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World Showcase Restaurants


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  • World Showcase Restaurants

    For our upcoming trip... Wanted a little help on a new dinning experience...

    We've eaten at China, Canada and America.

    Where should be the next place we should experience? I'm leaning towards France, while my wife is pushing the Japan Tapi(sp?) dinner show.

    Any suggestions?
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    We recently had a lunch at Chefs de France. While it was very good, it wasn't all that out of the ordinary (even though we don't regularly eat at French restaurants).
    If Norway had not changed to all character meals (arggghhh!), I'd suggest that for its different cuisine. Possibly Morocco. They have belly dancing there at certain times from what I understand, although it is expensive. We ate a lunch at Tangerine Cafe (counter service) and were quite pleased.


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      We had a wonderful dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh (in Morroco). We ordered this special that came with delicious salads, chicken and beef coated in pastry with cocoa sprinkled on (SO GOOD) and for dessert were little pastry "pillows" covered in an apple/honey mixture. It was a great meal and the bellydancers and live music were so entertaining. I would definately recommend this restaurant.

      Another great little place for a snack is in France (I forget the name, ugh!). But it's this little bakery near Impressions de France and they make some fabulous sweets.

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        we've always enjoyed the San Angel Inn which is INSIDE the pyramid at Mexico. We mostly eat there for the view, however. It's great when you can get a table while the lagoon and watch the boats go by.



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          One must have a meal at Rose & Crown. Quite enjoyable.

          The food was excellent at Chefs de France, but it was the longest meal we had during our trip.
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            The little sushi joint in the front of the Japanese pavilion (hang a right on the way in, as opposed to the Beni Hana-style place to the left) is quite nice and quiet, especially late at night. It's also a nice place to step outside and watch Illuminations, or whatever the new show is called.

            It's hard to beat the Mexican restaurant for ambience, although I cannot speak for the current quality of the food, which seems to have changed over the years. Best to ask someone who's been there recently for this.


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              Originally posted by 1stStarIC2nite
              Another great little place for a snack is in France (I forget the name, ugh!). But it's this little bakery near Impressions de France and they make some fabulous sweets.
              We've eaten at that bakery... that place is AWESOME!!!!!
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                For Counter Service try Tangerine Cafe in Morocco, or Lotus Blossom in China
                If you want table service, try Marekesh, also in Morocco as stated earlier. It sounds great. I also love the Biergarten in Germany and San Angel inside the Pyramid.


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                  Bistro de Paris is upstairs from Chef's and is much more intimate, and has some tremendous food, even better IMO than what you find downstairs. If it's on the menu, try the Quail Wellington.

                  We used to love going to Le Cellier for lunch, but now that it's a sit down steak dinner place, I don't know if it's as good as it used to be.

                  My wife loves the smorgasbord at Norway.


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                    Italy is nice, Germany is fun.

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                      It all depends on how adventurous an eater you are. I have never had a truly awful meal at Epcot, most have been good to very good. I generally skip Italy, China and Japan because you can easilly get good food of those types in any major city. China is also just average in my experiences, although I haven't been in years.

                      My faves are: Le Cellier, Rose and Crown, Coral Reef, Chefs de France and San Angel Inn ... not in any real order.


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                        *sob* I want to go back to Epcot sooo's the park I miss the most.

                        I have not eaten in Mexico yet...we had lunch in Norway- Princess lunch-it was...ok


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                          The Mexico restaurant was very nice and good food. The Nachos con pollo is huge and the beef with the enchiliada main course is my favorite.

                          In Norway, the dessert shop is my favorite. I recommend the lefse (I think that's what it's called).
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                            My Husband and I recently arrived home from Disney World. The Nine Dragons Restaurant in China is really yummy, and The Restaurant in Japan is really good. Also Mexico is delicious. I would NOT eat in Germany, the food tastes fake. We were also very dissapointed at Chefs De France. We have not eaten at any of the other restaurants, but I hope you find a good one!!!!! Have fun.


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                              Pasteries at the French Bakery or perhaps a crep from the cart in front.

                              Dinner at Akershus in Norway was wonderful, but not everyone likes lots of cold fish.

                              The Restaurant in Mexico has a lovely ambiance - akin to the Blue Bayou at DL - but the food is terrible (granted I live in So Cal and know good Mexican food).


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