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What do you do while you are standing in line at WDW?


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  • What do you do while you are standing in line at WDW?

    What do you do while you are standing in line at WDW. You can't avoid it. One of the most enjoyable ways to pass the time, is to talk to the people around you. Conversations are usually started by asking "Where are you from?" or "How long are you visiting?" I met so many nice people this way.

    I was on a bench, at Epcot, waiting for Illuminations, and I met the nicest mom from Tennessee. I met families from Iowa, Rhode Island, and my own state of Illinois. Its fun to share your experiences this way. Perhaps you can help a family out with some useful info.

    What do you do, while waiting in line?
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    Usually I'm chatting with whomever I'm with, normally my boys. Many people around here iknow my oldest and know that means alot of chatting There is also the "ha ha I'm at DL" tm's that have to be sent out

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      I talk with whoever I am with, or those around me, or to myself...whatever!!
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        I take lifesavers with me in the park (with my crackers and water). Once I enter a lengthy line, I pop one in.

        It's amazing how quickly the time passes with a lifesaver in your mouth. More than likely you'll end up focusing on twirling it on your tongue and thinking about the flavor (and the next flavor you're craving) that you aren't noticing that your feet are moving.
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          I try and avoid breathing in all the wonderful aromas of the lovely mass of humanity I am sharing the queues with.


          • #6
            Usually I am telling little kids to stop kicking me or stop swinging on the bars. But some of the time I'm telling my hubby how much I love him, because there isn't much else to do.



            • #7
              I give dirty looks to those using FP and getting in front of me.


              • #8
                I usually give dirty looks to those standing in line as I sail by with my FP.
                These are the games that never end.


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                  Sometimes I'm yelling at my kids to stop swinging on the bars and kicking other guests but usually I'm conversing with other guests, hoping to convince foreigners that not all Americans are rude. :lmao:


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                    Originally posted by Trish
                    usually I'm conversing with other guests, hoping to convince foreigners that not all Americans are rude. :lmao:
                    no small task
                    These are the games that never end.


                    • #11
                      I usually say a few jokes out there when I'm in line and I get a reasonable amount of laughs. When I'm in a line after a few drinks (Mainly Epcot), I don't have to speak at all to get a few laughs

                      Another thing I do in line is just talk about the attraction I'm waiting in line for (history, tech stuff, etc.) usually with the older crowds.
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                        What are these lines of which you speak? When I go I usually walk right onto rides. Of course I usually go in the beginning of January so no one is there

                        But when I did get stuck in a line it seemed to easy to start up a conversation with people, it helps the time fly.


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                          Originally posted by Ward
                          no small task
                          Well my mum was brought to tears by a very aggresive lady working the burger stall at the Florida Mall food court who was insisting my mum hadn't paid for her meal, even when her colleagues were telling her that they had recieved payment. But my mum said she didn't speak with an American accent, she reckons she is from Mexico. :bang:
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                            Why are all the gorgeous ones homicidal maniacs? Is it me?

                            No, it isn't just you. :ot: :whistling


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                              Re: What do you do while you are standing in line at WDW?

                              What do I do while in line? Chat with my wife and kids trying to psych them up for the ride. If alone in the park, those people around me. If I feel like being anti-social and am at the park only for the rides, I surf the web, check email, etc on my Nokia 6630 courtesy of the Nokia PR Dept. But when feeling anti-social and in a ride only mood, I go to IoA and ride Hulk or Deuling Dragons a few times and just scream my head off... Since due to so called "9/11" security fears, people can no longer go to the Orlando airport and scream as the jets flew less then 100 feet above you. It was such a blast back then.


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