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Disney College Program Fall Presentation Schedule


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  • Disney College Program Fall Presentation Schedule

    Does anyone know when the Walt Disney World College Program's Fall Presentation schedule will become available? I want to do the program Spring of next year. I have signed up for the info to be emailed to me but it hasn't came yet. It is getting kind of late as they say the presentations start in Sept. so does anyone know when the schedule will be released?

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    Re: Disney College Program Fall Presentation Schedule

    It looks like the schedule is up.


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      Re: Disney College Program Fall Presentation Schedule

      ^ Yes, but it isn't 100% complete or close to it just yet... While some schools have already started the season is just getting started so I would give it a two weeks. If you have any specific questions I would contact Disney College Recruiting yourself regarding a possible live presentation being scheduled and go from there.

      As I've mentioned to you before Tedi Bara, it's best to do attend a live presentation if you can - but if you can't, you can always do the e-presentation online when it is best for you. Be sure to talk with your adviser and work with the learning plan Disney has posted, the syllabus, etc. and establish the best system for you to get the most out of your program and credit from you school, if possible as well. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions as they arrise!


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        Re: Disney College Program Fall Presentation Schedule

        My school is up! My first opportunity as a campus rep! The presentations are on Oct 11, at 12:30 and 5:00.
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