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What's it like in october?


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  • What's it like in october?

    I am going in August for a massive trip, but I am thinking of going back in October for a mini-trip since the Haunted Mansion will be closed. I would be in the park on the 19th (a friday) and 20th (a saturday) of October and maybe the 18th or 21st.

    If for just two days, I will probaby only go to Magic Kingdom, with a half day at MGM. I am mainly going to MGM for Tower of Terror. I am interested in getting in a ton of Haunted Mansion rides, how bad will the lines be there and throughout the rest of the parks?

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    Re: What's it like in october?

    I'm going in september which i've been told is like october and people have told me the park is not crowded at all. One guy said he was able to walk on to most attractiobs during weekdays. They say obviously that weekends are more crowded though.


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      Re: What's it like in october?

      According to, as well as a few other sources, October is generally light to moderate crowds.

      I've been there in September and crowds were very, very light. Then again, that was Sept. 11-15, 2002 which was a time when many people were still afraid to travel.

      BTW, I'll be there with the family Oct. 17-22, which is during Micechat Invasion, so it'll be interesting to meet other Micechatters there!


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        Re: What's it like in october?

        I hope the crowds are light... I am planning on being there from th e 17th to the 27th...


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          Re: What's it like in october?

          I've been in October before and it was great! Such a change in crowd numbers from June-august, I have found September to be the same!! You'll have a great time!!


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            Re: What's it like in october?

            October was my "traditional" month untill the kids got too old (now I am going Sep 28 - Oct 05 with friends )

            It is light as far as crowds are concerend, but its not like you have the place to yourself. There will be lines, on the order of 10 -20 minutes tops (with exceptions of course) but it is a VERY enjoyable time to go.

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              Re: What's it like in october?

              It's a great time to go! I love being there for Halloween and such. If you have the chance, go and check it out.


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                Re: What's it like in october?

                As stated, usually light to moderate crowds (the weekends are more crowded though as more locals come out then). It can still be quite warm though. I do a lot of October trips. When I went last year, it was like 90 the day I went... in LATE October! It doesn't cool off here in Florida until after Christmas.


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                  Re: What's it like in october?

                  I haven't been to WDW outside of October, it's all I know.
                  It's rarely humid, always sunny and warm, I've never been to a Disney theme park heaving with crowds, and make sure you visit the parks after a hurricane, if you get the chance. It feels like they opened up just for you.
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                    Re: What's it like in october?

                    October is a great time to go. But I would make hotel reservations now. It is not (traditionally) a crowded time but with Mickey's Not So Scary parties, Epcot's food and wine festival and MGM's Playhouse Disney concerts the month is getting to be more popular.


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                      Re: What's it like in october?

                      October used to be one of the slowest times of year.

                      Imagine a month where the MK used to be open 9-6 every day ... and EPCOT Center was open from 9-8 every day.

                      That was many,many years ago.

                      October has gone from least crowded to moderate crowds to sometimes very packed ... with MNSSHP going on ... and Food and Wine Fest at Epcot ... and Halloween Horror NIghts over at the competition ... and the WDW Golf Classic ... it can be very, very busy on weekends.

                      But weather-wise, it's near perfect. And I always go then.


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                        Re: What's it like in october?

                        we go in oct every year and the crowds for the most part are low. Here are the two exceptions I learned the hard way:

                        Remember columbus day. The first time we went in Oct we forgot about that holiday. That long weekend is VERY crouded.

                        Stay away from food and wine festival on thurs- sun nights. It seems everyone is there.

                        Other than that, it's usually great! We will be there the same time as you are thinking of going.


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