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Weekend at Walt Disney World - May 26th, 2007


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  • Weekend at Walt Disney World - May 26th, 2007

    We were over at WDW this passed weekend for a quick escape from reality here. Let me say that it went by really nice. The weather was decent and everything. The only bad thing was the insect invasion all over Central Florida. My car became an insect graveyard for the weekend. Anyway moving along with the report. We went with the idea of seing the Flower and Garden festival at Epcot for the first time. The topiaries were impressive this year. I especially liked the Pirate Disney characters at the entrance of World Showcase. The pirate ship with Peter Pan was good. I had seen some of the other topiaries before. I did expect a bit more but i was satisfied. The Chinese zodiac was really cool as well. I was impressed with the movement of the lines around Epcot very well. The wait times were not that crazy as expected. We didn't ride much as the idea was to see the event and the new Gran Fiesta ride. I was a bit disapointed with this ride because many of the screens were down. Brand new ride already with problems here and there. The day ended with us at the Magic Kingdom. My girlfriend and I really love to end the day here. I was impressed with how fast they were moving the lines that day. Splash Mountain was having technical difficulties here and there. At one point we were seing boats going down the drop and the drop had no water coming down. Weird? We did a line for this and had to immidiately get out because of how slow it was moving. We ended up getting a fast pass for this later on that night. Best part was that the time for us to use the fast pass system again. I really enjoyed the Magic Kingdom that day. Something that I've never seen before was that they had the second Spectromagic at 11am which was the same time the park was closing. Interesting. I guess the idea was to aliviate the cluster of people leaving the park at the same time.

    Sunday we started with Animal Kingdom to ride Everest. Here's were some complains come in. I did notice that the most of the wait time displays were completely off. We mostly had cast members shouting the wait times all over this park. We did a single riders line for Everest for 15 min, not bad at all compared to the 75 minute wait (sign read 50 min).
    Then we hoped over to MGM to ride Aerosmith. I'm completely satisfied with that new single riders queue. We did this ride twice in 30 min. Tower of Terror we couldn't do. Too much of a wait time. And it didn't bother me much because we will be back in 2 weeks for Star Wars weekends, which I'm really exited about. MGM looks like they are getting ready for that as well. I've already seen some banners around the park advertising it. I'm glad they are celebrating the very first Star Wars film. If only they could bring some actors from the original trilogy. I doubt they will ever get Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill to come down, but it would be great.
    We then headed to Universal Orlando, who really showed difficulty all over with moving the lines, except for dueling dragons that had 3 trains on each side moving. Hulk line was disastrous and didn't even bother to go on that. I guess them removing the free Express Pass kiosks didn't help at all. We ended our short escape here and headed back home.
    Well, this probably makes up some time that I haven't posted anything here. I don't think this was too bad for my first Trip Report thread. Enjoy.
    - EPCOT1982 -

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    Re: Weekend at Walt Disney World - May 26th, 2007

    Sounds liek you had a good time overall1 except the dead beasties!! Ewww!


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      Re: Weekend at Walt Disney World - May 26th, 2007

      Great Trip report!!! Not too thrilled about the bugs you are talking about. I hope they dont attack us this week!!!!
      *When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.


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        Re: Weekend at Walt Disney World - May 26th, 2007

        Yeah those lovebugs are so nasty! I just got my car washed this past weekend and even that couldn't get all the splatter off the windshield. I had to go out with glass cleaner and some paper towels and take care of it myself. Blegh!


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