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Has anyone been to the...


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  • Has anyone been to the...

    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party?

    We're planning our 2nd trip and would like to go when we can get tickets for this event. Is it worth going to?
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    Re: Has anyone been to the...

    Yes it is. It's like a (no gone) E-Ride night, except all the attractions are open. They have charecter meet & greets, snow on Main Street, a great night time Christmas parade, cocoa and photo areas and the best fireworks I've ever seen WDW do. Granted this was 1998, but it was still very fun!


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      Re: Has anyone been to the...

      Yes, I've been several times, and it's a blast. Suggestion: Try to be in the park around 5:00 or so with a dinner reservation. That way you'll avoid being over at the Ticket and Transportation Center with thousands of other people trying to get to the park all at once.


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        Re: Has anyone been to the...

        No, it isn't. It's very crowded and it allows Disney to 'take' its guests by offering them something 'special' for an additional cost. The problem is everything they 'give you' at MVMCP is what was included with regular admission from Turkey Day on in the 1970s, 80s and into the early 90s.

        That's why I'll never pay for it.


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          Re: Has anyone been to the...

          I'm going on Tuesday the 13th! I can't wait! I know it's kind of a gip since the parade should be for free, but I'm excited for the party.


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            Re: Has anyone been to the...

            I prefer Halloween myself. It is much less busier, and I will never forget being asked by the Cast Members if we wanted to ride Thunder again in a row since there was no queue! And you get as much candy as you want, plus you get to dress up and all the characters are in Halloween outfits. They tell you a spooky story on the Lilly Belle, and there is a special Halloween version of Wishes.

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