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    Originally posted by davedc32
    But I have gotten notice from Disney that they really don't want us poor people. Those who have to save for years just to go once. Once we are there Disney says they will leave us high & dry because we can't afford the rich people hotels.
    I'd just say that the conveniences of the expensive hotels rarely are worth the cost. Staying at the hotels you list could cost you an extra $100 per night, which would be $400 to $700 depending on how long you stay. You can call a minivan taxi for $30 to $50.

    Whatever conveniences Disney offers, from in-room refrigerators to luggage service, there are private companies in Orlando offering the same services for a fraction of the cost. Use the resources listed here to find them, and you'll save a ton of money.


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      Originally posted by sir clinksalot
      We are doing 8 days in November arriving on the morning of the 18th:

      This is our tentative schedule:
      Day 1: Epcot/MGM
      Day 2: MGM/Epcot
      Day 3: Sea World/Animal Kingdom
      Day 4: Magic Kingdom/MGM/Epcot
      Day 5: Universal/IOA/Magic Kingdom
      Day 6: Universal/IOA/Epcot
      Day 7: Magic Kingdom/MGM/Epcot (This is thanksgiving day so basically whatever park is least crowded)
      Day 8: Busch Gardens Tampa

      We are flying in and out of Tampa, and have a rental car for the week. We still haven't decided where we are staying though. Still looking for the best deal.

      I know some parks close early, and some close later. We will most likely end the days at whatever park closes latest.

      Now, I was thinking about the Magic Mornings and got some different type of advice.

      The advice I was given was that if there is a Magic Morning at say Epcot, then avoid Epcot on that day because 10,000 resort guests will decend on the parks and steal all of the fastpasses. So instead of that, go to Magic Kingdom while all of the resort guests are at Epcot.

      That made pretty good sense to me.

      Keep in mind that Walt Disneyworld is the size of San Francisco. While hopping from Epcot to MGM can be quick, hopping from anyplace else to MK is TIME CONSUMING, because first you have to go the Ticket and Transportation Center. Walt had this great idea to insulate MK, so that you have to take a boat or monorail to get there, which is great, but not so great for park hopping. YOur plan seems ambitious.


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        Originally posted by danyoung
        Hey, I ain't made of money. I love staying on property, but if I can't afford a moderate, I'll stay offsite. There are some hotels just off property, down by the entrance by the official hotel plaza, that are really nice and cheaper than the All Stars. As long as I don't mind giving up early entry (which I can usually work around just fine), then I'm a happy and slightly richer camper!

        What are the names of these hotels that you would recomend??
        Yes, it is fast....

        No, you can't drive IT.

        Drive it like it's stolen.


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          Originally posted by fkurucz
          When I first saw the WDW boat I almost laughed. It looks like its made out of plywood.

          But the seating was very nice!
          When I first saw Fantasmic at MGM, I almost laughed ... and then cried.
          They took a magical DL experience and made it into a loud, cramped, Sea World-ish stadium show.

          I know it's very popular amongst WDW visitors, but I chalk that up to them not being as discerning as DL guests!


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            Originally posted by tiggerfan74
            So I am going in October for my 5th Anniversary :love: and staying for seven days (I don't count the two days of travel (nine days total)). This is my wife's first trip and my second (have not been for about 15 years). We are also travelling with my folks and uncle (not a big problem) as well as my 74 year old grandmother. Is there ample seating around attractions, as she is not much of a rider and more of a people watcher while we all do the riding.

            We are all staying in the French Quarter, is this a decent hotel?

            Any suggestions/input would be great. The info you all have posted has been very helpful with my planning...

            Thanks... :bow:
            French Quarter is a GREAT place to stay. It's the moderate resort that most compares with the feel of the WDW deluxes ... it's also MUCH smaller and easier to navigate, which should help with your grandmother in tow.

            I find it one of the most peaceful resorts at WDW!


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              Originally posted by Snacks
              What are the names of these hotels that you would recomend??
              I've stayed at the Comfort Inn - Lake Buena Vista before, and really enjoyed it. Expedia currently has it at $80/night, which isn't all that good. I've stayed there for around $35/night during off season. Look in Expedia or in one of the guide books for other properties in this same location. It's almost as convenient as the on property hotel plaza, for much less.


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