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Remy's Sewer Chase (Armchair Imagineering)


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  • Remy's Sewer Chase (Armchair Imagineering)

    Perhaps some of you have heard about the rumored Ratatouille spinning mouse coaster going into Disney's Hollywood Studios in the near future. Well, no one knows the plot yet of this ride, but I decided to put in my ideas.

    If you want to see pictures, you can go to my blog's post here

    My version of this Ratatouille coaster is called Remy's Sewer Chase (because I couldn't think of anything else). I really enjoy the story of Ratatouille, and I think it would do well as a dark ride. Of course we Disney fans are used to the normal dark rides like Snow White and such, but this version of the same thing would be enhanced with the use of the mouse coaster.

    The combination of the coaster and true dark ride scenes is a tricky balance. It would be impossible to see the scenes while the coaster is whizzing past them. Therefore Remy's Sewer Chase is not all coaster all the time; while there are fast moments that include the spinning of the car there are also slow moments that allow guests to take in the scenes.

    The adventure begins at the loading dock which is set deep in the sewers of Paris. The vehicle begins to go through the sewers and you see Remy's father, brother, and the entire rat pack's sewer home.

    You turn a corner and see Remy with a huge cookbook with a picture of Gusteau. The picture is actually a cleverly hidden screen that comes to life as you pass, and you hear Gusteau say, "Anyone can cook" (just like in the film).

    Now is when the coaster begins. Your vehicle turns another corner and you come to a lift which is shaped like an inclined sewer pipe. Once you "scurry" up to the top of the lift, you go down a drop. The next few seconds are inspired by the impressive sewer chase from the movie. During this time your vehicle spins.

    The vehicle finally emerges from the depths of the sewers onto the streets of Paris directly in front of Gusteau's. In order to see everything, this part of the track is level and the vehicle moves slower. You enter the restaurant's dining room then into the kitchen where Remy has been found by Skinner. You hear him yell, "RAT!!" and you begin to spin as the other cooks seem to pop up from here and there trying to catch you. Luckily you stop spinning and make it out into the alley.

    In the alley we see the "Remy in a jar" scene from the movie. We hear Linguini ask Remy, "Can you really teach me to cook?"

    Your vehicle turns a corner and we have entered Linguini's apartment. We see Remy trying to manipulate a blindfolded Linguini. As Linguini stumbles about, the vehicle begins to spin again and off it goes into a fast speed through a mousehole in Linguini's apartment and into a drain pipe (which could be another drop).

    The pipe leads to the bright and sunny streets of gay Paris. As we spin we catch glimpses of French markets, other vehicles passing by, and general streetmosphere.

    We also see Linguini and Collette on a moped like in the movie. From here the vehicle stops spinning and turns a corner to again be in front of Gusteau's.

    This time, however, Gusteau's has a huge "CLOSED" sign over it (as it was closed in the movie after the health inspection). We see Skinner standing outside the restaurant with a glowering look on his face as he knows he has lost his business. Instead of going into the restaurant, we veer right and instead enter Le Ratatouille's, Linguini and Remy's new bistro.

    As we enter the dining room, who shall we see but Antone Ego enjoying his favorite dish, Ratatouille. As we pass him, he says to us "My compliments to the chef".

    We then enter the kitchen of Le Ratatouille's. The kitchen is set up like the scene in the film where all the rats are preparing the food. We also see Collette cooking along with the pack. We exit through the back door of the bistro and into the Paris streets once more.

    As we exit Le Ratatouille's, Paris is alive with night life. Straight ahead is the Eiffel Tower and off to the right is Linguini with Remy in his hand. The ceiling is made to look like the evening sky, and within the stars we see the projection of Gusteau's ghost which says to us, "Remember, anyone can cook".

    As we pass Remy and Linguini, we hear Linguini say, "Thanks Little Chef". The vehicle then goes through the archway of the Eiffel Tower, turns a corner, and stops at the unloading dock.

    So there's my version of the new Ratatouille coaster. I feel pretty good about this idea. Although some scenes from the movie are skipped over, the most essential stuff is in there. I still have no idea what the vehicles will look like; however, I do think the ride could use a soundtrack. One suggestion I have is the awesome track used in the film's credits called "End Creditouilles".

    Please give some feedback on what you like/hate. I'd like to hear your thoughts! Oh, and visit my blog!
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    Re: Remy's Sewer Chase (Armchair Imagineering)

    Nice ideas if a little long-winded. Too much story even for a standard dark ride, never mind a coaster.

    The Ratatouille attraction is rumoured to be a different version of DLP's Crush's Coaster. Crush has a few dark-ride type key scenes from the film (the reef, the jellyfish, a very quick flash of the angler fish and the submarine featuring Bruce) before turning into a full-blown in-the-dark spinning coaster. It finishes (rather weakly) with a quick flash of Crush waving good-bye.

    The Ratatouille one will probably follow the same lines. I would expect it to start in the kitchen but quickly drop into the sewers (as Crush almost immediately drops 'underwater') The rest of the scenes would probably feature scenes and characters from below-ground although, as I have said, if this is like Crush it will be more coaster than dark ride.

    I do like the Paris at night finale.
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      Re: Remy's Sewer Chase (Armchair Imagineering)

      I don't know about this Remy roller coaster thing. Why not the Incredibles for a coaster
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        Re: Remy's Sewer Chase (Armchair Imagineering)

        ^^I would rather have Incredibles as well, but sadly Ratatouille is on the menu (excuse the pun!) for a new ride. It's all about promoting the newest I suppose.

        don't worry, The Incredibles will get their day!! especially if the rumors are true about Incredibles 2.

        Originally posted by nathan detroit View Post
        Nice ideas if a little long-winded. Too much story even for a standard dark ride, never mind a coaster.
        I dunno, I think that it just sounds like way too much with all the writing, but the ride is basicly an expanded version of like the Monsters Inc. dark ride (which goes through pretty much the entire story). The pace would be fast, for instance the whole Gusteau's kitchen, Remy in a jar, and Linguini's apartment would be like bam bam bam all right in a row. I imagine it like Alice In Wonderland with scene scene scene and longer stretches with just coaster.

        I just think it would give a great spin (again excuse the pun) to the classic dark rides we are all used to.
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