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The "Wayback Machine" finds my old website photos (from the Millenium)


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  • The "Wayback Machine" finds my old website photos (from the Millenium)

    I have never even heard of the website, but Brian Martsolf (some might listen to his podcast) noticed I was lamenting over my long lost website photos. The hard drive they were on was wiped clean.

    He mentioned the Wayback Machine online. I'd never heard of it, but they archive websites. So if anyone is interested, I have photos here:

    The Magic Kingdom photos don't seem to be loading much, and any of the photos can take a while to load. Some won't get larger than thumbnails, others can be clicked on. I have a few prints here, but most I don't anymore. (the prints look better than the online versions).

    I also have pics from the pre-opening of Islands:

    and some pics from Disneyland:

    I am just delighted to find the photos again! I mostly put my camera down for about 6 years - not long after these pics. I have pre-opening of AK there.

    That was back when I felt I needed to post wording under each photo. I am not good with that! I also found out that I used to like Tapestry of Nations, or at least I said I did. I also didn't seem to hate the wand yet.

    Favorite TDL Typo:

    Originally posted by TDLFAN
    I think it will give more pipping pervs the reason needed to go parasailing
    on Bay Lake.

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