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what do you think? (would Walt approve?)


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  • what do you think? (would Walt approve?)

    i know this is kinda a commonly asked question esspecialy now but with everything happening today in the parks what do you think walt disney and his crewwould think about disneyworld? :monkey:

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    Personally, I think Walt would be angry.

    The purpose for Walt's "Disney World" project was to create EPCOT. He agreed to have another theme park built (against his wishes) in order to draw people to the area. Unfortunately, Walt was the only person who truly believed in EPCOT so after he died, Magic Kingdom was built & EPCOT never saw the light of day.

    If I were Walt, I'd be upset.


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      Originally posted by Evil Minion
      Personally, I think Walt would be angry.

      The purpose for Walt's "Disney World" project was to create EPCOT. He agreed to have another theme park built (against his wishes) in order to draw people to the area.
      If it were "against his wishes" then why in his owh first outline of project X on the napkin did he have a theme park as part of it? I don't like playing the guessing game because all the things we "know Walt would not have liked" (i.e. bumper boats, Ferris wheels, DCA) were all things that he or his people came up with ideas for during his time. We can nor we ever know "What Walt Would Do" unless in the after life we do get a change to meet him. One thing he did say is in Florida we have all the space we need for all of our dreams and ideas.....and the theme parks they have done with the swap land down there I am sure would make him proud.


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        Originally posted by Jerm
        If it were "against his wishes" then why in his owh first outline of project X on the napkin did he have a theme park as part of it?
        As I said earlier....
        Originally posted by Evil Minion
        in order to draw people to the area.
        EPCOT alone was not a big enough draw.


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          Hmmm... I personally would think Walt would love some of MK.. and hate others.... He loved doing everything without thinking of the budget... He loved having the future be showed in tomorrowland.. not disney characters....

          I think he might understand epcot for world piece... and looking to tomorrow for the answers of today... but would hate celebration and make it E.P.C.O.T.

          He would love MGM.. and hate AK....


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            why would he hate AK?

            he'd hate our EPCOT, he'd also hate MK

            DLP would make him proud as would TDS

            If Walt were still alive AK and MGM would be nowhere to be found.

            The old MGM (when the hat wasn't there) might make him smile as would the original concept for AK (with Beastlie Kingdomme and a Lion King show in the Tree of Life)


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              EPCOT is the black sheep of the WDW project. Ever notice how it is the last to get new stuff?

              I belive that if Walt were to come back today. he would fire everyone on the board and start over, picking only the best of the best, (like he did to start with).

              Walt was more then a dreamer. He didn't just have a vision. He took an idea, and made it reality. I am not saying he was a god, he was human and like all humans, he had faults. But he truly was a great man.

              I would give ANTHING to have been born and able to meet him years ago.

              God rest his soul.


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                He would hate how it was "budgeted" and cut the budget back.. and how they couldn't get the entire idea out.... and cut one conept...


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                  He would hate the overall transporation system that does not exist. the traffic, buses and cars would make him sick. He was trying to reinvent mass transit and they imported the problems.
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                    I don't think he would approve of AK. I read in some books on him that he told the gardeners not to harm gophers in DL because he noticed they were setting traps and baiting them and wanted to care for all animals. Far fetched? Read some of the books on him.
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                      I don't think Walt would approve of attractions being taken out and not being replaced with a new attraction.


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                        You know, I find it really hard to go back to the feelings of a man who has been dead since I was 4 year old. I mean, this is almost 1/2 a century ago! He' was a great guym but we don't know what he would've like or wouldn't have. I barely "knew" the guy as a TV personality, let alone the "inspiration he was for a short while. But, his inspiration was short lived. We've surpassed his incluence my numbers of years under new management. The past should be celebrated, learned from, revered at times, but we don't get to be "in that place" any more and can't bin "in Walt's Head" as much as we'd like to.


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                          Originally posted by Evil Minion
                          The purpose for Walt's "Disney World" project was to create EPCOT. He agreed to have another theme park built (against his wishes)
                          I'm not sure where the "against his wishes" comes from. While Walt's main concentration was always the city of 20,000 people (EPCOT), another Magic Kingdom was always part of the plan. The 2 properties would have fed off of each other. EPCOT wasn't supposed to be mainly a tourist attraction, but a living, working city, with participation from many industries to try out new concepts in urban design. If you ever get a chance to see the "Epcot film" on one of those classic Disney disc sets, you'll be amazed. This is a city I'd love to live in, almost 40 years later.

                          So the whole property was never meant to be a collection of amusement parks. But even with that, it's interesting to try to imagine what Walt would think of what's there. I'd betcha he'd have a lot of the same likes and dislikes as the rest of us. He'd be appalled at the decline in maintenance and cleanliness, amazed at the proliferation of hotels, and confused by the lack of any real progress in AA technology (Lucky aside). I'm betting it would greatly anger him to find out how long the sub lagoon sat there unused, or how haphazardly new promotional icons have been placed (the hat, the wand).

                          Those of us who have studied Walt's life and work know that his view of the current structure of the company would be pretty unfavorable, with the concentration on profit over entertainment. It'd sure be fun to see the cuts he would make immediately (ABC, ESPN, etc.?), and the massive rehiring of quality animators and imagineers. I don't have a clue what his return would do to the stock value, but I do feel in the long run he would be better for the company, and in the end for us as well.


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                            The other day I was talking to a MC chatter about this. What if Walt were here and was really surprised to see all of the old classic attractions still here? What if he never really intended the Tiki room to still be around or the Swiss family treehouse? What if he'd be saddened by the lack of new stuff at the park? I mean, I think the guy would have wanted a new attraction with each new film release.

                            I'm just theorizing here, I'm not speaking from fact about Walt. I'm not saying take out the old stuff. I'm just saying, what if?


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