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WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction


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  • WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

    Airlines and Luxury Hotels Disappoint: Customers Want More Comfort and Pampering

    Market Metrix Announces Second Quarter 2007 Hospitality Index Results
    Walt Disney World Resorts, Midwest Airlines and Enterprise Rent-a-Car ranked number one

    -- Market Metrix, LLC, the leading provider of customer and employee feedback and performance tools for the hospitality industry, today announced results of the Market Metrix Hospitality Index (MMHI) for the second quarter of 2007.

    Walt Disney World Resorts, Midwest Airlines and Enterprise Rent-a-Car ranked number one in hotel, airline and rental car industry customer satisfaction, respectively.

    Although there was a small decrease (-.1) reported in the second quarter of 2007, customer satisfaction levels in the lodging industry are at positive record levels with a recent high score of 82.7 in the first quarter of 2007. This high level of customer satisfaction comes even as the lodging industry has reduced the number of employees per available and occupied room and while other industries, such as airlines, have experienced declines.

    Market Metrix Hospitality Index 2007 2nd Quarter YTD Winners

    Ritz-Carlton 88.2 Luxury

    Walt Disney World Resorts 90.2 Upper Upscale

    Homewood Suites 89.4 Upscale
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    Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

    What is this Market Metrix and how much did Disney pay them?

    Seriously, when a hardcore Disney fan goes to WDW and then things "Gee, that was nice, but I really don't want to return there for at least 5-10 years" then Orlando, we have a problem.
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      Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

      I think the vast majority of guests at Walt Disney World resorts are very satisfied with the great customer service that Disney is famous for.
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        Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

        Worms, the can is open.

        48 Favourites From WDW [Photos]


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          Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

          Putting my two cents in I have stayed at poly, contemporary, yacht club, carribean beach , both port orleans hotels, and the allstar and pop century. I found that the service at the deluxe hotels was top notch, comperable to any hilton or marriot chain I have stayed at. The servivce tended to decline from there at the moderates and the values but then you get what you pay for.


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            Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

            I think it's idiotic to even compare airlines and WDW and it's hotels. For one, they are totally different entities... one an entertainment company, and the other a transportation mode. Also, people are paying new millenium prices to enjoy WDW and darn it, they will enjoy it no matter what, while airlines passengers are still being charged 1980s fares and giving away their premium services to passengers who accumulate frequent flyer miles on cheap fares. So, what's wrong with that picture??? No wonder why airlines disappoint while WDW excels... After all... WDW's ride vehicles can still accomodate Americans' ever growing backsides better than airlines ever will.... so we are comparing apples and oranges folks.

            And may I add... WDW deserves that place in the poll. There simply is no other place as visible and well placed in the World, where people can escape (to a certain degree at least since quality is somewhat reduced there now) and put their troubles and worries aside for a few days. And WDW benefits from the fact that as a vacation resort, it is more accessible or exposed to many more visitors than any airline or hotel chain will ever be.

            Point I am trying to make is... it's quite unfair to rate WDW against other tourist/business related entities as lodging, air travel, or any other tourism-oriented entity. The day the polls compare WDW against the other Disney Resorts on Earth, in terms of value and quality (among other attributes some of us care to comment here) then I am game to give such polls a bit more credibility.


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              Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

              look....there is nothing wrong with expecting the best out of your WDW vacation. As a CM, i do my best to always make people feel special and pleased, but i cant control the subpar CM's they may have encountered elsewhere in the park. WDW1974 stated that they have had an annual pass since 1982 and "invested" a six-digit sum of money in this case, i would say that WDW1974 isnt being some kind of killjoy or miser, but is to that point of WDW veterancy that they are protecting their investment, correct?? Simply taking on a roll of quality improvement almost.

              Now again, it is juts fine to go to WDW and have a good time....focusing on what needs to be improved doesnt work for some people and can ruin their vacation, but people like WDW1974 have been going so long that perhaps its their duty?? WDW needs some serious improvement and as a CM i cant visit a park without seeing countless things that could be better.

              So, whatever works for you, do it. If InnerSpace enjoys just going to experience what is there and not look at the park from the critical perspective, fine.....that works for some people.
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                Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

                *sighs* Anybody else tired of almost every thread in the WDW forum turning into the Debate Lounge?

                Can't we just all get along?

                On Topic:

                Good for them, I think they deserve it, I've had nothing less than spectacular service, no matter what level of hotels I stayed in, from Value to the top, Disney has excellent service and even when it wasn't perfect they immediately fixed any issue I've ever had.


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                  Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

                  And may I add, my last trip to WDW was not to spot the bad. Quite the contrary. We were not going to go until the kids were older, but a killer deal for a deluxe savannah view room at AKL came up. We planned and saved for 10 months. We had a budget of $10,000 for the 4 of us.

                  And we spent 12 days at the resort. The first few set backs with room relocation issues, 6 hour delay to our luggage, and bus delays the next morning did not phase me. And I was sooo excited.

                  But we had some shoddy service in 50% of our dining or shopping transactions. 20 - 50 min waits for buses (instead of 10 - 20). Broken AA's on virtually every AA attraction (including the Angler Fish and Yeti on 2 new attractions). Flithy (not dirty, but filthy) bathrooms. Subpar food. 180 days to make reservations for table service restaurants, and when my kids were unwell and we had to blow out ohana, we were given 9:50pm or 7am breakfast as alternative time at 7 TS restaurants we requested. My wife's jeans were ripped on a broken screw on a chair at AKL (Management did handle it well in the end). We went through 4 Pal Mickey's until we had one that didn't break.

                  The parks were very dirty, especially the MK (and we have complained about DLP in the past???).

                  So, did we have a miserable time? No, but it sure wasn't the magical times we have enjoyed in the past. All these things added up to = it's no longer worth it. And that saddens me. But for a while we will go to DL, or DLP, or HKDL and TDL instead to get our fix.

                  I went to WDW to enjoy myself. And we did have fun. But not the level of fun we used to, or indeed enjoy at the other resorts. I wanted to come back and report great things. But instead I came back disappointed, and after our 12 days at DLP in June, I confirmed for myself WDW is declining by degrees.

                  But like DL, where it hit rock bottom and is rising up. I want to do my part. Talking to city hall does no good. And nothing terrible as one unique experience ruined our trip, so writing to an exec is no good either. So I post on the message boards in the hopes that someone will start telling me "It is getting better", or an a Disney Cast Memeber will see my posts and try to make a change back towards the traditions of the Disney experience. Heck, I would love to be a Disney exec myself to make that change, but sadly, those jobs are not advertised.

                  And so I post on 8 or 9 boards, about the good, the bad, and the ugly. And my love of the resorts holds hope that once again the magic will live across the globe, and not just in pockets dependent on the regional flavour of the month.
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                    Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

                    Originally posted by mprewitt View Post
                    I think the vast majority of guests at Walt Disney World resorts are very satisfied with the great customer service that Disney is famous for.
                    I would say a majority are ... I don't know about vast.

                    I'd like to see a real scientific poll done.

                    I'm also trying to figure out what the 'upper upscale' category means ... I believe it may be pitting Disney against brands such as Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott.

                    I'd also point out that in 2006 the Contemporary, Poly, WL and All Star Music all debuted new rooms that were/are considerably better than their predecessors. That could have had a major positive effect.

                    My OPINION (based on anecdotal experience) would be that the amount of WDW resort guests who are mostly or totally happy with their resort experience likely hovers close to 80%. Impressive to be sure.


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                      Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

                      Can't we just all get along?




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                        Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

                        In 1997 we went on a carnival cruise for our honeymoon- loved it. In 1998 I took dh to the GF for the first time (after a massive build-up)- it was a dissapointment to say the least. Our take? Carnival gave us a better customer service experience than a vacation at the GF (in a cheap cabin cateogory no less!)- and that opinion has held in the experiences I have had on various WDW vacations since then.

                        Needless to say I am suprised by the results of this market research, but I still believe that visitors who did not visit prior to the mid-90s just don't know what they are missing, so they do believe it is A#1.


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                          Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

                          Hurrah for the CMs that make the experience great.

                          Maybe I am in the minority, but I regularly encounter stellar CMs who offer excellent service.


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                            Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

                            This is all well and good but ..... (You knew there was a but )

                            What does this report MEAN. OK, Disney got a 90.2 something score.

                            What does that MEAN. 90% of all guests surveyed were satisfied? 90% found it exceptional? Heck, who even says its a percentage. Maybe its on a scale of 1-500 for all we know.

                            All this survey tells me is that WDW's customer service is better (based on some unknown survey) than some other non-related compaines. It does not say WDW's service is poor, acceptable, good, or excellent. Only that it is better as compared to others.

                            If I own a hotel where I use dirty sheets and yell at the guests, then the hotel where they have clean sheets but still yell at the guests is going to be "better" but I still would not want to stay there.

                            I still think that WDW physical infrastructure is not as good as it once was (lets all say "peeling paint" together and get it over with) but I still find CM's there, who in face to face interactions, are top notch, and much better than some of the "generic" responses I get from a lot of hotel chains. "Good, afternoon sir, and how can I help you today" said while looking the other way for example.

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                              Re: WDW ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

                              Kudos to the CMs! Customer Service is still the best at Disney!

                              Thanks for all the great things you guys have done for me, personally over the years. They deserve praise.

                              (even if other things are not up to snuff.)


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