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We still need your help! Photos: Part Two


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  • We still need your help! Photos: Part Two

    Hi all,

    We're grateful that we had a couple people contribute some great stuff for our site on Walt Disney World with Disabilities, but we sure need a lot more! The photos will be used to give folks with special needs, health conditions and disabilities a sense of what to expect to help them plan and get comfortable with Disney. Ironically, I've been going through some serious health problems and we haven't been able to get to Disney. We could really use your help so that we can help others!

    So if you have photos or you know you're going to Disney, like taking photos and want to help, here's what we need:

    Of course we can use just about any photo that shows walkways, stores inside and out, and attractions inside and out. We could really use photos of the following:
    -queue lines so people can get a sense of what it's like inside the queue
    -wheelchair queues
    -ride cars from various angles
    -loading someone in a ride who's in a wheelchair
    -the ground/walkways in places where it's rougher such as Animal Kingdom and cobblestone like in France at Epcot
    - anything else you deem interesting for people with disabilities
    - food pictures from restaurants
    - pictures of over the counter food displays like the food cases in the bakery in France
    - pictures of restaurants (full service, over the counter, carts...) so people can get a sense of the atmosphere, seating arrangements (how close tables are to each other), types of chairs, queue lines for over the counter and carts, etc.
    - Photos of Disney transportation would be helpful, such as the wait queues, interior and exterior shots of the monorail interior, buses, boats...
    - If you have the chance to photograph a wheelchair loading on any transportation that would be great!
    - photos of the resorts including rooms and bathrooms from various angles, special needs rooms would also be great, and common areas such as food courts, the lobbies, pool areas, boat docks, etc. We could even use photos of areas that might be of concern to people with mobility issues such as the sloping lobby that goes past Artist's Point restaurant in Wilderness Lodge.

    Email us with any questions, comments or photos at:

    [email protected]

    Thanks everyone!!!!!

    Walt Disney World with Disabilities

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