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Weekend in Review: Star Wars Weekends and the rest of WDW and more...

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  • Weekend in Review: Star Wars Weekends and the rest of WDW and more...

    Ah, finally back from the short but fun weekend at WDW. This time, the trip was focused on Star Wars Weekends. The trip also included a bit of hopping around the WDW parks and a conclusion at Universal Orlando.
    We left Miami at 5am to head towards the Disney-MGM Studios for our first experience of Star Wars Weekends. We arrived at the park at 8:30am as planned. The overall event was cool and was what I was expecting. The opening of the park with the storm troopers was awesome as well as the storm troopers patrolling and the many SW characters around the park. The fastpassed unfortunately were gone by the time we got there. So we just went ahead to see and take pictures with the other SW characters around. We did a short line to see Darth Vader, Jedi Mickey and Bobba Fett. Chewbaca had a very long line but I managed to take some pictures of him roaming around the park. We also took our trip on Star Tours, which surprisingly had a short wait of 20 minutes that we skipped thanks to the Fastpass. We managed to buy some merchandise at Jabba's Hutt. They already had some marked down items due to the nearing end of the event, which I believe ends on 6/24. We saw the first showing of Behind the Force which had some interesting commentary made by Jay Laga'aia. My only complaint about this was that it was done with voice over but it would have been nice to have him in person to host the show. But it was interesting for those who don't know much about Star Wars. Very interesting and well edited video. I recommend this show actually. The parade was short but very good. It was nice to see all the many SW characters parade down as well as the guest stars (Jeremy Bulloch - Bobba Fett, and Pater Mayhew - Chewbaca). Like I said, we weren't able to get any autographs from these 2 guest actors but I managed to get really close to take a picture of them at their signing booths and at the parade. We got a glimpse of the shows done at the Star Tours stage which was entertaining especially for kids. Moving along, Rockin' Roller Coaster was down for most of the day on Saturday due to technical difficulties. We managed to do Tower of Terror that only had a 20 minute wait. Wait times didn't pass 30 minutes for the most part of the day.
    We then hopped to Animal Kingdom for Everest and Dinosaur. More of the same as usual. Minimal wait time was a plus their, well Everest had a 40 min wait time which is considerable normal for this attraction. I don't count the ridiculious long line at the Nemo Musical, which I still have not seen. Only one complaint, getting food at Restorauntosaurus at Dinoland took forever. There was no lines but it took us like 20 minutes to get our food. Terrible cast members I say!
    Then came Epcot which was also a quick visit to see the Nemo ride that my brother had not seen and a final ride aboard Spaceship Earth before the makeover.
    The day ended at Magic Kingdom. I must say, this is the best way to end a visit at WDW. They also had some short waits except for Splash Mountain that had an 80+ minute wait. We grabbed fastpasses for that. Space Mountain had a lot of technical difficulties that day, so we didn't get to ride that. Anyone know what was going on there on Saturday? Big Thunder Mountian had a 20 minute wait which felt a lot shorter. I did notice something here. Did they upgrade the seat cushions on the ride vehicle? The vinyl looked very new and reduced a lot of the sliding around the vehicle. I also noticed that they did some work to fix up a few technical problems with the show elements from the last time I visited 2 weeks ago. It felt odd visiting MK and not riding Haunted Mansion. I really missed that ride on this trip. We ended the night with a night time ride on the TTA and the great fireworks show.
    Sunday was all dedicated to Universal Orlando. It was not as busy as I thought it would be. The one thing expected were the long waits at the water rides and the Hulk coaster. We got to go on the wate rides later in the afternoon when the wait times died off. It was good to go on some attractions that we hadn't been on for a very long time like ET and Poseidon's Fury. I must say that they did some work on the ET Adventure to keep it looking good.
    Overall, this was a very fun but short trip. We did do a lot and had a great time. The weather was actually nice, but very hot. Not a single drop of rain. The only bad thing was the drive home, coming to work/school the next day and the rain here at Miami.

    Pictures coming soon!
    - EPCOT1982 -

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