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Going in Two weeks!


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  • Going in Two weeks!

    We are leaving for WDW in a little over two weeks. I was wondering if the crowds thin out a little after 4th of july. we are going to be getting in around noon on the 4th but don't plan on going to a park that day. Will the big crowds leave after the 4th or will they be there just as strong the week after? Also, we are trying to decide where we should eat the night of the 4th-any suggestions (we are willing to go to a park to eat!)

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    Re: Going in Two weeks!

    If you can get reservations, try California Grill. (It's on top of the Contemporary Resort)
    It is a really magical place to eat. The view is awesome and there is an observation deck to view the fireworks (which on the 4th should be awesome.)
    It feels like your eating in the clouds and the setting is very warm and slightly futuristic and the food is exquisite.
    IMHO, you should definately check it out and see if you would be interested in eating there.
    wishesjake and SleepingBeauty867


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      Re: Going in Two weeks!

      You can look online in several places for statistical crowd information. and are a couple of good sources of information.

      How long is your trip? Where are you staying? The reason I ask is that I'm planning a trip for my family to visit WDW next year and am interested in other people's itineraries.

      Have a wonderful time!
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        Re: Going in Two weeks!

        we are going from the 4th thru the 10th and we are staying at Caribbean beach..

        It's kind of fun to do the impossible- Walt Disney


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          Re: Going in Two weeks!

          We went one time the week after the 4th. We arrived on the 6th or 7th and it was great. But like all things WDW, it is a crap shoot. It all depends on what others decide. If many people think that the week after the 4th will be uncrowded, and then go, well, that will create a crowd.

          Just go, have fun.

          One thing I try to do... I watch the majority of people when they go one way I try to go the other.

          Have a great time!


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