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2016 Character Performer Auditions

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  • 2016 Character Performer Auditions

    I attended my eighth Disney audition in August which was for male and female "Character Performers" in Orlando. (There were about 300 people there). At first I was hesitant to go because the website stated it was strictly looking for character performers and that they were NOT looking for face or parade performers at this time. Although I wanted to be considered for parades, I decided to go anyway and give it my best shot. Long story short, I passed the first cut with the basic dance and also passed the animation round. As I began filling out paperwork and got my picture taken, my number was called to go into another room with about 18 other people. We learned a much more technical dance to music and performed it twice in groups of six for the casting director while being filmed by one of the casting assistants. We were thanked and were told that we could leave.

    Exactly a week later I went to another of the same audition (same casting director but different assistant that I hadn't seen before). While I was filling our paperwork again, the casting assistant saw me, came up to me in the room full of people, and said "The casting director said that you were here last week, yes?" "Okay, we have all of your contact information on file so I'll just have them update your scores. You don't need to fill out one of those sheets again."

    With that, she said I could go home and I left. Has anyone had a similar audition experience and were you ever contacted within that six months to begin work?

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    That's how Orlando works.

    You are likely in the pool. They have you down as a person of such and such height with an animation score and a dance score. If a position becomes available for a person in your height range with a certain minimum in scores, and you're the highest person on the list followed by first come first serve, they'll contact you. So it doesn't matter how many auditions you go to other than maybe improving your scores if you absolutely bombed it. It's not a true audition in that sense. They're not creating a cast list from the people available who showed up that day. They fill positions that becomes available from the top of their pool of candidates from the last 6 months.

    Also, note that in Orlando all non-equity performers are "Character performers" who may also do face and/or parades. The main difference is that if they need a particular face position filled, someone who matches that face role will jump the pool and be hired for it. So for a face audition those kept also go in the pool but have been typecasted for certain face roles and depending on openings will probably jump ahead of the general pool.


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      Hey guys! Not sure if anyone has any info on this... But I auditioned for disney cruise line and got through the whole audition. There were only 5 girls left in the end. They said they would contact me within the next few weeks, but the wait is going to kill me! Does anyone know how difficult it is to be cast on the ships and if ill even have a chance?


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        Thanks for becoming a MiceChatter! Welcome.

        Please remember not to post anything personal since Disney does read the forums.

        We wish you the best, and we hope that you get the part. Hopefully someone will be able to answer your question soon.

        Again, best of luck!