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200 posts and 15 fish


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  • 200 posts and 15 fish

    Its hard to believe, that I have posted 200 times on Mice Chat.

    On Monday, June 20, I took my grandson age 12 on a fishing excursion. I was keeping a promise from a year ago, when he missed his fishing excursion, due to his broken arm.

    We awoke early, and he decided to begin his day at the 'Ole Fishin Hole' This is at Port Orleans Riverside, where we were staying. The fish did not bite too well that morning, and he only caught 3, rather small fish. The fishing is catch and realease, so we fished until 9:30, because the excursion was for 10 a.m. We walked over to the Dock, after the usual restroom and food court stops, and our guide Todd arrived early at 9;45 a.m. It was a beautiful, warm sunny morning.

    Todd was a perfect guide for my grandson. My grandson has been fishing many times before. He is not fearful, in any way, of the entire fishing process. I went along for the rest, the sun, and the cold drinks, that Todd had stashed in the cooler. There is a canopy on the boat, so you can sit in the shade, if you'd rather.

    Now Todd likes to have the kids do the "triple of fishing at WDW". That is to catch Bass, Blue Gill, and Catfish. We headed out into the waters at Downtown Disney. Before 10:10 a.m., my grandson had pulled in his first Bass.
    It was a big one too. Just under 24 inches. I promised my grandson a Disney Dollar for each foot of fish. 1 inch to 12 inches one Disney Dollar. 12 inches to 24 inches $2 etc. By the time the day was over, he had caught 5 bass at 3 different locations. You see Todd, being the expert, knows all the good spots. He baits the hook. He baits many different poles all at once. It's all in the odds. The more lines in the water, the more fish you can reel in. We fished in many different spots. One of them, is over near the dock at Downtown Disney, where you can pay for the excursion, and use the restroom, if you need to.

    By the end of the day, my grandson had caught 5 Bass, and 7 Blue Gill. I also caught 2 Blue Gill also. Now with the original 3, that morning at the fishing hole, my grandson had caught 15 fish for the day. All 5 Bass cost me $2 each. The other 10 were a dollar each and I was out $20. I proudly handed that over to my grandson. He now had more spending money.

    I highly recommend the fishing excursion. We were only traveling with three people (mom chose not to fish). The excursion is for 5 people. Costly around $200. A promise is a promise, but magic does happen.

    The fishing at the 'Ole Fishin Hole is only $8 an hour. The last morning my grandson fished there, they used hot dogs as bait, and he pulled in a few fish and a few turtles.

    Try the fishing at WDW.

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    Congrats on the 200!


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