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How would you deal with Space Mountain?


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  • How would you deal with Space Mountain?

    After all the latest threads regarding SM & how management has gotten cheap again, I was wondering...How would you deal with Space Mountain?

    By that I mean, what would you do to MK's Space in the future refurb of it? If money was not an issue and the sky's the limit, how would you improve WDW's sci-fi mountain?

    For me, I would make sure a couple of things were accomplished:
    • completely gut the queue - retain the layout but give it the feel of DL's. Everything, including the current entrance, a half-opened "gate", would make way for the newer SM style.
    • completely gut the track - once again, retain the current layout but, with a completely rebuilt structure.
    • New "Launch" & lift FXs - Complete with a new spaceship similar to the one Tokyo just got.
    • add surprises along the track - not entirely sure about it, maybe metors and other "dangers".
    • New "re-entry" tunnel - Of course, like DL's. Maybe even move the tunnel closer to the actual unload station.
    • re-style the unload areas - they're just so bland right now! I mean, this area doesn't have to be as "majestic" or "powerful" as the load but, it definately needs more than wall carpet and regular lighting.
    • New post-show - Hopefully something similar to what they've currently got. With that alien world feel to it. The top priority though, would be to get rid of those lame TV's and cameras at the end!
    That's all I can think of. None of mine are too startling. Just a mash of other ideas people have said. What would you do though? How would you handle SM's refurb?
    - Horizonsfan

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    Re: How would you deal with Space Mountain?

    Well, if the sky's the limit, I'd do everything you're suggesting.

    If I could do only one major update, it would be installing a smoother track.

    If I had a bit more money to add two major updates, I'd do the track and add the star effects from DL.


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      Re: How would you deal with Space Mountain?

      If skies the limit this is how I'd do it.

      1. Tear out the queue and put in a brand new, exciting and futuristic looking queue that tell the story of why we're at Space Mountain. In my version we'd be at a space port in the future about to load a personal vehicle for our trip to the International Space Station. There would be news stories explaining this historic event of being the first visitors to the new Space Station and clips about how the space station looks, etc...

      2. Brand new loading area and new ride vehicles similar to what Tokyo got.

      3. Gut out the track and place a brand new, slightly more thrilling track in place. It still needs to be family friendly so no inversions, but maybe quite a bit faster, longer, and much smoother. If possible, make the lift hill a launch instead of a chain climb.

      4. Add some cool space special effects throughout the ride, a nice starfield, maybe views of planets, the moon, etc... if possible.

      5. Possibly onboard audio. I'm not sure if I want this yet or not, but if done right it could add to the ride.

      6. Highly themed exit which looks like the docking port at the International Space Station.

      7. Brand new post show with many dioramas showing off life in this sci-fi space station.


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        Re: How would you deal with Space Mountain?

        1. Redo the building so no light intervenes
        2. Redo and smooth out the track and vehicles.
        3. One thing I wouldn't do is throw loops or launches in. WDW already has RnR for that. No need to do that on SM. Keep SM an intermediate thrill ride.
        4. Redesign the queue
        5. Redesign the exit.


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          Re: How would you deal with Space Mountain?

          1) Fix the track
          2) Update the post-show queue
          3) Do general maintenance and repairs on the rest

          That's it, I already love the ride and atmosphere of WDW's Space Mountain and have always preferred it to DL's. I hope the queue and ride experience remains as is or I will sorely miss it.


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            Re: How would you deal with Space Mountain?

            Anything to make it less like the Bobsleds at DL......Went on SP once after almost 30 years and hadn't changed a bit......OUCH!
            Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
            it's what they are like in their HEART!

            - Wolfette


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              Re: How would you deal with Space Mountain?

              obviously update the track duh!!! its been the same since 1970 whatever!!!???!!!!

              other that that i love the old furturistic feel. Call me old fationed but i just love the old stuff, the orginals.
              Marquis d'Bod of the RCMC... always and forever


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                Re: How would you deal with Space Mountain?

                ~ I'd definitely RE-do the ENTIRE track. Smoother, and as someone noted, add some 'surprises'.
                ~ theme the Unload station.
                ~ As for the track, I say they ' hide ' the drops better - I like being surprised, and though I know you can't do anything about the front seat, I'd like to be surprised with the drops - you can always see the drop a few feet before, and it'd be more thrilling when hidden.
                ~ Do something EXCITING with the post-queue - something.. anything!


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                  Re: How would you deal with Space Mountain?

                  Agree with everything above. Gut it, complete rebuild it with new track and effects, new queue and exit and post-show. They can do all this and still retain some touches of nostalgia for the old-timers
                  "I'm working on changing the studio that fired me twice."
                  --John Lasseter


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