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'There are two 'Happiest Places on Earth:' - Hugh Hefner


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  • 'There are two 'Happiest Places on Earth:' - Hugh Hefner

    At first, the contrast was laughable: Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, accompanied by a bevy of bunnies, visiting Walt Disney World. But Thursday afternoon, it was one American icon paying homage to another - Walt Disney.

    "It's fascinating to see the impact of the global nature of the Disney phenomenon," Hefner said. "It's remarkable how universal the Playboy bunny is now - anywhere in the world."

    "What has never left me, quite frankly, is the boy himself," Hefner said. "It is the connection to childhood. There are two 'Happiest Places on Earth:' One is Disney, and the other is the Playboy Mansion."
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    Was there ever a doubt?


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      I wonder how "obsessed" his one girlfriend really is...

      who knows... maybe she's among us on these boards!


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        Hi Holly!!!! :love:

        If you want a special tour of Disneyland, and of course, the Hotels... let me know..... :devil:
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          My CM friend told me last night that he saw Hefner and I think he said seven playmates were with him. Maybe it was Hugh's 7 g-friends?????
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            hehehehehehe I got a nice chuckle out of this article this morning.

            Is it just me or was Disney like everywhere in the news this morning?? I swear half the articles listed on my Yahoo page were in some way about Disney.


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                this is hilarious...... he road TOT right.... with his bunnies.. did he have privote rides???


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                  is there any other way to visit the park than with 7 beautiful women that like to get naked?


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