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Around WDW in 48 Hours


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  • Around WDW in 48 Hours

    Well, as a followup to my other thread, I am back from my last minute trip to WDW and thought I'd share a little about our trip. I've never done one of these so let's see how my format works... lol

    Background: I've only been to WDW during late Aug, and into Sept after Labor Day. As an example, I (had) never seen a Test Track line longer than maybe 5 - 10 mins, which includes the movie and the walk into the building and load onto car. Anyhow, Friday 1am pacific time, we left Ontario airport after a days work, and some frantic packing... The excitement didn't let us sleep however and we arrived at Orlando at about 10:30am.

    Arrival: Didn't get the luggage tags in time so we had to get our luggage to take onto DME. This took a few minutes, and then I had failed to note that our airline was at a different terminal than where DME was... My wife glared me into asking for directions and a bit behind schedule, we were on our way. Lesson learned, do your research before you leave. As prepared as I thought I was... )

    Lodging: Saratoga Springs Resort... Maybe I've been spoiled by Wilderness Lodge and Boardwalk Villas but SSR was ok.

    The Days at a Glance:

    Day 1 (Friday June 29) - Wow, its not as hot as I thought it was going to be! Hey, the crowds aren't so bad! Hey this ME bus has more than 6 people. What gives? I know we've been up for 36 hours, but what time is our wakeup?

    Le Cellier (not a ride but honorable mention lol)/SSE/Nemo/Journey into Imagination/Maelstrom/Test Track/

    Laugh Floor/Philarmagic/Its a Small World/ Fireworks/

    Day 2(Sat June 30) - Early AK hours means earlier get out of AK for me... ( Not a AK fan...) Hey that line for Test Track is coming out of the building!

    Kilamajaro Safari/EE/Dinosaur/Finding Nemo: The Musical/Primeival Whirl

    SSE/Nemo/Journey Into Imagination/The Land Tour/Test Track/Mission:Space/SSE

    Downtown Disney Visit

    Day 3(Sun July 1) - Wow its over!?!? We have until about 2pm?!? Hey theres people forming what looks like a line for SSE? Theres a line at Nemo too? What happened to 5 min waits?!?

    Snow White/Philarmagic/TTA/COP/

    SSE/ -- a brisk run as we ran out of time and didn't want to miss our flight...

    Day 4(Monday July 2) - Wow I had a horrible dream we missed our connecting flight in Denver back to Ontario. Oh right, not a dream... Our flight in Orlando left 3 hours late and we missed the last leg of the trip by 10 minutes. So United got all of us a hotel in Colorado, and we got to bed around 12:30 am and had to be out by about 4:45 am to catch the 5am shuttle...

    Arrived in Ontario at 10:30am, home by 11am. Showered and got to work at noon. I am sitting here now and my eyes hurt but typing this is keeping me awake.

    Final Thoughts: All in all, we saw a lot more than I expected in the roughly 48 hours we were at WDW. The crowds were a new experience, but knowing when to use Fastpass saved us a lot of time. Epcot was PACKED yesterday. I had NEVER seen the line on both sides of SSE in use. We knew what we were getting into though, so we just laughed it off and had a great time. The "New Stuff" we hadn't seen was pretty cool as well. (more on that later) Well, thats it for now. I have to go splash some water on my face. :lol:

    Oh and it goes without saying, but I can't wait to go back in Sept for a nice relaxing week or so. :yea:

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