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What WDW attraction do you wish you could experience as a kid?


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  • What WDW attraction do you wish you could experience as a kid?

    We always seem to talk about which rides we miss that we rode as kids. Well let's do the reverse. Say you can suddenly be a kid again for a day and go to WDW as it is right now, what are some things you would want to either experience with a kid's sense of bright eyed fascination, because the ride simply did not exist when you were little, and/or because you didn't go to the park(s) as a young child?

    Just curious what you all have to say!

    For me: I would love to experience CRT for a nice fun meal. I did a character breakfast at DL when I was ten, but this one seems like a cut above. I would also want to try Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I am not sure I would love BBB because as a young kid I was more into being a Mouseketeer (70's MMC) but who knows! It is hard for me to think of a ride that exists now that didn't back then that I would care all that much about in regards to experiencing it as a child. I enjoy them just the same as a child. I think for me I would just want to experience Fantasyland as a kid again so the rides seem extra magical as well as play on TS island.

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    Re: What WDW attraction do you wish you could experience as a kid?

    Fortunately, I have a 4 year old daughter and while my wife and 3 older children went on "big people" rides or to the water parks last August I spent the majority of my tiime with my youngest doing the 'magical beginnings' and experiencing every ride she could possibly go on (not to mention Playhouse Disney, any and all character meet and greets, Johnny and the Sprites and the Kidcot Fun Stops).
    Actually, the same holds true for each of my kids from the time they were old enough to ride anything so I really haven't missed out on any of them over the past 17 years.
    And I honestly can't think of any rides off the top of my head that don't accomodate both adults and kids which just goes to show that you can always be a kid at a Disney Park.
    Sorry, I know that didn't answer your question but in my mind, no matter what the ride or experience is, if you want to do it then just do it, no matter how old you are.

    With that said, the one thing I would have liked to experience as a child however is meeting Mickey for the very first time. It was pretty awesome when I did it at 18 years old and I was lucky enough to witness first hand the unforgettable reactions from each of my children since then. A magical moment indeed.
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      Re: What WDW attraction do you wish you could experience as a kid?

      Turtle Talk with Crush-"MOM!! Crush could see me and thought my red shirt was a red shell!"


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        Re: What WDW attraction do you wish you could experience as a kid?

        Mickey's Philharmagic
        Turtle Talk
        Test Track
        Everest (I can't imagine how my kids view that massive structure, just wow)

        And yes I'll say it... Bibbity Bobbity Boutique (I'm a sucker for makeovers, what can I say) :lol:


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          Re: What WDW attraction do you wish you could experience as a kid?

          Crush and the Muppets. I was a huge Muppet Show fan (and Sesame Street) I had a crush on Floyd, thought he was real :lol: That would have been the ultimate for me.
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