and be a drummer, and gets video taped by his father.

        After the show we went over to America to get some munchies and hear the storyteller, aka TDLFAN share stories. :cgrin: I love him! Eventually Greg and one of his friends joined us for a bit and we all watched IllumiNations together over by Norway. This is where we said our goodbyes...

        BPF and TDLFAN do their best to cover the wand with their love.

        Next stop, Adventurer's Club! (space junk and KnightKingChica's first visit.)

        Look out for the falling Jerms...
        Of course he was there too - I told you, he lives there when he's at WDW!

        Samantha! She asked space junk how he met KKC... and let me just say, that is an interesting story - let alone one to explain at the AC like so.

        Adventurer of the Year, Emil! - My FAVORITE thing at the club. :love:


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          BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report : Wednesday, May 16th

          Wednesday, May 16th
          Animal Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom (EMH)

          I had to run some errands after jimmybop started work so I was a bit late in my start at Animal Kingdom. My friend Tony was supposed to meet me and was running a bit late himself, so I wasn't in any rush.

          I stopped to meet Bre'r Bear, a character only I seemed to know who he was. :croll: He pointed and motion for me to make Pal Mickey speak and so I did. The thought entered my head of him singing Zippity-do-dah and my goodness, Mickey did! So we danced. :cwink: And the great character attendant took a few pictures.

          Bre'r Bear dancing with BPF and Pal Mickey

          Then I saw Wes Palm out and went over to see him. I waited patiently for him to come towards me, which he finally did before the end of his set. But not long enough for the manager watching to take a photo of me with him. Hopefully next time. At least I got to hear a cute joke about Minnie drinking a "Minnie-soda" since I'm from Minnesota.

          Wes Palm.. you're cute

          I made my way into DAK since the Host at Rainforest Cafe told me that they didn't have any more reservations left, but just to come back and we should get in. She also stopped to tell me that I was really pretty. Interesting.

          I didn't think Disney security was supposed to allow large coolers into the park - especially ones that guests have to abandon to visit attractions.

          Aww, no MiceChatters to be found this time around

          But I did see a little DAK friend of mine:

          Always a great view of Everest from Flaming Tree

          Look TDLFAN, the Custodial CMs are getting ready for the lunch rush!

          Construction seems to be coming along nicely...

          Everest is giving out "new" FastPasses already (aka Disneyland's kind, with the barcodes and large font for the date)

          Single Rider was a walk-on, but on the way there my old roommates (who were also visiting the parks) found me! We talked for a bit and it was nice to see them. I rode Everest and then found this man looking for me when I exited. We walked towards Safari to see if we could find Safari Jen and have her drive us around for two weeks. On the way I made a pit-stop for an Animal Kingdom must, a Frozen Banana!

          Look at that "Silly Dreamer."

          I got a message from Jen literally as we got to merge saying which truck number she was on. Right when we got to the load CM she pulled up and I told the CM, "I want her truck!" He laughed and said good timing.. we got that last open spot, row one. :cgrin:

          The start of our two week long Safari with Jen

          [googlevideo][/googlevideo]Safari with Jen. She started giggling because of one of the giraffes ahead.


          Aww.. how cute! Rhino :love:

          I was kind of looking forward to hearing the new script; however, they weren't there just yet. Jen had informed me that they were in-between scripts and that she and other drivers were going back and forth between them. It wasn't until the next week when they made the switch.

          Tony and I headed back to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. The same host was there and somehow not surprisingly she remembered me. We at in the "bar" area at a table, but since there isn't any smoking anyway - it was just a little easier to hear.

          It's tough to be a Tony.

          After lunch we decided to head over to the Disney-MGM Studios. We got there just as the parade was ending.

          Walking towards Animation Tony spotted another character I needed to see!

          Clara Cluck!
          Again, I think I was the only one who knew who this was...

          Inside Animation Tony and I walked around, talked with a great CM, Tom and played at some of the stations. It was quite the emotional journey for Tony so I felt guilty being there with him and bringing him there.. but I also wished I would've had more time to spend there with him to hear more stories and whatnot.

          I saw this guy...

          Tony decided to take this photo, so I did too. Turned out nice.

          After Tony was done visiting with a CM he knew in the area and being recognized by a number of other CMs from that area, we rode Coaster quick before picking up jimmybop from work. This is where we said our goodbyes to Tony as jimmybop and I ventured to Animal Kingdom. We got our early dinner at Pizzafari before seeing characters. While waiting in line I walked over to see these guys (and was soon followed by other guests :croll

          [googlevideo][/googlevideo] Asian Small-Clawed Otters - listen to them squeak!

          Mickey and Minnie were very animated. I went up first and Minnie held Pal Mickey like a baby and then Mickey was friendly with me.

          So when jimmybop went up after, Minnie was friendly with him.

          Next we made our way to what else, but Everest!

          I think that Disney found some of these hats in a warehouse somewhere. I had one of these hats 10 years ago.

          Which way should we go Mickey?
          Nemo show? I'm seeing that on my next visit.

          We road Everest.. and then waited to meet up with the Jerm clan.

          Jerm and TarzanRocked99-06 chatted in line for Everest

          After a few visits to the Yeti it was time for Jerm to make is way to his night home at WDW, aka the Adventurer's Club. :cwink: jimmybop, TarzanRocked99-06 and I went to see It's Tough to Be a Bug!

          TR and BPF sporting the bug eyes

          Tree of Life at night

          Tarzan enjoying his first tram ride!

          Yup, still enjoying it!

          Tarzan was a riot. He got very excited/scared during It's Tough to Be a Bug! and over just about everything.

          jimmybop and I had reservations at Ohanas!! :cgrin: Tony was originally going to join us but had to help work to finish a project for Comic-Con that was hardly completed.

          BPF with her Lapu-Lapu

          jimmybop approving the food at Ohanas

          We had the best cousin (server,) Heather who did a good job and was very friendly.


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            Re: BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report

            Awesome Report! I love your pics and videos.


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              Re: BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report : Sunday, May 13th

              Originally posted by BigPigletFan View Post

              Bill and jimmybop - one of them is more excited than the other
              jimmybop is the more excited one, as odd as that sounds. lol

              Gosh, I miss you already!!! Ya'all come back and see us now, ya' hear?
              Last edited by Bill; 05-28-2007, 04:23 AM.


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                Re: BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report

                I wish I could have been there, honey.
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                  Re: BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report

                  Awesome Trip Report BigPigletFan! What a way to start my day.

                  I like the video clips mixed in. That was a good idea. I really shoud try and make it down for the F&GF one year. I think I will have to go to the Adventurer's Club, too. I have heard so much about it!

                  I can't wait for my trip! October is so far away....seems like forever....4 months and like 3 weeks!
                  - Larisa

                  Everybody neat and pretty? Then, on with the show! -MMC



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                    Re: BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report

                    Great report Piglet! It was great seeing you and spending time, it looks like you had such a great time.

                    I can't wait to see more!

                    :ghug: Miss you sweetie!


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                      Re: BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report

                      Sure seems like you had a fantastic time, even before I was able to meet up with you guys

                      Looking forward to the rest!


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                        Re: BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report

                        Awesome job so far! Was so great meeting you!


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                          Re: BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report

                          Originally posted by aimster View Post
                          Awesome job so far! Was so great meeting you!
                          But hey, when are you going to drive here to meet me?! lol


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                            Re: BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report

                            Incredible trip report and I love the shot of you and Caballero Donald!
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                              Re: BPF's May Photo & Video Trip Report

                              Great TR.. where did you stay?


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