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  • Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama

    Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama you either love it or hate it. I love it. The look of the area is so road trip nostalgia. The colours are bright and the rides are fun. I like the look of a carnival has come to town and set up in a parking lot. Look down as you are walking through the area and you can see the lines for parking stalls, nice touch.

    I think this area should be expanded with more rides.

    Any thoughts?

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    I think it was a good idea.. thougth they could have gotten some other rides instead of a mirror mouse coaster and a dumbo one.. a mouse one... something else.. and no dumbo ride..... the place can be soo much more...though it fit's with the chester theam...


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      I thought Paradise Pier was bad until I saw this abomination. I don't know how any imagineer could ever claim to have worked on this without being embarrased. To me this marks the death of creativity within the Disney Company.


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        Are you saying you did not have enjoy the rides?


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          Wow, an authentic parking lot. yay.
          ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


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            I have always enjoyed it because it adds to the storyline of that area of the park. If they only had the money to do what they did they did a great job of it. I don't think that WDI is at fault for this one just like A Bugs Land at DCA (that is a bad area with no reason for being) they were told more kid friendly attractions with a CHEAP budget.

            Does that area add anything as far as WOW factor? No but does it do better then the tent o' dino bones that was there before it? Yes it does.

            While I wish the "wooden" coaster that was desigend for that area was built I don't mind what ended up there. Because if in the future they do want to expand that would be one of the first things to go because it would be a easy pull.


            *END OF LINE*


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              Dino-Rama is the worst thing to ever happen to the WDW Resort, and one of the worst ideas that idiot park management has come up with, and that's saying a lot.

              This is exactly why DCA failed. Yay, colorful carnival rides! I can ride these at my local Six Flags. And oh yeah, absolutely NO shade from the blazing Florida heat. How much did I pay for this? Also, it cheapens the existing theme. Animal Kingdom is supposed to be about lush, natural landscapes and animals in their natural habitat. So, what does a parking lot and kiddy carnival games contribute to this theme? Absolutely nothing. In fact, it degrades the entire park by being thematically dead-set against the rest of the AK areas. "We lamented the killing of the dinosaurs a few hundred feet away, but here we're going to celebrate it!" Ummm...okay...undermine one of your headliner attractions, that's a good idea!

              "See, Animal Kingdom's Dino-Rama is only THEMED to those seedy, roadside rip-off stands that Walt constantly crusaded against. It's not ACTUALLY tawdry crap transparently masquerading as a cornerstone of your incredibly expensive immersive storytelling dream vacation."

              Oh really?
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                In have to agree with Indy 95, it's a joke and a sheer embarassment to the entire Disney company.


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                  General, "abomination" is the right word. There is nothing imaginative about plopping down two identical wild mice and a flat ride in a "parking lot". I can see this at most of my local churches on weekends in the spring.
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                    I think it was a really good idea, executed very poorly. They could have done much better.


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                      um.. it is in "chester's & Hester's Dinorama.. built next to there store.. whihc is touristy.. think of the place like south of the Border in south Carolina.. it is a tourist trapp... thats what this is suppost to be a perminent carnival like tourist trap.... (did they build this over a parking lot or was that part of the themeing, I dont think they were a Six Flags.. but this worked with the idea........)


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                        Offensive (has some visual references to Downs)
                        Out of place
                        Theme park "fill"
                        No long lasting memories for children
                        Away and against Walts ideas of family entertainment
                        What was originally budgeted instead went to Eisner as a bonus
                        Third world guest's area of a theme park
                        What happens when you buy "off the shelf" rides marked Made in China
                        The plan is to gradually cheapen the image of Disney to the point whereas any new ride built only has to be half as good as a new ride in Japan
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                          Originally posted by Mr D
                          Offensive (has some visual references to Downs)
                          I can't help but wonder what you mean by this... do you have any examples? I don't think I've ever heard this one.


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                            The thing that is really sad about this area is that when we wen't last September my 5 year old didn't even like about missing the mark!!!

                            1st time poster by the way, long time lurker
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                              In todays society, a reference to absolutely anything will offend someone. As far as Downs go, please clarify. I too have never heard that one before.

                              As for the area, it's a disappointment, and something even Six Flags has done better at. It's the biggest disappointment of Animal Kingdom. Everytime I go there the coaster is either closed or only operating at half capacity (one track only).


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                                Originally posted by Rainfully
                                I think it was a really good idea, executed very poorly. They could have done much better.
                                Wow - written just like I would have written it. I'd also say that it's a kinda fun area, but in the wrong park. If a 6 Flags park had this area, it'd be a huge hit. But it's way beneath the standard for Disney.


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