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wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!


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  • wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

    Some background first:

    I have known SleepingBeauty867 since I was 7 years old. We met at Vacation Bible School at my church. A couple of years later, she became my "girlfriend" which meant that she could sit with me in church and I could go to her house on saturdays and go swimming.

    Then we grew apart and got older and when I was 13, I started to have some "different" feelings about her. And, we became boyfriend/girlfriend once again. This time it meant that I could hold her hand and we told each other that we "loved" each other and that sort of thing.
    Then times changed and we went to (the same) high school and once again grew as far apart as we were previously close.
    In the meantime, she had grown to love WDW. She started going at the age of 6 and has been at least once every year since then. She was raised on wdw and loves everything about it.
    I, however, was a "cool" teenager who would go to Orlando to go to Universal Studios which I thought was a "manly" park.
    Then on our senior trip (2005) we went on a cruise to the bahamas and stopped for a one day trip to MK on the way back home.
    I instantly fell in love with MK and went on a trip with my parents about 3 weeks later.
    I loved WDW. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. I know there are many people on this website who talk about the "glory days" and I'm not saying they don't have a point becuase I wasn't there but I guess I could be called a "fanboy" becuase I instantly loved everything about WDW.
    So I planned a trip in Christmas of 2005 with my mom. Well, my soon to be girlfriend said she had always wanted to go during the holidays and so I asked her to tag along.
    To make a long story short, we started dating again shortly after that trip and have since fell in love all over again. And, I had decided to ask her to marry me.

    So, I decided what better place to do it than WDW ???

    So here's what I did:

    I instructed her parents to start planning a trip with me and her for August 3-8. But about 4 weeks before we were scheduled to leave, I told her that my flight to europe (I was really leaving Aug. 9) had been moved up to Aug. 3. So she thought I was leaving for Europe that day.
    Obviously it was great big lie and I was going to surprise her in WDW.
    So, I contact the Cinderella Royal Table special events people and worked out a plan.

    Here's what happened:

    She was walking through the castle breezeway and a CM went up to her and told her she had won something from the YOAMD and that her dream was about to come true.
    She led her and her parents into the lobby of CRT inside the castle and met cinderella who told her that her dream was about to come true. Cinderella led her around the corner to me. I was kneeling down by Cinderella's bench with a platter full of flowers and one glass slipper with a ring inside.
    And so I got to ask my childhood sweetheart to marry me inside of cinderella's castle with just me, her, our parents, and Cinderella.
    After many tears and hugs later we went upstairs to eat some prime rib with a perfect view of fantasyland.
    Then we had 4 more full days of WDW.
    And I don't want to get sappy or anything it was an awesome experience. And I know that WDW has it's problems and everything but I wasn't thinking about any of that. I was just enjoying the place that makes me the happiest. Every time I go, it seems like I'm going for the first time. Whether it's enjoying a fireworks spectacular like Wishes or going on a cruise with the wildest to ever sack the spanish main, I love everything about WDW. Naivety? Probably. But as they say, ignorance is bliss.

    And, of course it was extra special (for obvious reasons).

    Also, we went to DTD and went shopping for our future home. We bought Mickey dishes, plates, bowls, silverware, cups, etc.
    We want our house to be a magical as possible because we are two Disney nuts who just don't care.

    Ok, so I'm going to wrap this post up becuase your probably getting tired of reading it. And I am leaving for Europe in about 7 hours so I will have pics up and a normal trip report up whenever I get back (8/29)

    Hopefully you enjoyed this and your comments are welcome.

    BTW, the tenative date is 6/28/08
    wishesjake and SleepingBeauty867

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    Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!



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      Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

      aww, that is so sweet.
      |I QUIT|
      ...Not like anyone on here really gives a care about me anyway...


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        Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

        That is so SO sweet and romantic!
        There are tears in y eyes... how special is that?
        And what a sweet story of finding and losing each other so much.
        She's one lucky girl!
        congratulations to both of you!
        Good morning, son
        In twenty years from now
        Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
        And I can tell you 'bout today
        And how I picked you up and everything changed
        It was pain
        Sunny days and rain
        I knew you'd feel the same things...



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          Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

          What a wonderful story. Congratulations to both of you!

          Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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            Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

            Wow, that's the best prize for the Year of a Million Dreams there is!!! Congrats!! Awesome planning on your part. I hope you two will be happy and together forever!


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              Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

              What a wonderful story. Congratulations to you both.


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                Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

                What a great way to propose! Mazal Tov!


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                  Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

                  What a great story, I was in tears, so sweet!



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                    Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

                    Congratulations! What a great that you two will remember for the rest of your lives together! Thanks for sharing! It almost makes me want to divorce my husband just so he can propose to me again and we can have a wedding at WDW...almost.
                    Originally posted by larasound
                    am I the burrito man?


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                      Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

                      Aww what a great story! Congratulations to you both.


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                        Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

                        I'd say that was planned to perfection.


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                          Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

                          That is SO sweet! I'm almost in tears! Congrats to both of you!
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                            Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

                            Congrats!! I am sure it meant a lot to her that you took so much time to plan it out and make it special for the two of you and your parents!

                            It's kind of fun to do the impossible- Walt Disney


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                              Re: wishesjake and SB867 are engaged!!!!

                              I'm sure there are a large number of women on this site who would love for a man to make all those plans for a proposal. It was very sweet and I hope your wedding is just as magical!


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