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Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30


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  • Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

    Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

    POST #1: Epcot

    What an AWESOME week I had in WDW.

    We stayed at Boardwalk Inn:

    The room was nice (no plasma TV, however!) and the balcony was amazing:

    We did not pay for the "Epcot view room" so technically this was not one. Still, you could see Illuminations great on the balcony.

    The rest of the courtyard was also nice to look at:

    Nothing says "vacation" like a case of TAB:

    The hotel is soooooooo convenient to Epcot. It took just a few minutes to walk there, so we spent a whole lot of time there. We spent at least an hour or two there every day.

    Rather than break them down day by day, here are the highlights of my week at Epcot:

    The dedication plaque:

    The Seas with Nemo and Friends:

    I liked this the first time we rode it. When I rode it the second time I LOVED it. It really grew on me... especially the "Big Blue World" song. That is incredibly catchy. I still have it stuck in my head.

    Gran Fiesta Tour:

    I loved this. I was astonished to find it was BETTER than El Rio!

    There are some hidden Caballeros in the banners:

    And a not-so-hidden Donald in the Fiesta part of the ride:

    Donald, Panchito and Jose were also nearby for photos:


    I don't think I have ever noticed the "wax museum" in the Norway pavilion!

    Here is Eric the Red: (he's the one on the left)

    In the Norway gift shop I read "Billy Goat's Gruff"


    Hey! There's a troll in the book!

    I loved that book.

    Meet Figment:

    Germany's Biergarten:
    This was new to me! A really cool dinner show with a tasty buffet:

    Japan's Tin Toy Story:
    I was so glad to see this exhibit was still around. I absolutely love it!


    I love China! I bought a suitcase full of souvenirs here.
    Chinese Acrobats:

    Look closely... that girl is balancing a stack of bowls on her foot.

    Flower and Garden festival (at Odyssey)

    It was nice walking through this building! I had not set foot in it in a long time!

    That's the best of my photos from Epcot.

    I had a really great time there. I love both Nemo and Gran Fiesta... but they both had screens turned off occasionally during mys stay. Not good!

    As always, I enjoyed Spaceship Earth and it was good to see that a sponsor is attached. The Flower and Garden festival was fun, I saw Gary Puckett do a good show and the American Adventure is one of the most moving shows I have ever seen.

    I still have a bunch of other photos of the 3 other WDW parks but my next batch will focus on the OTHER greatest attraction in Orlando...

    Coming very soon...
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    Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

    Great report so far!!


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      Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

      Awesome photos! I loved all those toys!


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        Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

        OMG, I've never noticed that Viking wax museum either! Cool, something different to check out next time.

        Great pics!
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          Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

          POST #2: Orlando's OTHER greatest attraction

          Oooh yes. I have arrived!

          Bigger than Sea World, bigger than Universal, it's...

          Appliance Direct.


          If you have seen the ads, if you want to stop paying retail and if you use the phrase "white porcelain" to describe all that is good in the world you understand that this was like a visit to Graceland.

          I just bought a new kitchen at Home Depot and let me say this: as silly as his commercials are, his prices are FANTASTIC!

          I just don't think I could bring an oven in my carry on bag.

          Coming soon: Fort Wilderness
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            Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

            You got to meet Panchito? You suck!


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              Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

              Originally posted by aimster View Post
              You got to meet Panchito? You suck!
              Also Donald and JOSE!

              My wife and I got a photo with ALL three Cabelleros. It's going over the fireplace
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                Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

                Why can't Jose and Panchito be out when I go there?

                *has a tantrum*



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                  Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

                  Great TR so far, can't wait to see the rest.

                  How far is Appliances Direct from WDW? I see the crazy commercials all the time but never payed much attention to them.


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                    Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

                    Originally posted by Sweetie View Post

                    Hey Sweetie :ot:, HA HA!

                    LOL! This is so darn hilarious!!:lmao::lmao:
                    The best TR of Appliance Direct EVER!!
                    I honestly have to say I've never heard of Appliance Direct but they need to hire you for Marketing & PR. :lol:

                    Thanks for sharing your WDW photos - looks like you had a great time. Can't wait to see the rest.
                    Next WDW trip coming up 10-5-10 to 10-15-10, Wilderness Lodge Villas. :yea:


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                      Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

                      Sweetie, your TR has me in fits! :lol: Too funny! Thanks for sharing pictures of the boardwalk, too. I've never stayed there and its nice to see the rooms/view from rooms. I look forward to reading more.
                      "All our dreams can come true.....if we have the courage to pursue them."
                      - Walt Disney


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                        Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

                        Thanks Sweetie, lovin' the report! (I remember all those crazy TV ads with the Appliance-Direct guy... it seemed to be the ONLY local ad running on one of the Orlando-area channels)
                        - Bill


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                          Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

                          Awesome report so far!


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                            Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30


                            Back to Disney, I found a neat little attraction at Fort Wilderness. Every night they have a sing-a-long featuring Chip and Dale followed by a Disney movie projected on a big screen.

                            This is not just for Fort Wilderness guests. It is free for all Disney guests.

                            You have to get to Fort Wilderness (we had a rental car, or you could take a bus from any of the parks) then you HAVE to park your car and take a bus to the "Meadows recreation area" it only takes a few minutes.

                            The sing-a-long was at 8. Sadly Chip and Dale did not sing, but the singer was funny.

                            Chip and Dale posed for pictures with everyone.

                            During the sing-a-long and the movie there is a concession stand with hot dogs, nachos and a bag of supplys so you can roast s'mores over the fire they have set up near the screen.

                            The movie started at 8:40 (on this night it was Bedknobs and Broomsticks a great- but really long- movie.)

                            It was projected from a video source (not film) but the screen was big and the setting was really cool.

                            This seemed like a great event for kids especially on arrival day if you want some Disney thing to do for free.

                            Bring insect repellent and some kind of cushion to sit on (just bring a few hotel towels.) The seats are all hard wood or bleachers.

                            I also brought my own soda. Yup, it was TAB.

                            Coming soon: Magic Kingdom
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                              Re: Sweetie's WDW trip photos May 23-30

                              At the Magic Kingdom...

                              I tried out the new Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. I thought it was really really good.

                              I loved the little details in the preshow area:

                              I did text a joke:

                              What are the strongest days of the week?
                              SATURDAY AND SUNDAY... the rest are weak days.

                              It got a good response... some people seemed to know the punchline.

                              Perhaps that was because I stole it from the copy of Disney Adventures magazine in my hotel room.

                              BTW, I got a nice text from Mike after I left the building:

                              More from Magic Kingdom on the way.
                              Check out my podcast:


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