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Tell me "GREAT" things about WDW.


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  • Tell me "GREAT" things about WDW.

    Hey there! With so many threads devoted to what's wrong with WDW, I wanted to create one that showcases what's RIGHT. So start posting, no comparisons or park bashing needed or wanted please.

    I'll go first..

    Magic Kingdom:

    Mickey's Philharmagic - Beautifully executed 3D film, the musical score can't be beat!
    Tom Sawyer's Island - I always feel like a kid again here on some adventure. Kind of the point no?
    People Mover (TTA) - Classic ride, perfect for that afternoon relaxation, great views, moments of darkness and AC, we never miss it.
    Splash Mountain - Great story, and the drop is just fantabular. hehe
    Peter Pan - My favorite dark ride here, there is a reason the line is always long.

    Epcot :

    Soarin - What a rush, flying high above anything as beautiful as California is a good day for me.
    Living With the Land - Great ride, great message, just all around good ride for people who enjoying learning and having fun at the same time.
    World Showcase: All of it and everything you can do while your walking it ie. eating, drinking, having fun with friends.
    Food and Wine Festival - I know, related to WS but there is something about eating your way around the world that just adds to the experience.

    MGM Studios:

    Tower of Terror - The theming, the random drop sequence, the mist, this ride has it all for me.
    Rockin Roller Coaster - As an Aerosmith fan, I can appreciate riding this while Steven Tyler is screaming in my ear.
    Muppets - Have you taken a moment and checked out the queue? Never mind the show is timeless, its one that can't be missed!
    Animation Academy - I love that I can learn how to draw a Disney character, and then I get to keep the page! Sign me up for an all day learning session. :thumbup:

    Animal Kingdom

    Everest - Great queue, Great story, Great ride, an imagineering masterpiece (IMHO), I see something new there every time I go.
    Park Theming - This park is so well themed through out, I'm simply amazed at how they maintain it so well.
    Primeval Whirl - Just enough to get your head spinning but not overboard to where it makes you sick, I like it like that.
    BBQ - The BBQ anything here is amazing, the seating area is gorgeous and if you add friends your having a wonderfully good time!


    Port Orleans French Quarter - I love, love, love, LOVE this resort. It's intimate, its in the middle of everything, the boat to downtown disney is an added bonus and you have your choice of two pools (as Riverside is considered part of PO) It's just wonderfully immerse and not really that expensive.

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    Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

    Great thread Summer! I am a DL fan at heart, but look forward to my WDW trips. Here are some of mine:

    1. Just the fact that going to WDW is truly a vacation experience for me makes it great. I love being totally immersed in the WDW culture while I am there.

    2. The Food: Main Street Bakery, La Cellier, Whispering Canyon, even the Diet Coke in the refillable mug tastes better at WDW!!!

    3. Epcot: Need I say more?

    4. Yacht & Beach Club: I have not stayed here yest, but this place looks awesome. The location is great and the resort is beautiful. Of course, I am happy to be at POFQ or Wilderness Lodge too!

    5. The People: I love the people in Orlando. I jsut feel like everyone is a little nicer there. I also love the amount of international tourists at WDW. It is so fun to hear all the accents and strike up conversations while waiting in line!

    6. The Rides: Summer pretty much summed this up, but my favorites are Tower of Terror (Good Tower), Splash Mountain, People Mover (TTA or whatever they call it), and Mission:Space.

    I am seriously jonesing for WDW right now!


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      Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

      Originally posted by SummerInFL View Post
      Hey there! With so many threads devoted to what's wrong with WDW, I wanted to create one that showcases what's RIGHT. So start posting, no comparisons or park bashing needed or wanted please.
      Walt Disney World offers something for everyone. It is good for your soul. To me Epcot and Animal Kingdom offer experiences that remind me of why it is good to be alive. The explorations of science, discovery, different cultures and the wonderful world of nature. Amazing. Illuminations is the greatest pyro show on the planet IMHO, and WDW does offer some of the best dining in the world (Victoria and Albert's, California Grill, Le Cellier etc.)

      The hotels offer a fantasy environment to immerse yourself away. The fun of attractions such as ToT and Expedition Everest not only thrills the body, but the eyes too.

      I may give WDW a hard time, but there are some amazing experiences in that swamp land. Like my mom rags on me because of my weight, I rag on WDW for the same reason. Because I love it, but I know and want it to be better.
      Let's put the Walt back in Disney!


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        Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

        For me, it's the 'little' things...

        Watching kids try and pick up the light from the fiber optic patterns in the sidewalk at Epcot.
        Having a CM go out of her way WITHOUT BEING ASKED to help us find a good spot to watch a parade.
        Having the director at the Pocahontas show ask Pocahontas to come out and sign autographs even though they normally don't do that.
        The background music and how it always seems to fit the given area.
        The Sorcerer Mickey topiary in MGM.

        That's it for now. Will update when I think of others later...


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          Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

          Can't compare? Well, darn, that makes it even harder for me now...


          So far the only things that are coming to my mind as to what's great about WDW are the following:
          • The only location (at least for now) where I can find DisneyQuest and enjoy five floors of arcade goodness.
          • Journey Into Imagination with Figment, who I fell in love with back when he was pals with the Dream Finder like everyone else.
          • IllumiNations. 'Nuff said.
          • Disney's Animal Kingdom as a whole, including the tacky Dino-Rama, if only for the beauty of the flora and fauna.
          ....yeah, that's about it since I am not allowed to compare. And looking over the list, I just realized that I only listed one actual ride. Everything else is either show or ambiance.
          WARNING: Any opinions expressed by this user are wrong.


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            Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

            Great thread Summer.

            MK - TTA, PotC, HM, JC , Hall of Presidents, the castle, Buzz Lightyear, Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, BTM, Teacups, Liberty Square Riverboat, Walt Disney World Railroad, the glow of Tomorrowland at night, just walking around taking in the atmosphere, the candy shop on Main Street, The Monorail on either of the routes around the lake, the Ferryboat across the lake.

            Epcot - SSE, Test Track, The Seas w Nemo/Friends, The Land, walking around WS taking a ride on a Friendship across the lake, the American Adventure, Innoventions, the fish and chips window in the UK, Yakitori house quick service, The Monorail to MK and back, The fountain, talking water fountains, the neon glow at night, the in ground lighting by Innoventions at night, Illuminations.

            MGM-Studios - Lights Motors Action, MuppetVision, Walt Disney One Man's Dream, Mulch Sweat and Shears, Star Tours, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, the Osbourne Spectacle of Lights, Toy Story Pizza Planet, the Villians candy shop.

            Animal Kingdom - Tree of Life, Dinosaur, It's Tough To Be A Bug, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, Maharajah Jungle Trek, Festival of the Lion King, Conservation Station Dinoland, the various animal habitats. Just walking around taking in all the sights, and theming, Pizzafari, Flame Tree BBQ, the shops, the RainForest Cafe store and facade.

            DTD - I love the Marketplace and West Side and their various shops, Cooke's quick service outside of Ragland Road, Goofy's candy shop, the villians candy shop, the free water taxis, back and forth, House of Blues for concerts, I like to walk around there take in the atmosphere, love to see it glow at night(esp West Side) RainForest Cafe store and facade.

            I like to hotel hop and just see all the different sights they have to offer. Occasionally renting a boat, or grabbing a bite to eat at a quick service spot.

            Also love to go over and just ride my bike around on some of the roads all over the resort itself.


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              Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

              Magic Kingdom:

              Mickey's Philharmagic
              Space Mountain
              Big Thunder Mtn
              Splash Mtn


              Test Track
              Mission Space

              Disney Studios

              50's Prime Time Cafe
              Great Movie Ride

              Animal Kingdom

              Its Tough to be a Bug
              Kilamanjaro Safari
              Maharajah Jungle Trek
              Pangani Forest Exploration


              California Grill

              Thats about all I can think of right now...


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                Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

                Magic Kingdom:
                TTA- A classic! Great way to rest and cool down...and if you're lucky they will let you stay on and ride again. It will always be the People Mover to me.
                Figaro Fries at Pinnochio Haus- I just love these things! Leave it to Disney to make a salad unhealthy by putting it on top of cheese fires with bacon!
                It's A Small World- Memories of my childhood and now listening to my youngest sing her lungs out in there!)

                SSE- One of the last and best heavy AA attraction at WDW

                Honestly my favorite thing about Epcot is eating my way around World Showcase. We try to get one little thing at every country...from an eggroll in China to a turkey leg in America. So I do love the Food and Wine Festival...

                The characters! I love how my little ones can go down Mickey Ave and meet the Playhouse Disney guys. And the villains seem to be out at this park a little more.

                Animal Kingdom:
                Kilamanjaro Safari- It's a different experiance every time.


                I love being able to walk from Beach Club to the easy entrance at World Showcase.
                I love waking up to giraffes and zebras outside my window at AKL.

                And just eating throughout the resort in general. My husband and I love trying a new restaurant each time we are there.
                Originally posted by larasound
                am I the burrito man?


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                  Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

                  The World Showcase is amazing. I too love to eat my way around the world, and the theming is so well done that it's really like being emmersed in another culture.


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                    Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

                    This is a great idea Summer, it's so refreshing to hear good things about Disney World for a change! I could make my post 10 pages long, but I will try to keep it short...

                    MK- Carousel of Progress-I love the song!
                    Citrus Swirls from Adventureland and Fudge from Frontierland
                    Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
                    Thunder Mountain
                    MGM- The Great Movie Ride
                    The Indiana Jones Stunt Show
                    Epcot- Spaceship Earth
                    Test Track
                    World Showcase... of course, especially the France Pavilion
                    Animal Kingdom- Kilimanjaro Safari
                    Dinosaur and Primeval Whirl
                    Festival of the Lion King


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                      Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

                      It's gorgeous.
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                        Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

                        Let's not forget the WDW Transportation system.
                        • The monorail system services three WDW Resort Hotels and Two theme parks.
                        • The water craft that service in the Seven Seas Lagoon, Bay Lake, the Epcot Resorts and even the Downtown Disney Resorts.
                        • Everywhere else is connected by bus, which is still an amazing feat for such a huge resort.
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                          Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

                          ^You're comparing! You can't compare in this thread by order of the OP!
                          WARNING: Any opinions expressed by this user are wrong.


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                            Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

                            Keep in mind, that we complain because we love the place so much! If we didn't care about the parks or Disney, why would we waste time complaining. Now, having said that....

                            Magic Kingdom: It's in the title! It's magical! You're totally immersed in a fantasy world where fun rules! You get to be a kid again; you get to goof off (pardon the pun) and act silly and not care how foolish you look (alright all of you who where those goofy hats, fess up). It's the music and the food and the little ones having too much fun; it's all the different people, different nationalities, different races; it's a blown-up version of It's A Small World. It's just so very special.

                            Epcot: Where else can you travel the world in an afternoon? I love to eat, and the restarurants at Epcot are incredible. You get a chance to eat in exotic places and try exotic dishes that you probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to try otherwise.

                            Disney (Pixar?) Studios: Three words: Tower of Terror! Enough said. Well, maybe a little more. It's a more relaxing experience, a slower pace, a light breeze on a hot afternoon. Plus, it's the site of my favorite dining experience in the whole resort: Sci-Fi Diner!

                            Animal Kingdom: Okay, not my favorite park, but Expedition Everest is going to help, a lot! I am overwhelmed by the notion that WDW planted every single plant and tree and shrub and flower that exists in that park -- think of it!

                            Even more than all the above, it's all the above put together, plus staying at the resort, plus the water parks, plus that young woman on the tv telling us the top attractions of the park, over and over and over again; and it's the spanish version of the same loop, telling us in spanish the top attractions of the park, over and over and over again. It's a bloody brilliant time and I cannot wait to go in just over 8 days from now: we're staying for 10 days at Pop Century!!!!!!
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                              Re: Tell me &quot;GREAT&quot; things about WDW.

                              Hmmm what is great about WDW.....Okay, here you go:

                              MAGIC KINGDOM
                              • Swiss Family Treehouse - Gives great views of the park in a relaxing atmosphere
                              • Caribbean Plaza - Sets the mood perfectly for POTC
                              • BTMRR & Splash Mountain - Better than DL's!
                              • Tom Sawyer Island - once again, very relaxing
                              • PhilharMagic - Probably the best 3D movie to date
                              • TTA - Pure classic fun.
                              • Space Mountain - Instead of 1 track like every other DL-style park, we've got two! Plus, a "semi-cool" post-show
                              • COP - The one, the only.
                              • Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe - Who can't love Sonny Eclipse?
                              EPCOT (CENTER)
                              • Spaceship Earth - One of the greatest attractions ever created, IMO. Plus, it's getting plussed!
                              • UOE - Let's here it for this 30 + minute attraction!
                              • Mission: Space - So realistic...
                              • Test Track - fast and fun.
                              • Fountain of Nations - So relaxing
                              • Club Cool - Free Drinks....And some of them actually taste good!
                              • Imagination! - Figment Rules.
                              • Soarin' - One of the better additions to occur at WDW in a while.
                              • Living with The Land - Great old school edutainment. I love every minute of it.
                              • The Seas - Refreshed for the 21st century.
                              • WS - Beautiful all around
                              • American Adventure - One of the few things that makes me get all patriotic
                              • Impressions De France - A wonderful film
                              • RNRC - I love Aerosmith & I love Disney. This ride rules!
                              • TOT - A second generation classic
                              • GMR - Filled to the brim with AA's and some great action.
                              • WD:OMD - A great tribute to the first imagineer
                              • Muppet Vision - A hilarious film, a laugh a second.
                              ANIMAL KINGDOM
                              • The Oasis - A beautiful and very different entrance to a beautiful and very different park.
                              • The Tree of Life - So much detail!
                              • Dinosaur - Fun, Action, & Some of the best AA's around.
                              • Primeval Whirl - Tacky yet still thrilling
                              • Everest - An incredible AA, a long ride (for a RC), an immersive environment, and extreme thrills, all add up to an instant classic.
                              • Safari - Seeing animal in a near-natural setting, so cool!
                              • The Whole Park - The theme at this park is incredible, so many details get you completely in the theme. It's great!
                              - Horizonsfan


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