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WDW Rate It!: SpaceShip Earth


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  • WDW Rate It!: SpaceShip Earth

    I gave it a 4. I really love this ride, but it really needs to be refurbed and updated. I am really, really sad that it has not had the attention that it deserves!!!!!
    5 Stars- Love It!!!
    4 Stars-This is a Great Ride!!!
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    2 Stars-Good Ride, But Needs Some Work!
    1 Star- Didn't Care For It That Much!
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    I gave Spaceship Earth a 4. Its a real fun ride, and one I make a point to riding every trip. Only downside is it is in need of rehab, and has yet to get the attention it deserves as of yet.

    Sounds like me and you, Kyle, have the same opinion on this one!


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      Easily a 10.0 plus! I loved this more than anything in Future World. I could not get over the fact that there was a ride inside Spaceship Earth.
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        I'm with Mamabot. I LOVE Spaceship Earth. There is much that could be done to improve it, but it is still fantastic as it is. I like the return back to earth the best. It is a very steep decline with lots of interesting optics and projections. EPCOT's acid trip.

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          I gave it a 3. I enjoy it kind of like a comfort food.


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            it is a 3... it could be improved and updated with a new sponsor and technology....


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              I gave it a 5. I love this ride. It's totally rickety and nostalgic for me. It's what rides at Disney aught to be ... not like Mission: Gift Shop or the Test Track.

              Granted it could use an update but I would hate to see it go the way of the newer rides.



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                I gave it a 4. Have always thought it was a great attraction. Love how you smell the burning wood after passing Rome and have always loved the engineering behind the structure itself.

                I hope any eventual updates to the ride preserve the uniqueness of it. If anything....make more comfortable seats ; )

                P.S. I love telling first timers there is a ride inside the sphere. They always think I'm joking.


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                  Also, bring back the "Tomorrow's Child" song. I loved that song. still brings back memories when I listen to it on my Disney CD ; )


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                      This ride is a disaster. Walter Cronkite couldn't even save it. It is a poor rendition of a story that is told better on the National Geographic or History Channel. Choosing this medium handicaps what could have been a really compelling story. The fact that people used to turn the vehicles around at the top of the hill says it all.
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                        Epcot is always where I start my visits, and SE is always the first attraction I hit (and usually the only one that I'll do multiple visits to every trip). I agree, tho, that it needs a good refurb. And they killed the entryway with those stupid projected images of the cars turning around backwards. If people are so dumb that they think it's time to get out of their cars when they start turning around, then they deserve to get crunched by the machinery and thin the herd!!!


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                            To me, Spacehship Earth is the ride that defines Walt Disney World. When I sit down in that vehicle, I sort of get this "relaxed" feeling. The whole ride just amazes me from start to finish and really cheers me up!

                            Spaceship Earth should stay the same!


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                              I don't want any wholesale changes - I just want them to fix the stuff that should be working, and take out those intrusive video warnings!!!


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                                Re: WDW Rate It!: SpaceShip Earth

                                Wonderful attraction. Holds true to the concepts in Beard's book which is where I really got my first introduction to what's inside the sphere. Hope it endures........
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                                  Re: WDW Rate It!: SpaceShip Earth

                                  You guys were too kind.. I gave it a 2 star rating because this ride has run it's course... Now..for the record, I do not want them to change the show in it for some stupid thrill ride or coaster, but seems to me SE can be brought into the 21st century with brand new sets and AAs, digital sound, cutting edge EFXs and a more interesting narration. Mind you, I have always enjoyed SE but since my first time on it (that was on the 1st Sunday of Sept 1982 during Construction Workers' Family Preview weekend/ I worked at Epcot on that day on loan from the MK) I was always bothered by the technicalities of exposed the lighting system was, how visible the plain ceilings are, how sometimes the track system and vehicle wheels are exposed to the naked eye (Renaissance scene anyone?) how half backed the planetarium is, and how cheesy some of the effects are....
                                  SE needs major TLC and needs it now.
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                                    Re: WDW Rate It!: SpaceShip Earth

                                    I gave it a 5. No particular reason or reasons. I just like it.

                                    Hey, this thread is sort of on the old side. Interesting that someone resurrected it.


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                                      Re: WDW Rate It!: SpaceShip Earth

                                      I gave it a 5...I love this ride. It is time for it get some new scenes, and fix some effects (sound system!) but it is a great ride and great version of the ride. The 1994 soundtrack is BEAUTIFUL and needs to be the most important thing to keep.


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                                        Re: WDW Rate It!: SpaceShip Earth

                                        I like the ride, but I would not wait more than 15 minutes for it. That puts it in the middle for me. I think that if they updated the ride, it would be a 5 again. Most of the fun is just going through that sphere. With a little TLC, it could be great again.


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