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Epcot Central Blog (epcot82) Closing Down


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  • Epcot Central Blog (epcot82) Closing Down

    blog post: Epcot Central Blog Goodbye

    EPCOT Center will always, always, be near and dear to my heart. You who are reading this and I share a passion that is found in far too few Disney executives these days, a passion for seeing Disney fulfill the promise of this immensely promising place.

    I'm not sure how much to quote here but it's a really good / sad goodbye. The guy eulogistically nails Disney essentially for not being Disney, a criticism that seems to permeate many of the front page articles here. Micechat gets a mention in the comments, a pretty good one.
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    Re: Epcot Central Blog (epcot82) Closing Down

    I saw that last night. I'm sorry to see it come to an end. It will be missed around this house.
    - Horizonsfan


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      Re: Epcot Central Blog (epcot82) Closing Down

      I really liked his blog when I first started reading it about 7 months ago, but then he just got really bitter and he started really stretching things to make his complaints. In the end he just sounded like the old man yelling at kids who came near his yard. Yes there's some issues at Epcot but there's also been some very nice changes there over the last few months as well. He's completely unable to see anything good out of the new portions of the park however and I honestly think he wouldn't have been happy with much of anything new no matter how good it was.

      I still read his blog to the last post because it was obvious he was passionate about the place, but it was really starting to grow old towards the end. I hope with some time away from the parks maybe he can eventually see that all the changes that have been made aren't awful and that while there are still quite a few problems at Epcot, there's still a ton of enjoyment to be found in that little slice of heaven.


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