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disney world map from the 70s


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  • disney world map from the 70s

    i was cleaning out my closet the other day and i found the coolest thing...on the floor was a map of the original walt disney world magic kingdom from way back in the 70s even before epcot was opened... its so cool. you can tell its age by looking at the drawings of all of the charictors...its fragile but it is soo amazing to look at. this was from the days when disney world was almost as small as disney land! its so cool.

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    I found a map from the late 80's from my parents trips to WDW right after they got married. It's quite interesting! There are no defined rides on the map, just colored lands.


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      the same thing with mine too... it turns out my moms friend used to work for a radio station and she recieved when disneyland opened a full size map of the entire park.


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        My husband collects old maps fo disney, and by far the coolest mas that he has are the ones from opening day at disneyland, disneyworld, and all of the different ones from the 80's. It's neat to see how much the parks have changed. He has about 50 in his collection, but he is always looking for more if anyone finds any that they would want to part with.
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          Thats what my husband wants for his birthday, a map of Disneyworld. He wants to mount it in a nice frame and put it in the living room. They are a work of art. And it brings back great memories. Disney had a map on ebay for $100, thats too much for me. I'll just have to keep looking for a nice one.



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