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Finding Nemo - The Musical: a few pictures!


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  • Finding Nemo - The Musical: a few pictures!

    Kevin Yee's latest Miceage article announced that non-flash photography is now allowed during Finding Nemo - The Musical. Hurray!!! I'm a big fan of this show as well. In the Big Blue World and Go with the Flow are really, really fun musical numbers. Here are a few pictures from a spot further back in the theatre than Kevin's perspective.

    A view of the stage from our seats before the show begins

    Wide view of the stage during In the Big Blue World

    Mr. Ray arrives to take the students to the drop-off

    Marlin and Dory meet for the first time

    Dory and Marlin encounter Bruce, Chum and Anchor

    Inside the dentist's aquarium and Nigel appears

    The jellyfish sequence, complete with Dory and Marlin doing aerial work

    Crush and the sea turtles arrive and encourage Marlin to Go with the Flow

    Back in the tank, Nemo gains hope upon hearing that his dad is coming to Sydney

    After being rescued, everyone returns to the beauty of the coral reef

    Even Nemo's new friends from the aquarium are back in the ocean

    ...and the curtain call!

    This is really a wonderful addition to DAK and we liked it so much, we bought the CD so we can listen to it whenver we want. I think everyone in the cast does a wonderful job (several times a day!). And the crew, production staff and creative team deserve big kudos for putting this show together. Bravo!

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    Re: Finding Nemo - The Musical: a few pictures!

    Even though I've never seen the show, I downloaded the music from Napster and can't stop listening to it - it's so addictive! I want to see the show so bad. It seems really incredible.


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      Re: Finding Nemo - The Musical: a few pictures!

      that's amazing , i bet after a while you forget that the "humans" are actually on the stage... rad

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