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Disneyworld trip round two....


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  • Disneyworld trip round two....

    Howdy all!

    Well the wife and I are now 19 days out for our return to WDW. For those keeping score, we went back in June for 5 days and it was my first time back in 18 years. It was the wifes first time ever to WDW and we had an absolute blast.

    This time, we are there for 10 days and once again I'm asking for a little help from you fine folks. While we were there in June, we concentrated on hitting all the "big stuff" but in doing so, we missed out on some of the "sight-seeing" and "relaxing" that is available at any of the parks. We already have planned to hit the Haunted Mansion since it was in rehab, but for the most part that was the only thing we really did not get a chance to ride. We also will be their during the opening of SSE if it holds true to open on the 14th of Nov. We also bought tickets to Mickey's Christmas party (yes, we know some like it and some don't, but we thought we would like it).

    Can any of you folks recommend a few don't miss things to catch on our second trip back?


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    Re: Disneyworld trip round two....

    My husband's first trip to the World was our honeymoon. We were there for 2 weeks so we had a lot of time to do some things that were a bit more "off the beaten path". Have you taken any of the tours? We've done keys to the kingdom and the behind the scenes tour at Animal Kingdom. If you're an animal person I would recommend the Animal Kingdom tour (not the design one, but the one that allows you to see the backstage animal areas). It's a great way to see "the other side" of Disney.

    We also enjoyed taking a trail ride at Fort Wilderness. A word of caution, it's walking only. So if you're an avid horseman and would get bored with just walking, a trail ride may not be for you. I'm a spa fan... the Grand Floridian's spa is WONDERFUL. My husband, brother and father go golfing every time we take a family trip and thoroughly enjoy themselves. You can also rent boats at various locations. We've "cruised" the Seven Seas Lagoon in the little mouse boats a number of times!

    It's also a good way to try out restaurants... we'd make ADR's at off times so we could get into the more crowded restaurants and enjoy a nice leisurely meal. We also spent time strolling though the Marketplace shopping... and enjoying a Ghirardelli sundae while we were there!

    I hope this gives you some ideas! Enjoy!


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      Re: Disneyworld trip round two....

      Well lets see I would recommend the following:
      • The Segway tour at Epcot. - You get to tour the world showcase and enjoy it without the crowds with a tour guide and best of all you don't have to walk!
      • Water Parks - Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are a lot of fun and will give you a little something different.
      • The Boardwalk - I hear Jelly Rolls is a local CM favorite and the flying fish cafe has great food.
      • The Resorts - Spend some time enjoying the resorts, try eating at various ones and it will help you decide which one you want to try next time you visit.
      • Water Mice - If you in the MK resort area those little 2 person motorboats are a lot of fun.
      • Disney Quest - In downtown Disney west side - a lot of interactive experiences and things to do. There's a cheesecake factory inside too..
      • The Adventurers Club in DTD-PI its "old school" Disney at its best. Just hang around and look at the decor and before you know it a show will start, usually when you least expect it.
      • Keys to the magic kingdom tour - takes you behind the scenes and under the park for a backstage view of how things work.

      I guess the most important thing to do is just relax... it's a vacation just saok it all in and have fun!
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