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Wand Demolition - Day 4!


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  • Wand Demolition - Day 4!

    Well, I went out to EPCOT at 2:30 am, so I deserve to start this thread!

    Even if my pictures did come out a bit crappy. I have a camera that insists on shutting down when I need it most. Especially since this involved sitting in one of those courtesy wheelchairs for an hour hour waiting for movement and once they start to move a letter, its on the ground in about 30 seconds.

    Oh well! Here goes:

    When I first got there, not much had changed:

    then I saw showers of sparks raining down from the far side:
    (again hard to photograph)

    Now, the only 2 pics I was able to get of what I came to see: (drumroll)

    No, really, its there! Look right behind Mickey's hand!

    And the first ever pic of the wand with one side totally clear: (hard to see, but historic nonetheless!)

    I promise I'll do this agian before the demo is complete, and maybe i'll remember the camcorder, (duh!)

    TTFN, :sleep:.

    Best hold on to Your Hats and Glasses, 'cause this heres the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!

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